Increase in Demand for Deep Pocket Bed Sheets (Updated March ’22)


In the past, purchasing bedding for a bedroom was relatively easy since there were limited options in which to make a selection from. Today, however, the demand and the industry’s need to respond has led to a dramatic increase in options, especially for high thread count sheets. Meaning the days of searching and looking around for those good old fashioned or traditional cotton sheets appear to be long gone. This is because the selections for making a choice between different kinds of sheets has changed over the years to deciding between the following: Sateen sheets, Satin sheets, Egyptian Cotton sheets, Bamboo sheets, Deep Pocket sheets, and the like. In fact, with all of the diversity that is available on the market today it can easily become overwhelming to the consumer.

Deep Pocket Sheets

With that being said, there are some types of sheets that have quickly become a consumer favorite. Therefore, there is a lot of extra buzz going on in the industry itself and with the consumer and their choice of options. Some of this buzz is related to the fact that people need and want deep Pocket Sheets. This is due to this sheet quickly rising in popularity along with the thick pillow-top style mattresses. Because the mattresses that today’s consumers are buying are much thicker than they have ever been before, the standard size sheets that were originally offered have had to also grow to help with accommodating the need. Because the thick mattress pads and the Pillowtop mattresses normally cause the sheets on the beds to fit improperly, the deep pocket sheet have had to help with correcting these and other associated problems.

How to Shop for Deep Pocket Bed Sheets

When an individual is in the market of buying deep pocket sheets, there are a number of things that they should know. One of the most important is how to find them and how they really look. Unfortunately, the look of these sheets can be a very deceiving when the buyer sees them in the retail store. Primarily, because to the naked eye, they usually look like the standard or the average sheet. However, as the name appears to indicate, the size of the sheet are much deeper in width than the normal depth. Because of the deepness, the consumer can fit the deep pocket sheets properly over the modern made super thick mattresses that they are making for the beds that they are designing.

In addition to considering the actual deepness of these sheets, the buyer will also have another factor to consider when making these purchases are being made. Specifically, since the designers of these sheets have made them in a wide array of colors as well as options. For instance, the homeowner may want to buy deep pocket sheets for every bedroom in their home but they do not want the same look in each. Therefore, they may choose sateen, satin, or Egyptian cotton sheets in a specific thread count. The basic rule for making this choice is the softer sheets have the highest the thread counts. So the buyer should pay very close attention to the type of fabric and the thread count they actually prefer for each bedroom in the home.

Choosing the Right Size

In some cases, it may be a little difficult to find the right size, especially because people want them to fit perfectly so that they are not too little or too big. In order to get the best possible size and fit, the buyer should make sure that they are measuring the mattress in each room in the home before making their selections. Fortunately, when the individual is in the retail store and they are reading the size on each of the bedding sets, these measurements are normally included for both flat sheet and fitted sheets on the packaging. The measurements can vary from one sheet type to another so people should know what they are looking for well in advance.

As previously stated, the options for choosing the best sheets for a bedroom has changed dramatically since people are no longer limited in the options that they can choose. Because the size of the mattresses have increased in size and width significantly, the sheets that people buy much change along with it. This is why the demand for deep pocket sheets have risen so much over recent years.

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