MALOUF 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Review

MALOUF 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Review


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This MALOUF 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Single Ply Bed Sheet Set in size king and color silver sage are a quality sheet set that although more costly than average, are of high quality and comfort. This sheet set could easily be found on Amazon and are made of high quality Egyptian Cotton, which is an industry standard known for it’s comfort and luxurious status. These sheets are known to be extremely well made, and not only to provide a cloud like, ultra soft sleeping experience but to be durable and stylish as well. They are available in a variety of color choices, guaranteeing a fit with almost any type of decor. This review will cover many aspects of this sheet set, and will rate each aspect on a scale of 1 to 5.


Comfort is a very important aspect to consider when purchasing a product that will be used daily, and in such a vital manner. These sheets are very comfortable, made of high quality Egyptian Cotton, which is well known for being soft and comfortable. Not only are the sheets very comfortable, but they’re also very stylish and very well made. It’s hard to find such comfort and quality in standard sheets, but is easily attainable with these sheets. The comfort level of these sheets is very high, and is worth every penny you pay for them easily.

Ease Of Maintenance

Maintenance matters when it comes to an item which you will use daily, and these sheets score high on the maintenance level. These sheets manage to keep their shape, and grasp your mattress easily for years. This sheet set never clumps or balls up, and always stays smooth and comfortable. Many users have reported that washing and drying is simple, and that the sheets manage to stay without fault for years. Many users have called these the best sheets that they have ever bought. Because of this, this sheet set easily scores itself a 5 on the ease of maintenance scale.


Quality is extremely important in nearly every single product one could buy, but is especially so for products that will be continuously used. Such is the case for these sheets, and even under continuous use, these sheets manage to stay smooth without any faults. They hold up for years without tears, rips or any break apart. Not only are they durable, but they’re very high quality, with an over 600 thread stitch count. These sheets are comfortable, smooth, keep cool and give the luxurious feel of sleeping on a cloud. With deep pockets and an extra fine hem, buyers could rest easy in knowing that these sheets are made of high quality.


Durability is an essential aspect when buying a product, and these sheets are very durable. Customers have reported continued use for years without any tears, rips, or other issues. These sheets are made of high quality, and therefore are made to last years without issue. Rarely could one find such durability in a set of sheets, users have reported years of use and superior comfort.


For some people, warranty matters greatly, and for those people, this section will disappoint. Warranty information is rather hard to obtain for this product, and in fact, the only way to learn of the warranty is to contact customer service. However, it should be noted that because this product is touted as being very high quality, it’s likely that one wouldn’t need to use the warranty anyway.


This sheet set is extremely high quality, made of Egyptian Cotton, which has long been related to supreme comfort and durability. Because of this, these sheets have been said to be comfortable, providing a sleeping experience that is likened to sleeping on a cloud. Most sheets are simply covers for one’s mattress, but these sheets provide a comfortable and soft sleeping experience that is unlike other sheets. Not only are these sheets comfortable, but they’re also very well made, and are quite durable as well. Overall, these sheets are easily some of the best out there on the market, comfortable, clean, offered in numerous colors and well made. Potential buyers should definitely consider purchasing these sheets if they wish to have a set of sheets that will last years and provide unlimited comfort.

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