How Can I Fall Asleep Faster

how to fall asleep faster


Everyone needs sleep. It is just a natural part of being human. While people need sleep, oftentimes that can’t get to sleep at all. There are a lot of things that keep people from getting the rest they need. Let’s examine the reasons and causes why people have a hard time sleep and see how people can overcome this problem. Hopefully, this information will show you how to go to sleep fast.

What causes people to stay awake?

People stay up for many different reasons. When they cannot get to sleep, there is typically some underlying cause. The reasons for not going to sleep vary but it usually comes down to a physical or mental issue.

Keep in mind that when people go to sleep on their own they are usually responding a hormone called melatonin. This hormone is released by the brain during the nighttime hours. This is what causes the vast majority of all people to sleep during the nighttime hours. Without turning this into a prolonged medical discussion, all humans are basically created to sleep during the nighttime hours.

When this process is interrupted, it causes a person to stay up. In some cases, people produce their melatonin at different times other than at night. The bottom line is that when this process is interrupted; a person will not be able to sleep.

Here are some common reasons as to why people cannot sleep:

  • Too much light in the room. If a person has too much light in a room it can cause them to stay up. Now, some people can go to sleep in conditions where there is a lot of light. While this might be true most people cannot go to sleep without turning off the lights. Light just naturally interrupts the melatonin process and tricks people into thinking it is time to get up.
  • Loud noises will also keep a person up. Loud music, loud television or loud people can all contribute this problem. Once again loud noises will interrupt the melatonin process.
  • Stressed out about a situation. A person who has a lot on their mind will have a hard time going to sleep simply because their brain will not stop focusing on what is wrong. This too will interrupt the melatonin process.
  • Other factors that will keep people from sleeping includes emotional problems, depression, worry, PTSD and being hyped up. All of these problems can interfere with the melatonin process and sleep.

How you can go to Sleep Really Fast

Here are some simple things that people can do to go to sleep really fast and to work with their melatonin process and not against it.

  • Take a hot shower or bath. Hot water has a way to relax people and get them to feel comfortable and relieved. Improved circulation helps people to relax more.
  • Create a really quiet environment. When an environment is noise free and extremely quiet, a person’s mind will usually become bored and shut down. This will aid in the sleeping process.
  • Imagine yourself going to sleep. People can use the power of their imagination to help them go to sleep. A person can imagine being in their favorite place or in a fantasy world of their creating.
  • Watching a boring show. Watching TV might seem like it is counterproductive to go to sleep. However, if you watch a boring show; chances are it will aid in the process of sleeping.
  • Listen to music. Listening to soft and easy music can make a person go to sleep. The right type of music can cause drowsiness. People should listen to music that creates this type of effect on them.
  • Massages can help people to go to sleep. Some people often go to sleep when they are being rubbed down by a massage therapist. This is a great way for couples to put each other to sleep.
  • Sex can also be used by couples to help each other go to sleep. While this method is not recommended for everyone it does help many people to get sleep.

The main thing that people should do to get sleep is to make sure they are complying with their body. Instead of fighting the sleeping process, people should just work with it. Once a person figures out how their sleeping patterns work, they should be able to go to sleep without any problems.

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