Is Sleeping Naked Good for You?

Is Sleeping Naked Good for You

After a long day of activities, there’s no greater reward you can give your body after a long bath than a good sleep. Additionally, there are various health benefits you stand to enjoy when you get some good sleep. You likely know of the problems you may suffer from if you deprive your body of some good sleep. But did you know that you can actually get additional benefits by sleeping naked? So the answer to the question “is sleeping naked good for you?” is: yes it is. Here is a look at some of the benefits of sleeping naked.

Strengthens Bones and Muscles

Your body temperature has an effect on most bodily processes. When your body regulates its temperature, it awakens your hormonal system including the hormone responsible for growth. So how does sleeping naked strengthen your bones and muscles? A perfect body temperature fosters the production of your growth hormones which enhances the functionality and growth of bones and muscles.

Improves Circulation

Since sleeping in clothes can deprive your freedom of movement, it can also oppress your circulatory system. This has a direct effect on your cardiovascular system. So even as you contemplate whether you should sleep naked or not, know that sleep is a process of recovering a healthy blood flow and therefore being able to move freely is important.

Better Rest

No matter how light or thin your pajamas are, they will always limit your movement. Without clothes, your body will be able to move freely and as much as you like. Movement restriction is normally an unconscious response that may keep you from sleeping as well and you ought to, and you might not even know it.  Be sure to have a quality mattress too.  This will also help you get a good night’s rest.

It Keeps You Young

Since sleeping naked lowers your body temperature, it’s good to realize that colder temperatures protect your cells and slow the aging process. Melatonin is what makes this process possible. This is a hormone responsible for preventing degeneration of cells. It also has the ability to improve the quality of your sleep.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

As much as this may sound untrue, sleeping naked has a direct effect of your self-confidence. When you are naked, your body will come into direct contact with the sheets, and this increases the levels of oxytocin, “the love neuron.” This normally leaves you feeling more sensual whether you have company or not. The direct consequence is a person who is in better spirits and has a higher self-esteem.

Is Sleeping Naked Good for You

Gives You a Healthier Skin

It goes without saying that sleeping naked gives your body the chance to breathe. Parts that need to breathe periodically include:

  1. Feet
  2. Underarms
  3. Private areas

Keeping these areas covered for long may have a negative impact on the quality of your skin as your body will hold in toxins. However, sleeping naked makes your skin look and feel healthier. Also, sleeping naked can help stave off vaginal infections and athlete’s foot.

Keeps Off Infections

When you sleep in clothes, your body temperature is normally higher than when you sleep naked. So sleeping naked lowers the temperature making it harder for bacteria to find a warm home in your body where they can survive. This is why it is recommended that you sleep without clothes even during winter. Try it out and hopefully you will find enough warmth from your sheets and blankets. Try to avoid excess body heat as much as possible, especially during times when more bacteria exist in the environment.

Burn More Calories

When your body has good thermal regulation, it is cooled to a level that activates the hormones that generate heat. This is a more natural way of burning energy through a process that contributes to effective weight loss.

You can also reduce levels of anxiety when you have a good night’s sleep. Remember that stress can make you eat more. So when you sleep naked, you will reduce stress levels and hopefully eat less.

It’s Just Plain Easier

Compared to sleeping in clothes, sleeping naked is just, plain easier. Apart from saving money on pajamas, you will hopefully have fewer health problems. So instead of spending money to buy expensive pajamas or night dresses, why don’t you use the money to buy a comfy, new pair of sheets?

And with that in mind, you should now start taking off your clothes before bedtime. Of course, there are rare occasions where you will need to wear clothes to bed. These times include when you are sick or when it’s too cold to sleep naked. Otherwise, take it all off.