Nestl Bedding Deep Pocket Sheer Review

Nestl Bedding Deep Pocket Sheer Review

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I purchased these sheets hoping they would work for my family. My husband sleeps hot, and manages to ruin sheets almost as fast as I can buy them! Also, it seems that most sheets come off our queen sized bed too easily. I found these sheets to be able to handle the sweaty mess of my husband as well as actually stay on the bed where they belong! I have broken my opinion of them down into categories, and each one is given a rating on the 1-5 scale with five being top notch. Hope this is helpful to someone!


A total five for comfort! To be honest, I had trepidations about microfiber sheets. I thought of microfiber as what I use to clean my glasses or wash my car with; I sure had never thought of microfiber sheets! Nonetheless, these sheets are super comfy. They are so soft to the touch. They are wicked comfortable to sleep on. Despite my fears, they would make the bed warmer, they did not. Considering my hubby, this was good. In fact, it seemed they wicked the sweat away from him a little, helping him to be more comfortable while sleeping.


These are definitely a four out of five since these are wicked easy for the most part.I love anything that can be machine washed and dried. The reason they got a four is that they need to be dried on low, and I hate having to remember to change settings on my dryer. For some people, this is probably not a big deal, but I am lazy when it comes to laundry. On a positive note, they do dry very quickly. I imagine line drying them would not take long either if there is anyone that still does that. I do recommend washing them before their first use, but I think anything new and fabric should be washed before put next to your skin. The big thing I loved is that I ran them through a normal wash and hubby’s sweat stains came out without me having to do anything special. Same with stains from a child wetting the bed. Now that is easy maintenance!


For the price point, you probably cannot beat the quality. They also are not perfect Egyptian cotton high thread count sheets, hence the four rating. They still are a decent quality for the price. The sheets are a little thin, but since I personally cannot afford crazy expensive sheets for my bed, the quality of these is fine for my purposes. Again, don’t expect the highest quality sheets ever for this price. You can expect sheets that seem they are going to last a while. I also noticed that these sheets have not pilled after being washed like some cotton sets I have purchased. Also, half the sheet does not end up in the lint trap after drying, which is a good sign. In fact, I purchased an Egyptian Cotton set not too long ago, and it is pilled like crazy. These sheets are much superior to that! The colors are also true to the pictures if that helps anyone with matching them to a comforter set! Also, there is an elastic all the way around the fitted sheet, so it actually stays on the bed (this is huge for me)! The stitching seems to be a good quality, and there are nice accents on the sheets.


These sheets have definitely earned a five in my house for durability! Let me give you an idea of what sheets in my house must endure. You have heard me complain about my sweaty husband. To add to that issue, I drool like a small river is coming from my mouth and my toddler is currently potty training so there is the occasional night time messes on his bed. Not only that, I am a restless sleeper and toss and turn like a bad ocean storm, so I am used to waking up to the fitted sheet being loose, which kind of negates the purpose of a fitted sheet. In other words, if a sheet set can survive all of my family, it can survive anything you can throw at it. Also, the color holds even after washing, which is awesome! Lime green should stay lime green after all! And the Apricot Orange is superb.


I am giving this a five because although I have not I had to use it, these sheets come with a lifetime guarantee with a no questions asked refund. This helped me make my purchase decision since it meant I could get a couple sets and try them out without taking on a huge amount of risk. If I hated them, I knew I could just contact the seller and receive my money back. I mean, how often do you get a guarantee like this on sheets? Luckily, I have had no issues with them so haven’t had to take the time to send an e-mail. You can bet if they suddenly take a turn for the worst the company would hear about it, but from all accounts thus far this is not going to have to happen.

The advertisements say they are hypoallergenic, and I cannot speak to that for sure. I can say I have been having some allergy issues affecting my eyes, and that seems to have improved since getting these sheets. It does make sense that microfiber would resist dust mites more though.

All in all, I love these sheets! They are as advertised, and better than other sheets I have purchased in the past. They stand up to all my family can throw at them, and they actually stay on the bed! The seller offers an unbeatable warranty as well. They are decent quality, durable, and fairly easy to maintain, all of which are important qualities to me. I also love all the color choices they have. Next time I can justify buying more sheets it will be these….the only question is what color because they all rock!

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  • Warranty

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