How to Make a Toga out of a Bed Sheet

Toga! Toga! Toga! Once worn by Romans, Egyptians and other ancient people, the toga has been around for a long time. It wasn’t a costume back then. Togas were commonly worn over a tunic of some sort and were the most popular fashion. Nowadays, togas are associated with college frat parties and of course, Halloween. You can easily create your own toga out of a clean, white bed sheet. It is a simple, yet very neat, costume that takes minutes to create. You won’t have to go spend a hundred dollars on some expensive costume, that you’ll probably only wear once. All it takes is a bed sheet, and if you don’t have an extra one lying around, they are very inexpensive and easy to find. Once you learn how to make a toga out of a bed sheet, you’ll be able to have an on-hand costume all the time. Here are a few simple ways to turn your bedsheet into a toga:

How to Make a Toga out of a Bed Sheet

The Basic Toga You Know and Love

This is the most common toga known. It is the epitome of what a toga should look like and when you think toga, this one should pop into your head immediately.

  1. Start by taking a corner of your sheet in one hand. You will want to leave about six to eight inches of the excess sheet for later. Bring the sheet up against you, in front of your shoulder. You can do your left or right shoulder.
  2. Drape the sheet over your chest and tuck under the opposite arm.
  3. Take the remainder of the sheet and wrap it around your back.Wrap the sheet around your back and under the opposite arm. Bring it around in front of you.
  4. Once you have draped the sheet across your chest, bring the other corner over your back. If you left enough excess sheet in step one, you should be able to secure the two ends, by tying them in a knot.
  5. You can always add extra reinforcement, by using safety pins on the inside of the toga. Placing them inside will keep your toga together without being an eyesore.

How to Make a Toga out of a Bed Sheet

The Sari-Style Toga

This is another popular type of toga which is even easier to wear than the traditional toga. This is one of the more popular togas for men, as it is easy and they have less to cover up, on their upper body.

  1. Without covering the back of your body, hold your sheet right at hip level to your left side.
  2. Now, take the sheet and wrap it around your backside, to form a skirt. Make sure you wrap it until it overlaps the corner by at least three or four inches.
  3. Carefully pin it in place with a large safety pin.
  4. Toss the remainder of the sheet over your right shoulder. You can tuck the rest of the fabric, wherever you see fit. There is no right or wrong way to do this step. If you are a lefty, start step one with your left hip and finish step four with your left shoulder.

How to Make a Toga out of a Bed Sheet

The Greek Chiton

Even though it is called a chiton, it is commonly referred to as a toga. This method involves a little sewing, but you’ll have a toga hanging in the closet, ready and waiting.

  1. You need to have a pretty large sheet for this toga style. Start with a sheet that is the same length as you. Make sure it is at least twice the width of your height. You can simply use your arm span to do the measuring since your arm span equals your height. Just times it by two and you’ll be all set.
  2. Fold your sheet in half widthwise; before you begin sewing, make sure it reaches both of your fingertips when stretched out. If it doesn’t, you will need a bigger sheet.
  3. You can sew your toga by hand or use a sewing machine. All you need to do is sew straight along the open side of the sheet. This should be parallel to the folded edge.
  4. Now, you need to pin the corners of the top with large safety pins. Make sure you leave a large enough space for your head and arms to go through. You can usually pin your toga in three-inch intervals and adjust accordingly.
  5. All you need to do now is get dressed. Simply, slip the toga over your head. If needed adjust the pins to ensure a snug, secure fit.