How to Avoid a Nightmare

How to Avoid a Nightmare


We all need a peaceful night’s sleep to properly regain energy and recover from the day’s activities. And most importantly, we don’t need this restorative sleep to be interrupted. Especially by something as unfortunate as a bad dream – specifically a nightmare. Nightmares are basically dreams in which your mind is trying to release tensions and fears you experienced at some earlier point in life. When you have a nightmare, you might not sleep at all and you can end up feeling tired throughout the following day. There are some simple methods you can use to help prevent nightmares so that you can get the peaceful night’s sleep your body needs.

1. Sleep Comfortably

A comfortable sleep applies to both your sleeping position as well as the comfort of your bed. For this, you will need to be sure that your bed and mattress are in great condition and you’re using comfortable sheets and pillows. You are more likely to get a peaceful night of sleep when you are comfortable and relaxed. Choose a sleeping position that is comfortable for you but know that it is believed that sleeping on your back is the position mostly associated with nightmares. It doesn’t matter how strange or silly your favorite sleeping position seems, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and you get a peaceful night’s rest.

2. Use White Noise

As mentioned earlier, when you experience nightmares you are actually releasing tensions and fears you experienced earlier. To ensure your mind does not reflect on this bad experience, try sleeping with white noise which will act as positive stimuli and is relaxing to your brain. There is a wide variety of applications you can find on a smartphone, tablet or PC that can play white noise in the background. Examples of white noise include raindrops, ocean breezes, and cricket sounds. They are great because they ensure your mind is in a peaceful state which can help you to fall asleep peacefully.

How to Avoid a Nightmare

3. Avoid Scary Movies and Books

You may love scary genre when it comes to books or movies, but you should take care not watch or read it right before bed. Believe it or not, people sometimes don’t realize that these movies and books are the cause of their nightmares. They continue to watch and end up not getting the proper amount of sleep due to nightmares. Your brain tends to exaggerate what you read or watch, and you might have very elaborate and frightening nightmares.

4. Stick to a Routine

Your body is wired to sleep at a certain time and to get a particular amount of sleep to ensure you are properly rested. When you don’t stick to this routine and sleep later than usual, you might find yourself experiencing nightmares because you are tired. Sleeping fewer hours than is required for your body will also cause you to be overtired and can cause nightmares. It is therefore important that you stick to your routine. A regular sleeping pattern may just be your answer to never experiencing nightmares again.

5. Get Help From a Professional

Having regular nightmares can affect your daily performance and even your health. Do not let nightmares get in the way of optimum performance and lead to problems like depression. If you feel the effects of depression coming on, you should get professional help from either a licensed therapist or doctor. They can help you get the best treatment plan to fix your specific problem. With professional help, you have the best chance at a sure recovery.

6. Use Aromatherapy

A lot of research has been done to prove that pleasant smells calm your mind and therefore reduce the chances of having a nightmare. To ensure this, keep fresh flowers in your bedroom or just sprinkle aromatic oils on your bed and pillows. One of the best aromatic oils you could use as a sleep aid is lavender.

How to Avoid a Nightmare


Experiencing nightmares once in a while is normal and should not be a cause for alarm. However, experiencing them often can be a real problem, and you should seek professional help immediately. However, the best first step is to ensure you sleep the recommended number of hours every single night and get a good night’s sleep.