ExceptionalSheets 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Review

ExceptionalSheets 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Review


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The ExceptionalSheets 1000 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is a high quality sheet set available in a variety of various colors, allowing comfort and design that fits any bedroom decor. These sheets have a 1000 thread count, which helps create comfort and durability that lasts for years. This set is also composed of 100% Egyptian Cotton, which is known for it’s softness and high quality. With their high thread count, these sheets are stated to last years, providing long lasting comfort and quality that can’t be met with average sheet sets. This review will cover various aspects of this sheet set, rating each on a scale of 1 to 5, to help each reader gain needed information before making a choice.


This sheet set is made of high quality Egyptian Cotton, featuring a 1000 thread count to create a durable, thick, high quality and very comfortable set of sheets. While these sheets may cost more than average sheets, the quality is much higher than average sheets. These sheets are soft, yet wrinkle free and durable. They keep you warm when you need to be warm and keep you cool when you need to be cool. The comfort in these sheets is unmatched to others like it, made of high quality material and strong hemming that blends together to create a perfect sheet. These sheets are made to give the best night of sleep possible, while remaining durable and even stylish.

Ease Of Maintenance

Maintenance matters when it comes to something you’ll be using every single night for years, and these sheets score perfectly on how easy they are to maintain. These sheets have simple washing and drying instructions that can be found on the product tag. Allowing every user to sleep comfortable while not having to worry about a lengthy and complicated care routine.


Quality is another very important aspect of any product you buy. These sheets are well known for their high quality and comfort. Many users have commented on how well these sheets hold up, even with years of use and numerous times being laundered. These sheets are of the utmost quality, they are created with the best materials possible. They are of a much higher quality than traditional sheets, created with only the finest Egyptian Cotton, with a high thread count of 1000, to hold up and remain comfortable even after years upon years.


Nobody wants to buy something to have it break down easily. These sheets are made of a very high quality, combined with a well above average thread count, they are made to last for years upon years before even the smallest issue arises. Many users have reported that these sheets last very well, without any breakage or shedding. However, very few have reported minor issues after washing, though that certainly isn’t typical of this set either. These sheets are very high quality, and also extremely durable as well.


Warranty information for this set of sheets is quite hard to find, and could only be accessed by contacting customer service, and/or the manufacturer. However, they do have a 30 day money back guarantee, which offers a refund or replacement if anything were to happen within 30 days of your purchase. While warranty information is missing, this guarantee gives some peace of mind and reassurance in it’s place.


This sheet set is high quality, comfortable, stylish, durable and so much more. While average sheets bunch up, wrinkle, and break down much quicker, this set manages to remain extremely comfortable and of the best quality. This set is quite worth the money and is of much better quality than average sheet sets are. While they are more costly, they’re of a much higher quality, and it shows. From the stylish colors offered, to the well stitched hem, to the high thread count, there is much to be said of this sheet set. The perfect scores of everything from comfort to durability show the true quality of this set, which is high. Many users report that this set is perhaps the best that they’ve ever owned, in comfort, quality and durability, this sheet set seems to be one of the best available on the market. Overall, with high comfort and quality, this sheet set should definitely be considered when buying new sheets.

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