SHEEX Original Performance Review

The SHEEX Original Performance Sheet + Pillowcases Set – King/Cal King White is a quality sheet set that embodies comfort, style and durability to create a high quality, amazing sleeping experience. This sheet set could easily be found on Amazon, making buying easier than ever. This sheet set is composed of polyester and spandex, creating a smooth and silky feel that is unbeatable in comfort.

Because these sheets feel like your favorite athletic wear, not only are they comfortable, but they stay cool all through the night, keeping you cooler and comfortable through the night, leading to a refreshed morning. This review will cover a few different aspects pertaining to this sheet set, each aspect will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5, and will hopefully aid the buyer in making an informed purchase.

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This sheet set is made of polyester and spandex, which blends together to not only feel like your favorite brand of athletic wear, but to also provide a cool, comfortable night of sleep that other, more average sheets just can’t provide.

While comfort is perfect, the reason this aspect rates a 4 instead of 5 is due to some customers reporting the fact that the material sometimes has a habit of “snagging” on hairs or other things like hang nails. However, many have also reported that this snagging habit didn’t effect the quality of the sheets or the quality of their sleep.

However, because this needs to be taken into consideration, while comfort is surely top notch, the fact that some customers have had that issue brought the rating for comfort down to a 4. Otherwise, this sheet set would have easily gathered itself a 5 in comfort.

Ease Of Maintenance

How easy it is to maintain an object matters greatly when deciding whether or not to purchase. This set of sheets is rather easy to maintain, and the only reason this set didn’t automatically earn a perfect score is due to the fact that there are some minor extra care steps that should be taken.

For instance, bleach, fabric softeners and similar products should not be used on this set. The sheets should also be dried on low for a few hours to produce the best results. Of course, this is because of the sheets unique material blend, and therefore will naturally have a few extra care steps than traditional cotton sheets would.


These sheets may cost more than average sheets, but the reason for that is in the quality. This sheet set is made of very high quality materials, and provides a better night of sleep than average sheet sets do. These sheets feel like high quality athletic wear and sleep cooler than cotton sheets do, allowing each user to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night without issue.

These sheets hold up well, and easily stretch to fit any size bed (and are sold in numerous sizes.) They hug your mattress perfectly, allowing for many years of use without issue. The material is strong, comfortable, high quality and made to last.


Durability matters greatly when deciding to buy any product, but especially so when that product is one that you will use daily. These sheets are made of high quality materials, that are not only comfortable, but also made to last and very sturdy.

The material stretches, allowing for the perfect fit without any breakage or damage. These sheets will last years before the most minor of issues even begin to appear. Many users have had these sheets for years without any issues at all. Because of their high durability, these sheets easily earn themselves a 5.


While every other aspect of this sheet set rates very well, this is one area where they fail. Warranty information is very hard to find for this set, and in fact could only be found by contacting the manufacturer and/or customer service. However, the quality of this set is very good, so the buyer may never need to use a warranty to begin with.


This sheet set is made of high quality materials and are made to last. This set is a blend of polyester and spandex, creating the feel of your favorite athletic wear, and therefore sleeps cool and comfortable throughout the night.

While this set may be more costly than others, the quality surpasses the others, as does comfort and durability of the best sheets. Overall, this sheet set is of supreme quality, comfort, durability and much more, and should be considered by anyone looking for their perfect new set of sheets.

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