Are Waterbeds Good for Sex?




While most people’s first worry is getting a quality night’s sleep when choosing a mattress, a frequent secondary concern is whether or not the mattress will allow for enjoyable sexual activity. While it is a sort of an awkward question, it is a valid concern as adults are biologically wired for sexual activity. And when it comes to mattresses, it is just like sleep quality, preferences are over the spectrum. There is no objectivity to a question like this – it is better answered by reading anecdotes of what you might expect if you sleep on a water bed. There are both positives and negatives that can be picked out of these anecdotes, so choose those that fit your lifestyle and make your decision from there.

The Good Stuff

Waterbeds definitely have their advantages when it comes to sexual activity. They are bouncier than traditional mattresses, which helps couples keep a steadier, more satisfying rhythm. The water undulates below the couple instead of resisting their movements, leading to less physical strain.

While bouncier, they lack the springs that are present in traditional spring mattresses. This makes them more discrete as water does not squeak. The undulation of the water, rather than the resistance of springs or memory foam, also helps to reduce noise.

The material that waterbeds is made of is typically vinyl, which is intended to keep the water from leaking out. It also prevents fluids from soaking in, which makes the mattress easier to clean. They are very easy to wipe clean and you will simply need to clean the sheets on top.

Waterbeds allow for more equal weight distribution, which means that couples can experiment more, and do so more comfortably. A waterbed lacks the sagging middle section and rough edges of a traditional mattress, which means increased comfort no matter which part of the bed you are using. It also allows couples to change positions without putting undue strain on each other.

The Bad Stuff

You will find that many of the attributes that make for an improved sexual experience can also cause issues. For example, the bounciness may not be appreciated by all couples. Some people have a harder time getting into a rhythm on a waterbed without the resistance of a solid mattress.

The way the water undulates underneath a couple can also be problematic for some people. The water moving all over the place can make focusing on your partner more difficult and can be distracting for some.

Many people have trouble sleeping on waterbeds. If you think this would be the case for you, you may also find that your sexual enjoyment is effected, as lying next to your partner in the afterglow may be considered an essential part of the sexual experience. Waterbeds can cause problems with the spine and neck because they provide very little support. If you are not well rested, you may experience problems with your sexual performance.

The Other Stuff

There are many options for mattresses these days, and they should all be considered as part of your mattress shopping process.

Traditional spring mattresses seem to be high on the list for both sexual enjoyment and sleep experience. The springs of a mattress can be more beneficial for sexual rhythm as they spring back and forth in a regular, predictable pattern. The hard edges of a spring mattress also offer an additional surface for experimenting with different positions. There are obviously disadvantages to a spring mattress, including their noisiness and difficulty to clean. Some people also report that spring mattresses are more difficult to sleep on than other options, which can lead to the same sleep deprivation issues as waterbeds.

Some people think that memory foam mattresses are among the worst options for sexual activity. They may be extremely picky or may have never tried it before. They are said to work just fine for most people, though they are less bouncy.

It all comes down to choosing a mattress that will meet your unique needs. It is essential to consider both sexual and sleeping preferences when choosing a mattress. If you are not sleeping well, you will not perform well sexually. If you do not have a satisfying sexual experience, you may not sleep well. Make sure to consider your preferred sexual positions and your preferred sleeping position when considering a waterbed.

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