How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Folding fitted sheets has got to be one of the most difficult household chores when you don’t know the tricks to doing so. Who hasn’t gotten so frustrated that they’ve just given up and crumpled them into a ball and stuffed them into your linen closet? Learning how to fold these tricky sheets is a great way to keep your linens organized, plus conserve as much storage as you can. Whether you like saving space or you are a neat freak, you get a lot out of learning how to fold a fitted sheet the right way. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it a simple process, and you will soon be folding them like a pro.

  1. To start out, hold the sheet lengthwise in your hands. At the two far ends of the sheet, tuck your fingers into the corner seams. You should now have a hand in one foot corner and a hand in one head corner on the same side. Ensure that the sheet is also inside out all the way around with the tag facing out from your body.
  2. Next, fold one corner over the other one. The tips of your fingers can now come together, flipping one corner over the other one and switching it to be facing the right side out. Both corners should be in one hand now.
  3. Take a hold of the next corner. There should now be a short loop of the edge on a side of your arm and on the other side a long side of the sheet. Place your fingers onto the hem which is touching your arm (this should be the lower of the two that you have), and go along the long seam until you get to the next corner.
  4. Now tuck this corner by picking up the section of the sheet and tucking it under the first two corners, so now the right side of the fabric is touching the inside of the section you are holding.
  5. Every corner at this point should be folded together except one. Tuck this corner by placing it underneath the other three in your hand, putting the wrong side of the fabric touching the inside the group you have in your hand.
  6. Now you’ll have a long edge of the fabric that is fitted on one side of your arm with a short side on the other. Grab the short side and fold or corner with the hand that is free, giving the entire sheet a firm shake to straighten it out some. You will be forming a rectangle or square with the sheet, so that the L of the fitted part will make two sides.
  7. Now set the sheet on a surface that is flat and smooth it into a square. You might have to pull the pleat of the fitted corner so it will lie flat. Smooth out as many wrinkles as you can.
  8. Keep the corners you folded together, then fold the sheet in such a way which lines it follows along the border made by the fitted areas. This will probably mean folding it in thirds, but it could be in quarters as well depending on the size of your sheet.
  9. Next, fold the sheet into thirds of quarters. It will depend upon your preferences how you fold the sheet, plus the size of the sheet and how thick the fabric is.
  10. Tuck and straighten as you need to so the fabric is flattened out. This prevents the sheet from wrinkling.

Now that you are done, it is also a great idea to keep all the pieces of a sheet set tucked into one of the pillow cases to keep them neat and tidy.

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