How Do You Use Bed Sheet Holders?

Are you particular with your beddings and your bed altogether?  If so, you must be the type of person that makes your bed every morning. If you don’t, you might be trying to do so but find that it’s difficult when your sheets just won’t cooperate. We wish that our beds would just magically make themselves and that they would always look as inviting as they do in magazines or hotels. After all, there’s nothing like coming home to a nice, cool, and crisp bed that’s waiting there for you to jump under the covers and snuggle up.

If you’re not one who likes to fuss with your bed repeatedly to get it looking nice, there are tools out there that can help you out. Some of the most useful bed-making tools you can buy are bed sheet holders. Read on to learn what they are and how they can help you bed look nice.

What are Bed Sheet Holders?

Somewhere in time, a frustrated person took action against the hassle of making beds and came up with a way to make it easier to work with them. Or, at least not to need to make them as much. The resulting invention was the bed sheet holder. You might think that it’s just another contraption that will collect dust in your room from not being used. However, this is one contraption that once you attach it, you won’t get to see it or use it again until the next laundry day.

Bed sheet holders do exactly what their name implies: they hold your sheets down. You’ve probably experienced a variety of issues when it comes to your bed sheets – specifically your fitted sheets. Some seem to be made too small for your bed, while others are made just too big. Regardless, the results are always the same. You end up with scrunched sheets on your bed that you need to tuck in every time you get up from sleeping. Sometimes you might even end up with sheets that come completely off your bed. Sometimes you just opt to sleep on top of an unmade bed because it is just too messy.

Bed sheet holders provide the solution for keeping your bed in place and keeping your bed looking neat and tidy until it’s time to wash your sheets.

How Do Bed Sheet Holders Work?

When you buy a set of bed sheet holders, the package will typically come with 4 short pieces of elastic holders. There are also some that come with 2 longer pieces instead. There are different types you can find, but the most common holders have clips at the ends. All are adjustable so you can use them on various bed sizes. Depending on the style you buy, you might be working with two fasteners per holder or possibly three fasteners to tighten up the fit of your sheets on every corner.

When you’re using the short holders, you’ll need to tackle one corner at a time. Clip one side of the sheet a few inches from the edge of the mattress, then connect that side to the adjacent sheet corner to kind of close them together. The tighter your bed sheet holders are, the better they’ll stay in place. However, you don’t want to pull it so tight that your bed ends up looking deformed. Do the same for each corner and adjust as needed. The end result should be a bed sheet that’s smooth and not needing a complete tuck in after you’ve laid on it.

If you’re using a longer holder, simply clip one corner of the sheet and connect it to the far, opposite corner. You’ll be pulling these two corners together. Do the same for the other two corners. If you’re using these longer bed sheet holders, you’ll only need two to do the job.

You can decide which bed sheet holder you feel will be best for your bed size. But, either way, you’ll be glad you’re using them. When you wake up from your sleep that very next morning, you’ll just have to smooth out your sheets a bit before you’re on your way out the door.

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