What are Mandala Bed Sheets?

What are Mandala Bed Sheets

If you’re searching for the perfect bedsheets, why not try Mandala bed sheets? The symbol of the mandala is a geometric figure that represents the universe in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Colors used in the sheets will light up any room and climbing into bed each night will never feel more inviting. Color varieties vary greatly based on the manufacturer, but the prices are generally quite affordable. There are also duvet covers that are sold with the mandala print so you can put together an entire set.

What Are Mandala Bed Sheets?

Mandalas don’t just represent the universe, they also represent the concept that life is never-ending. Mandala bed sheets incorporate this symbol in a powerful way by using a variety of colors and patterns that are pleasing to the eye and work with any bedroom design. Represent life in a vibrant way buy purchasing your own bed sheets and see how they can transform your space.

Mandalas are not all the same design. They can incorporate many different shapes and lines. These kaleidoscopic images will mesmerize you and draw you into them every time you study the design that calls out to you. Whether it is a circle, a flower, or some other geometric pattern these designs are not only powerful, they are truly beautiful.


Mandala Pillow Cases

With all sheet sets, there are usually one or two pillowcases. Most mandala bed sheet sets come with two matching pillowcases – both bearing a mandala print. The pillows balance out the top sheet’s pattern. Or you can add a matching duvet cover to make the pillowcases really stand out. If you prefer to mix and match, you can always pick a similar color family and blend in the pillowcases with your old sheets or buy some new plain ones. Mandalas are versatile and go with everything.

What are Mandala Bed Sheets

Add a Duvet Cover

If you’re searching for a way to compliment your new mandala bed sheets why not add a duvet with the same pattern? Not to be confused with comforters mandala duvet covers are made of cotton too. Plus they don’t cost a fortune either. No matter which color family you choose you’ll be satisfied with the way it completes your sheet set.


High Quality Material

Mandala bed sheet sets are made of only the finest materials. The 100% cotton sheets provide breathability and comfort so that you receive a restful sleep. Other brands use chemical-laden materials that cause health problems but not with mandala cotton sheets. Your skin can breathe more naturally. This means that if you get hot at night, the cotton will absorb the heat and sweat better than other materials from competing brands.

Some manufacturers use organic cotton. If you have your mandala sheets custom made you may want to see if the designer uses organic cotton. It’s a far healthier option than traditional cotton. No chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, and all the cotton is organically grown.



For the healthiest quality, purchase mandala bed sheets, and you’ll be pleased with your purchase. From cool blues to purples and pinks, hot oranges and reds, and even black and white, there are many different color varieties for you to choose from. Whether or not you choose to add a duvet cover is up to you however if you would like a more complete look adding one would really make the pattern stand out.

Mandala sheet sets are continuously growing in popularity as more and more people are searching for bed sheets outside of the “normal” variety. When plain cotton sheets just won’t do there is one choice. It’s time to try something different, and the mandala sheets are that; artistic, gorgeous, and comfortable. Not to mention they are also healthier because they aren’t made with materials that hold in heat and make you sweat during the night. They also don’t contain tons of chemicals, so your body will stay healthier because your pores are not absorbing anything that’s unnatural.

If your room has lost touch with style, if you love mandalas, or if you just need a new bed sheet set and you’re tired of the mainstream varieties, try a mandala sheet set and experience the difference. You’ll sleep better and feel better every morning.