Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men


If you want to know more about your sleeping habits and patterns, it is important that you do your homework first. Fortunately, there is a wealth of valuable information online that can assist you in getting the information you need. Some of the information you will find involves topics such as the difference between women and men and their sleeping habits.  According to online research articles, women Do need more sleep than men and so the answer to this question is, ‘Yes’. Let’s look into the reasons why.

Women Do Need More Sleep

Based on several recent studies on sleep, women require as much as 20 minutes more sleep than men. The reasons for the extra sleep include the fact that women normally spend a lot more mental energy during the day as they perform their many daily tasks. In other words, because women are more likely to multi-task, they tend to use a lot more energy during the day as they get their jobs done. Also, because the brain begins to regenerate itself during sleeping hours, women normally require more sleep to get things back in full working order. So, if you are in a highly demanding job that requires a huge amount of multitasking to perform your duties, you will need the extra slumber to do the best job possible.

Women Experience More Problems Sleeping

Even though men tend to be more affected by problems with sleep apnea, women are much more prone to suffer from insomnia. In some cases, women are affected with insomnia 2 to 3 times more than most men. In fact, based on information and studies done on women in comparison to men with trouble sleeping, women are cited as having 15% more problems with trouble sleeping. Unfortunately, when a woman passes through the stages of menopause, they tend to be much more likely to develop a case of sleep apnea, which is almost equal to that of men.

Sleep Deprivation in Women

Sleep deprivation is a huge problem for those who experience it along with other related issues. If not treated, it can lead to a wide range of both psychological and physical issues. According to information found on, these problems can lead to aggressive behavior that may manifest itself as anger, hostility, and even depression. You need to know as much about sleep deprivation, and its related effects, as possible. Also, because women have a more difficult time getting the proper amount of sleep, the numbers of women with sleep deprivation are much higher than it is for men.

Do Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Pregnant Women

If you know anything about pregnant women and the amount of rest that their bodies need, you will quickly see that women do require more sleep than men during this time of their lives. In fact, it is during these times that women are so sleep deprived that they can sleep just about anywhere. Even when women have slept all night, they may still fall asleep later in the day. Their bodies are working overtime during these nine months, and they need all the rest they can get. Also, if you are working from home, it may be a good idea to plan a nap at the same time each day so that your body can get the rest it needs grow a healthy baby.

So, do women sleep more than men? The resounding answer is yes. According to several noteworthy and reputable health sites, women need the extra rest for a myriad of reasons. Because of their ability to multi-task, and the mental concentration used while doing so, the extra sleep, to restore their mind, is more than appropriate. Additionally, when a woman is pregnant, she will need even more time for additional rest. Whatever the case or situation, the number of hours of sleep a woman can get can make a difference in her health, her emotional stability, and the health of the baby that they may be carrying.