What is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder?

What is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

If you are unfamiliar with the problems people experience from various sleeping disorders, here is a bit of information that can help you understand.  Much of it will help you understand the various problems that people deal with on a regular basis. With that being said, if you are personally having sleep problems that you’re concerned about, the following information on REM Sleeping disorder can help you or someone you know get better.

Sleeping Disorder Related to Parasomnia

REM sleep behavior disorder can be described as types of parasomnia. Parasomnia can affect virtually anyone at any age, and for different reasons. In general, if this kind of parasomnia affects you, you may experience undesired events that happen while you are sleeping. These events are often considered to be dreams described as action-packed activities. In some cases, the experience that you have may even be violent, and the problems can become worse over time. Therefore, when you are much younger in age, the dreams or episodes that you have may be considered to be mild. However, as you become older the effects of these episodes often become progressively violent. For instance, if these episodes are ignored and not treated, you may severely injure yourself or the other person that you are sleeping with at that time.

What is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Identifying the Symptoms and Signs of this Sleeping Disorder

Identifying this problem from the onset is very important to get the proper help that is needed since this sleeping disorder may be confused with sleep terrors or sleepwalking. For instance, one of the main distinctions between this sleeping disorder and other types of sleeping issues (sleep terrors or sleepwalking) is the fact that you will become rapidly alert, and can give clear details of what your dreams were all about. It is also important to note that these dreams normally match the behavior of each episode and what you were doing at the time. Here’s a list of the primary actions that you and others may actually recall when you are alert:

  1. Shouting
  2. Swearing
  3. Leaping
  4. Flailing
  5. Kicking
  6. Jumping
  7. Punching
  8. Grabbing

For instance, with this sleep disorder, you may dream of fighting with someone at a basketball game. In this situation, you might start kicking someone else in the bed when you are trying to defend yourself from the attacker. In fact, if you or someone else has this type of disorder, you may even have your eyes open during these episodes. So, it may be difficult to determine if you are asleep or awake when you are in the midst of these episodes.


Medical Problems Associated with this Disorder

While the signs and symptoms of this sleeping disorder may sound very disheartening for you and others around you, there are other issues that you will need to be concerned about. One of the most important is the type of medical issues that are caused by this disorder. Particularly, when it comes to leading to other medical conditions that may also be severe. For instance, here are 3 additional medical problems that these issues may lead to over a period of time.

  1. Sleep apnea
  2. Periodic limb movement disorder
  3. Narcolepsy

Each of which can be described in different ways since they are distinct in nature. For instance, if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may experience other severe issues like the lack of rest. Therefore, you may have problems staying awake during the day. Meaning you will need to be especially careful when driving back and forth to work and operating heavy machinery.

What is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder? According to a number of different reputable sites, this is a sleeping disorder that can be very disruptive to your life and others around you. Though these problems may start off relatively light and insignificant, they can progress to very dangerous episodes that will not allow you or others to sleep through the night. As the episodes become more physical in nature, you may subject to injuring yourselves or someone else in the room while you are still sleeping. Some of the more common activities that you may display include grabbing, hitting, shouting, swearing, leaping and jumping out of bed and other acts of aggression. Therefore, it is important that these problems be identified and treated so that you will not harm yourself or lead to other medical conditions that can adversely affect your health.