How Many Pillows Should You Use When Sleeping?

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How many pillows should you use to get a good night’s sleep? The first step in determining this is realizing that each individual’s needs are different. Whenever trying to determine how many pillows you should you use, the answer will vary from person to person. Fortunately, there are some basic rules and guidelines you can follow to help you get a great night’s sleep with the proper number of pillows for your specific needs.

The History of the Pillow

According to recent information published by, a pillow can be described in several ways. These descriptions vary based on the support that a pillow provides. They also vary based on materials used and overall firmness. For instance, some pillows are made of soft materials such as cloth, rubber, and even foam. Others, mostly those used centuries ago, were made of hard materials such as stone and wood.  You will want to pick and choose the type of materials for your pillow based on what will give you the most amount of comfort.

It is also important to note that the origin of the pillow can be traced back over 100 years. In fact, it was during the early Egyptian days that pillows were made of hard materials and were not comfortable at all. These pillows were made of very hard materials like stone. One of the main reasons for using a pillow during these times was prevention – not comfort as they are used today. These pillows were used to prevent bugs and other creatures from crawling into people’s noses or inside their hair while they were asleep.

Additionally, throughout history, materials used to make pillows differed greatly according to local culture. Some cultures made their pillows out of soft materials like feathers, while other cultures made their pillows out of stuff-cloth materials such as scraps of fabric. Others, still, used stone and wood.

How Many Pillows Should You Use When Sleeping

Today’s Pillows

As stated previously, pillow materials have changed greatly over time. Today, people are looking for soft, comfortable pillows that provide great support instead of hard rocks. Also, today’s pillows have distinct designs, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, users will need to do a bit of research to find styles that will suit their comfort needs. For instance, if you are looking for support from a pillow because you need it to help alleviate your neck, back, and shoulder pain, you should look for the type of pillows that are made of stiffer materials. One style that can help is a full-body pillow that will conform to your body’s shape, height and physique.

Two Pillows for Side Sleepers

Some people are accustomed to sleeping on their sides. For this, there are different types of pillows that can assist you with getting the appropriate amount of rest at night. For instance, if you are a side sleeper, you should review what the specialists in this industry are saying. For example, based on information published by the University of Rochester, a slide sleeper should sleep with at least 2 pillows. One of these pillows will be placed under your head for support, and the other pillow will be placed between your knees. Typically, when these pillows are placed in the right position, you will not suffer from problems with your back being improperly aligned during the night.

One Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Just like side sleepers, there are special requirements for stomach sleepers too. So, how many pillows are required for stomach sleepers? Traditionally, a stomach sleeper will only need one pillow to get the proper rest at night. One reason for this is that stomach-sleepers generally have fewer problems with their neck and back being pulled and angled improperly. It is also important to note that a pillow for a stomach sleeper should not be too big or fluffy. Instead, all a stomach sleeper needs is a lightweight, thin pillow to get the proper amount of rest.

How Many Pillows Should You Use When Sleeping

How Many Pillows Should You Use When Sleeping? As referenced earlier, the number of pillows needed may vary from person to person. According to various resources, the main factor is your sleeping position. Typically, if you are a regular back sleeper, you will need at least 2 pillows to sleep comfortably at night. On the other hand, if you are a stomach sleeper, you will only need one pillow to sleep in a very comfortably and get a good night’s rest.

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