Single vs. Twin Mattress – The Complete Guide

Single vs. Twin Mattress - The Complete Guide

When it comes to mattresses, finding the perfect one for you can become a struggle when so many companies offer what seems like the same products. When it comes to deciding between a single or a twin mattress, there are some myths that need to be put to rest. Below is a guide that will help you learn the differences between the two types so that you find the right mattress and start sleeping better at night.

No Difference in Size

In the past, it was believed that a twin-size mattress was a different length than a single mattress when, in fact, there is absolutely no difference in size at all. Both types of beds share the same measurements of 35″ x 75″. The only exception to this is that a Twin XL measures 5″ longer than a twin and is specifically designed for taller individuals. So, if you happen to be of average height, a twin or a single will suit your needs just fine.

The exception to this, of course, is if you happen to be searching for a mattress outside of the United States. Measurements do vary slightly country to country. In Australia for example, a single-sized mattress measures 33″ x 74″. That’s 3″ less than the standard twin size in the US.


Decide What Size Mattress Suits Your Needs

If you are shopping for a twin bed for a young child, keep in mind that they do not have to move straight from a toddler mattress on up to a twin. You can easily move the child to a full-size mattress or even a queen as long as there is a proper guardrail on both sides, or one side if the mattress is up against a wall. If the room is large enough, a twin mattress might appear too small. Be sure to take proper measurements to help you decide on the right size mattress for the child (or children) and the area inside of the bedroom.

Single vs. Twin Mattress - The Complete Guide

Twins Offer Convenience

Twins are desirable because they offer a lot of conveniences. For example, two twin mattresses can be pushed together to make a single mattress. Many couples prefer to sleep on separate mattresses in this way due to differences in sleep style. Also, a twin mattress can last a long time, following many children on up into adult years. Use them for bunk beds when they are young. Then, as they grow, the mattresses can be used in dorm rooms or apartments. Just add a headboard and footboard, and you’re good to go.


Bed Name Varies by Location

You’re probably wondering if the beds are the same then why do they have different names? The answer really is dependent upon location. If you live in America, you probably know the mattress to be called a “twin, ” but in the United Kingdom, they refer to the mattress as a “single.” In Australia, their equivalent to a “twin XL” is a “single extra long.” The terminology really just varies based on location.

Single vs. Twin Mattress - The Complete Guide


Try the Mattress Out

When deciding on the right type of mattress, it is really best to try them out before deciding on anything. Do you want a gel foam style that arrives in a box? Or do you want to go to a local furniture store that specializes in a variety of twin mattresses (such as a traditional spring mattress)? Obviously, the latter would allow you to try out more than a handful of choices. For an additional purchase, a mattress pad would be a great addition to comfort for an older child or adult. Sometimes floor displays have them on the display beds when you lay on the mattress.

Be sure to write down any questions you have before heading out. That way you will be better prepared when you arrive, and a sales associate can direct you to the twin mattress types that interest you the most. This way you will save time and probably money too since you already know what you are purchasing. You will not have to guess what it will be like as with an online purchase where you are reliant on other customer reviews to describe the product.