BedSheetAdvisor Annual Scholarship

The in-depth research that Bed Sheet Advisor conducts on many different types of bedding helps consumers decide which brands and types fit their needs the best.  We equip consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions by offering detailed buyer’s guides and side-by-side comparisons that they can use to compare the products they are interested in purchasing. A good example of our work can be seen in our Best Bed Sheets review.

We are proud of the effort our writers put out to create useful and relevant content.  We have developed the Bed Sheet Advisor Marketing Scholarship for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who share our passion for creating exceptional content.  Students in the areas of Business, Communications, Marketing and Information Sciences may be especially interested in this scholarship, but any area of study qualifies.

Eligibility Requirements

You must be enrolled in or accepted into a college for the upcoming semester to qualify for this scholarship.  You will need to provide proof of acceptance or enrollment to be eligible.  Please see the section below titled “Submitting Your Application” for further instructions.

Terms of Participation

Participation in the Bed Sheet Advisor scholarship program involves creating a 1,000-word article that has been well-researched about a product you have first-hand knowledge of using.  The winner of the scholarship will be the student who submits the best article. The winner receives a $1,000 check that is sent to the school of their choosing. The check will apply toward purchasing books, supplies, and other school-related resources. Please include the following information in your article:

  • Your personal experience with the product you have chosen
  • How the product performed. Did it perform as advertised?
  • Your personal recommendation to other consumers who are interested in purchasing the product.

Submitting Your Application

  1. Write a 1,000-word article about the product you have chosen that you have personal experience using.
  2. Submit the article to [email protected]. The article needs to be in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Include your first and last name, address, and working phone number
  4. The name of your college or university that you attend or will be attending in the upcoming semester.
  5. Your Major area of study
  6. Proof of current enrollment or upcoming acceptance to the college or university you have listed in the application

Submission of your article gives us permission to use it for promotional or marketing purposes.


Final date for application and article submissions is November 15th.  The winner will be selected and prize mailed to your college or university by December 1st.

Please note: The $1,000 scholarship prize will be sent directly to the winner’s college or university (Financial Aid’s Office and applied to your account).

The Bed Sheet Advisor Marketing Scholarship runs on an annual basis.

Applications are now being accepted for 2021.

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