Royal Hotel King 650-Thread-Count Wrinkle-Free Sheets Review


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The Royal Hotel King White 650-Thread-Count Sheet Set is a high quality set of sheets made from an Egyptian Cotton blend, and can easily be found on Amazon. These sheets come in a variety of different color options, each being wrinkle free and well made to provide years of comfortable sleep. Because these sheets are a blend, they give a crisp, clean feel that many other sheet sets can’t match. This set of sheets may cost a bit more than others, but they are of a higher quality than most run of the mill, big box store sheet brands. This set comes in a variety of different colors and sizes, to match any bedroom decor easily. This review will go over many different aspects pertaining to this sheet set, rated on a scale of 1 to 5, to better help each reader make an informed buying decision.


Comfort is an extremely important aspect when it comes to buying sheets, and while these sheets aren’t perfect for everyone, they’re still rated high on the comfort scale. Because this sheet set is made with a blend of Egyptian cotton and polyester, not only are they wrinkle free, but they have a more clean and crisp feel. Because of this, they may not feel as soft as other sheets, though still plenty comfortable for most people. Some people have found that they would have liked the sheets to be softer and less crisp feeling, while other buyers were pleasantly surprised by the mix of comfort and crispness these sheets deliver. Overall, these aren’t the sheets for everyone, and the comfort level depends on what each buyer personally looks for in a set of sheets.

Ease Of Maintenance

Maintenance is something to consider before buying anything, even sheets. How easy it is to care for something matters, especially when you’ll be using it daily. These sheets are generally easy to care for, and have simple to follow washing and drying instructions that fall in with a normal laundry routine. However, some buyers found that while the sheets don’t wrinkle, some have had a tendency to come up off the edge of the bed, requiring the sheet to be put back on or held on with something stronger. Though it should also be stated that this may not be the typical experience, and that even the best of sheets will come up and off every now and then.


Quality matters for every single product that a person could buy, especially when the product will be under heavy use. This set of sheets manages to be very high quality, while still being cheaper than other sheets of comparable build and material. Many buyers have found the quality of this set to be very well, and many have had one set last for years, even with continuous use. The quality score for this set is perfect, with users finding the sheets to be of high quality and delivering on the wrinkle free promise as well.


Durability is another important aspect to consider when buying a set of sheets, and this set seems to fair well. Users have reported that this set manages to hold up for years, even after several washes and years of nightly use. Because of this, this set scores high on the durability scale, making them comfortable, high quality and durable.


Warranty information for this set of sheets is rather hard to locate, and in fact can only be located by contacting customer service (or the manufacturer) directly. While this may be a problem for some people, it should be stated that while warranty information is missing, the sheets themselves seem to be of high quality so a warranty may not be needed to begin with.


Finding a good set of sheets could be rather tricky, but this set seems to fair well, remaining comfortable, durable and easy to maintain for many years. While this set may be slightly more expensive (or slightly less expensive depending on the brand) than others, they’re still worth the money in the long run. Because these sheets are made slightly thicker than a usual set is, they hold up very well under continuous use even with regular laundering. Overall, this sheet set seems to be of high quality, comfortable, yet crisp and clean, and worth consideration.

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