Shavel Home Products Micro Flannel Sheet Set Review


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This Shavel Home Products Micro Flannel Sheet Set in king size and white color are a high quality sheet set that is easily available to purchase on Amazon . These sheets are made of high quality materials, using the natural comfort and warmth properties of polyester and cotton to make each set of sheets as comfortable and soft as possible. Not only are these sheets comfortable, but they are also durable and have anti pill properties, creating a long lasting comfortable, durable, quality sleeping experience. Not only are these sheets of high quality and comfortable, but they’re also offered in over 15 different colors and designs, perfect for those who like to mix things up every now and then. This review will cover a few different aspects pertaining to this sheet set, rated on a scale of 1 to 5, to help each reader made an informed decision while purchasing.


Comfort is probably the most important aspect when it comes to buying something like a sheet set, and thankfully, this sheet set scores a perfect score on the comfort scale. Due to the unique blend of flannel and microfiber, these sheets are very soft and warm when you need them to be without overheating during the summer, or any other night for that matter. Many users have tried one set only to find themselves coming back to purchase many more later on. While this set does cost a bit more than your average set of sheets, the quality and comfort that comes with this product far surpasses what average sheets could ever manage to deliver.

Ease Of Maintenance

When buying something that will be used daily, such as sheets, how easy it is to maintain them is something one should consider before purchasing. Once again, this set of sheets have managed to score perfectly, making this set not only comfortable and high quality, but also easy to maintain. This sheet set is easy to wash and dry, with no special care needed other than your usual laundering routine. Not only is washing and drying easy, but so is setting the sheets on your mattress as well. These sheets are definitely one of the rare sets where you can set and forget until sheet day comes around again, perfect.


Quality matters greatly when you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy any product, but even more so when that product is something you’ll use everyday. This sheet set are made to sustain daily, continuous use without any issues. They’re extremely soft and easy to maintain, while also staying warm and comfortable without making your bed too hot either. Many users have commented on the great quality of these sheets, stating that one set has lasted years. Many users have also found themselves coming back to buy more in different styles because their experience with their first set had been so wonderful. Taking of all this into consideration, this set of sheets once again scores perfectly, earning itself a 5 on the quality scale.


Durability is another aspect that matters greatly to many people, and these sheets have once again surpassed what one would expect from a set of sheets. Made of high quality flannel microfiber, with anti pill properties, these sheets are made to last for years. Not only are they made to last, but according to previous buyers, they really do last. It seems that these sheets are very well made, and easily hold up to their promises of high quality, pill resistant, comfortable restful nights, all thanks to these sheets.


Warranty matters to many people when deciding whether they should buy something. While this set of sheets has scored perfectly in every aspect, warranty is one area where this set of sheets fails. However, this is only because any warranty information can only be found through contacting customer service. Because of this, it makes it hard for any possible buyers to even find out if there is a warranty.


This set of sheets seems to be a very well made, high quality, comfortable and worthy purchase. While they do cost more than an average set of sheets would, they seem worth every cent that would be spent. The blend of flannel microfiber adds softness and durability that cannot be matched by average cotton sheets, making this set super comfortable and super reliable. Overall, these sheets should definitely be considered, as they definitely seem well worth the money. After all, who could put a price on a good night of sleep?

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