How to Wash Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Considered to be one of the finest types of cotton, Egyptian cotton is generally grown in northern Africa and is a long staple cotton. Because of this, bedding that is made of this cotton is silky smooth and durable. Long staple cotton is not as likely to pill, get rough, or show surface balling, all things that take away from how long the fabric lasts. Long staple Egyptian cotton that is hand picked is even more durable, since handpicking leaves the cotton fibers long, straight and intact, as opposed to mechanical picking.

Not surprisingly, Egyptian cotton sheets are preferred by many people since they have a higher thread count and are more comfortable than other sheets. They are also more expensive, so it is important to take good care of them so they can look feel great and look beautiful after many years of use.

Washing Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

These sheets can be laundered much like other kinds of sheets, however, there are things to keep in mind to keep away from possible damage and wear.

Pre-Treating the Sheets

If there are any stains, these need to be taken care of before washing the sheets. The reason is that you won’t be using hot water, a full strength detergent or heavy cycles with these sheets, which is usually what is recommended for washing which is heavy-duty. Some of the best stain removers are products like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Wash Egyptian Sheets Separately

Do not wash your sheets with other items. If they are put in with other things such as your clothing, the sheets can become damaged. Zippers on your clothes can get caught and tear your sheets. Plus, putting the sheets into larger loads can make them get tangled up, which can also do damage.

Use Less Detergent

When you are washing Egyptian cotton sheets, use less detergent than you normally would. Using a little less detergent than the recommended amount is generally plenty. If deep cleaning is needed, however, you will want to opt for a natural laundry detergent that is milder.

Wash on Gentle and Cold Cycles

It is very important to wash on gentle cycles since it will prevent damage to the sheets’ fibers. Plus, with the water temperature set to cold, this makes sure that the fibers don’t have a chance of shrinking when washed.

egyptian cottonDrying Your Sheets

Do not ever dry your Egyptian cotton sheets on the warmest setting. They need to be put in the dryer, along with wool dryer balls or natural dryer sheets, on tumble dry or low heat. Or, if you have an outdoor clothesline, you can easily air-dry them and give them a fresh, clean scent without any added products.

Should Your Iron Your Sheets?

Some people wonder if they can iron their Egyptian sheets or not. The easy answer is yes, but if you do want to do so, make sure to keep your clothes iron on a warm setting so you do not damage the cotton fibers. Do not use the traditional high cotton setting that will be on the iron.