Nouvelle Legende Microfiber Luxury Coral Fleece Review

Nouvelle Legende Microfiber Luxury Coral Fleece Review


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The Nouvelle Legende Microfiber Luxury Coral Fleece Bed Sheet Set is a 6 piece bed sheet set that is of rather high quality, being made of quality fleece material to help keep you warm and comfortable all year round. These sheets could also be easily found on Amazon, making your purchase simple and easy. The set is offered in a variety of colors and sizes to help fit any bedroom style. The set is resistant to piling and shedding and is said to last many years. Not only are they comfortable, but the set manages to pull moisture away from your body, allowing you to sleep comfortably while still being warm enough during cold nights. This review will cover multiple aspects of this set, rated on a scale of 1 to 5 to help each reader make a better decision when buying.


Comfort is essential when buying new sheets, after all you’ll be using them every night. These sheets have a perfect score on the comfort scale, due to their blend of coral fleece, these sheets manage to stay extremely comfortable and soft, even during extra cold nights. And because the sheets pull moisture away from your body, they’re also enjoyable in the warmer months as well. Nearly every user has stated that these sheets are extremely comfortable, soft and even sometimes cloud like. Because of this, this set scores itself a perfect 5 on the comfort scale.

Ease of Maintenance

Finding out how easy it is to care for a set of sheets is an important aspect of the buying process. While these sheets have general care instructions (wash cool with like colors, tumble dry low) they also come with a list of products that shouldn’t be used with the care of the sheets, such as bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheets and chlorine. Because of this, this set has earned itself a 4 on the ease of maintenance score, because while caring for them is pretty straight forward, there are a few extra steps and things to remember to ensure the longevity and comfort of these sheets.


Quality is another extremely important aspect to consider when buying a new set of sheets. This set of sheets seems to be fairly good when it comes to quality. While some buyers have had some issues with shedding and piling on the top sheet, most customers have found the sheets to be of very high quality, that is better than other sheets of similar make and competing brand. Even with a few customers having issues, it seems that these sheets are still of a decent quality, a quality that is well enough to give the buyer years of use at the least.


Durability matters, especially when looking to buy a new set of sheets to sleep on. These sheets seem to fair decently well in the terms of durability. While few buyers have had some issue with shedding or piling on the top sheet, many more have had wonderful experiences with these sheets. It seems that if taken care of properly, these sheets could last many years, while remaining comfortable and soft, which many users have claimed they are.


Warranty information for this set is nearly impossible to obtain, and is only obtainable from customer service, and/or the manufacturer/company itself. Because of this, many buyers may have some inhibitions about purchasing this set of sheets without knowing anything about a potential warranty. However, many users have had a great experience with these sheets, so they shouldn’t be immediately dismissed because of lack of warranty information either.


This set of Nouvelle Legende sheets seem to be generally well made, while some buyers have had a few minor issues, most customers have had a great experience using these sheets. They are made of generally high quality materials, and every customer has agreed that they are indeed very soft and very comfortable, which is the main desire for a set of sheets. Though the sheets do cost much more than average sheets, the quality does seem higher than average sheets, giving the buyer what they pay for. Overall, these sheets seem fairly well made, with a perfect comfort rating, and should be considered when looking to buy a new set of comfortable, cozy sheets.

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