Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Review

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set Review


For the ultimate comfort in sleep, choose the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set. These sheets are perfect for the home because they exceed most of the competition in Comfort, Ease of Care, Quality that compare to no other, Durability and a very gracious warranty. The warranty is not only gracious, it guarantees satisfaction. Receiving 4.5 stars out of 5, the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set is a must to try for your home. The Mellanni is not your average bedding. It is a high-quality luxury set of four which includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillow cases in a set. Have no fear if you normally have skin sensitivity. These high-quality sheets are hypoallergenic and the 1800 count fabric makes for an excellent night’s rest. You can really tell the difference as you sleep on these sheets.


The Mellanni Bed Sheet Set is so comfortable because the fabric design causes it to be airy yet warm to the body. These qualities call for a better atmosphere of rest for your body during the night. You will surely sleep better and feel more rested when you wake in the morning from the comfort of the sheets. The brushed microfiber surface has a soft cushioning feel to it that compares to few other sheet sets on the market. The 1800 count structure of the fibers in the sheet sets contributes to the overall great feel as you lie on the Sheet. These sheets would be great in any room of the house. Use for a second bedroom, a guest room, and even a den. There truly are no limits to the possible expression of comfort for the sheets because they come in so many colors. Not only do they feel great, they are appealing to the eye and senses with the brilliant colors.

Easy Maintenance

The care of the sheet set is very easy. Built into this superior set of luxury sheets are some great features. First of all, they are shrink resistant. Tested under many conditions, these sheets will endure normal washing. Furthermore, there is no need for dry cleaning. The sheets are safe to wash at home in a standard washer and dryer set. Follow the directions to carefully thorough. It is tested to only wash in cold water. Once the wash is done, tumble dry on low. This will help secure the life of the luxury sheet set. There should be no need for extra washing, however, because the sheets are stain resistant. And feel even further secure with the lasting beauty of the sheets, they are also fade resistant. If you follow the care instructions of washing in cold water and drying on low heat on the tumble cycle the sheets will last. Last but not least, these luxury sheets carry the distinction of being wrinkle resistant. No ironing needed to maintain the gorgeous look of the sheets.


Made from the highest quality of brushed microfiber, these are some of the best quality sheets in the luxury market. These sheets are hypoallergenic which allows for broad use with your family and friends as they use the sheets. There is little need for concern with visitors having any reaction as they lie in the guest bed using the Mellanni sheets. The brushed microfiber makes many of the numerous customers of Mellanni give a positive testimony of comfort that surpasses most sheet sets that they have ever tried.


The sheets are made with impeccable detail and integrity. The brushed microfiber fabric is better than most. Another feature that sets the sheets apart are the deep pockets on the fitted sheets. These pockets come in so handy because they assist the sheet in staying on the mattress even if the mattress is thick or deep. There does not have to be the discomfort of waking in the middle of the night having to adjust the sheet and reset it to the mattress.


The warranty for the Mellanni sheets is great. This is a unique company that truly has pride for their products. There is a 100% guaranteed satisfaction on the sheets. If for any reason you do not like the sheets, send them back. They are so confident in the quality of the sheets, they there is no requirement that you send the sheets back to them. Simply send them an email and no questions asked, your money will be returned.

So there is no reason not to try the Mellanni sheets. Join the over 9,000 people that are already raving about the quality of these luxury sheets. Available in all sizes from twin and twin XL all the way up to King and California King. The color is not a problem either. The sheets are available in over 20 colors as of right now. Sure to be a great accent to any decor.

Mellanni did not just stop with having a great product, they are also known for having great customer service. The product is delivered on time, neat, and packaged well. When one calls in for assistance, they are made to feel comfortable from the beginning of the call to the end.

Customer Reviews

Carrying and overall rating of 4.5 stars are more, here are some of the customer comments to think about that you may not consider before when purchasing.

  1. One customer said that the sheets are thin and this is nice because they take up less room in the washer.
  2. If you prefer not to wash them, another customer said, because of the thinness, they easily air dry on a line very quickly.
  3. They truly are color safe. After several washes, they are no dingier than when first purchased.
  4. If you like the feel of soft, silkiness on your skin, this is the sheet set for you.
  5. Unlike most cotton sheets, these sheets have not shrunk at all. I can still put them on the bed easily without them snapping and hitting me in the face.


Just to recap, Mellanni Bed Sheet sets are a leading competitor in the luxury line of bedding. There is high quality, easy maintenance, durability, comfort and a warranty that cannot be beaten. This is an incredible product that must be tried out. Join the thousands that are already enjoying a better night’s sleep. Wake up on the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set.

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