Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Review

Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Review


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The Pinzon Heavyweight Cotton Flannel Sheet Set in king size and white color are a high quality sheet set created by Amazon, also being found there for easy purchasing. The set comes in a variety of different colors and sizes, allowing any bedroom to match with a set. This set is made of quality flannel cotton to provide a warm and soft sleeping experience that average cotton sheets just can’t compare with. These sheets have a silky, smooth, soft feel to them while still being thick enough to last long. They are shed and pill resistant to increase longevity and provide years of comfort.


Comfort is a necessity when buying any type of bedding, especially sheets. This set of sheets seems to score very high in comfort with reviewers and buyers. The blend of flannel cotton is said to create a perfect mix of comfort and warmth that provides a soft, silky and extremely comfortable sleeping experience. Normal cotton sheets usually feel more sterile, cold and less than cozy, but these sheets have a softness and warmth that is not common in average, run of the mill sheets. Though the cost is more than your average sheet set, it seems that the cost is worth the added comfort these sheets seem to offer.

Ease Of Maintenance

One aspect that really sets this sheet set apart from it’s competitors is it’s relative ease of maintenance. With standard laundry instructions to wash normally with like colors and then tumble dry on low (or hang to dry) these are some of the easiest sheets to maintain available in this material and standard. Because of this, this set manages to easily score a 5 on the ease of maintenance scale, being very easy to care for. Rarely have people had issues caring for these sheets, as the instructions to do so are generally very easy to follow.


This sheet set seems to generally be very well made, with only a few complaints here and there. The set is made with high quality materials, and stitched with a silky end, creating a menagerie of comfort and quality that average sets don’t offer. This sheet set seems to be of good quality, though it should be noted that some users have had issues with loose threads, and many have had some cases of piling. Though it seems that for every bad review, many more good reviews appear in it’s place. Because of this, this set has earned itself a 4 on the quality scale, meaning that while the set is generally good quality, every now and then a bad set will slip through.


Durability is another important aspect when choosing a product to buy, especially when the product will be used daily. This sheet set seems to fair well when it comes to durability, while some customers have had some issues, such as what was mentioned previously. Overall, the durability of this set seems to be on par with others like it, if not slightly better. Because of this, the set has earned a 4 on the durability scale, not bad but not perfect either.


The warranty for this sheet set seems to be in lines with a standard Amazon warranty, though little information could be found. Since the set is made by Amazon, it’s probably safe to say that standard Amazon warranty practices regarding returns and refunds would be in place with this product. Because of this, this product earns a rating of 4 regarding warranty information, as it’s not terrible but definitely could still use improvement.


This sheet set is an above average quality sheet set that is produced and sold by Amazon. Many users have had a very good experience using these sheets, while some have had to return or replace due to shedding and pills forming on the surface of the sheets. However, while some issues have been reported, the set still seems to be made of very good quality, and there is no doubt of the comfort that these sheets possess, which is far better than most sheet sets available on the market. Overall, this sheet set seems like a safe buy, backed by Amazon, and just may end up being the most comfortable set of sheets you’ve ever owned.

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