How To Make a Toga Out of a Bed Sheet

How To Make a Toga Out of a Bed Sheet


Many people used to wear a garment referred to as a toga, a long garment that

Make a Toga out of Bed Sheets!

was usually fashioned from a solid piece of fabric which could then be draped over the entire body much like a dress. In some cultures, this was a staple when it came to clothing, as almost everyone wore a toga at one time or another. Today, people usually wear togas for fun and not out of necessity. They are frequent accessories around college campuses and they also make a really good costume for Halloween, especially if you are pressed for time and you can’t really think of anything else to wear. Perhaps you just don’t want to spend a hundred dollars on a professional costume when you know this is something you can do yourself.

How To Make a Toga Out of a Bed Sheet

If you plan on wearing one for whatever reason, you can find a bed sheet that will allow you to make one without having to purchase any additional materials. You might be wondering how on earth you would ever fashion something like a bed sheet into a garment that you can wear but the truth is, it really isn’t all that difficult, especially after you get the hang of it. Most people that get confused by the process can’t figure out where to tuck in the ends of the sheet so it stays put. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to figure out once you actually start the process of fashioning a toga out of a bed sheet. In addition, it is important to remember that while you don’t want a ton of extra material, it is actually better to have too much material than it is to not have enough. You can always fold the sheet in order to deal with the extra material but you can’t really do very much if you start out with too little fabric to begin with.

The First Method

If you are going to use this particular method, the first thing you need to do is decide how tall you need your toga to be. You can then fold the sheet to a similar height. This will help to ensure that you aren’t creating a garment that is far too long or too short for you when you finally get everything tucked in where it needs to be. The next thing you need to do is wrap the sheet so that it goes across your body and pull the left corner over and then under your right elbow. Next, take the same corner and pull it across your back. Finally, bring the corner over your left shoulder and secure the garment so that it stays in place without you having to hold it.

The Second Method

If you are reading the above paragraph and scratching your head, you are probably not alone. Without the help of a visual aid, that particular explanation can get confusing for some individuals. Others find it to be very straightforward. Another way that you can use a bed sheet to make a toga is to take the sheet and stretch it out so that you are holding the top corners in front of you and then wrap it around your body as if you were using a large towel to wrap around your body after you get out of the shower. If the sheet is long enough, it helps if you can wrap it around a couple of times so that you can make sure it is tucked in well. The last thing you will do is take the remaining material and pull it over your left shoulder, eventually tucking what is left into the material that you have previously wrapped around your torso. This will hold it in place and it involves far fewer steps than the method discussed in the above paragraph.


Whichever method you choose, the most important thing to remember is that if you are using a bed sheet for a toga, you are probably doing it for a reason that is supposed to be fun. Therefore, you should have fun with the entire process and try not take it too seriously. If you mess up or you get lost, simply start over and try again. Before you know it, you will have the hang of it and the toga can become your new go to garment any time you need a costume and you find yourself to be caught off guard.

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