The Complete Resource Guide for Quilting

resource guide to quilting

For decades, quilting has been a popular craft for sewers of all ages and abilities. With the right materials, tools and a little imagination, quilters have been able to create beautiful pieces that often look more like artwork than blankets. Quilts are great to use at the foot of the bed, to cover up or to go over your bed sheets. Whether you are just getting started with quilting, interested in learning more about the craft or if you are a seasoned quilter seeking more resources to help you hone your skills, there is a lot to be learned about quilting as it is much more technical than what meets the eye. The following resources will provide any quilter, no matter what their experience or skill level may be, with a bevy of information on all things related to quilting.

General Quilting Resources

If you are looking for resources and information regarding general quilting topics, then these sources can help you build a foundation of skills and knowledge on quilting.

The Spruce Quilting Resources– Here you can find patterns, inspiration and tips and trips that will help you get started.

Quilting Terms: A-Z- Learn the lingo of quilting so you can better understand the different guides and resources out there about quilting and what it involves.

Learn the Basics of Quilting– This short and sweet guide will help you understand the basics of quilting with a brief overview.

Quilting 101– This resource is designed to help home crafters learn all about quilting and how they can create the quilt of their dreams.

Machine Quilting– While quilting was first meant to be done by hand, today most quilters use machines to quickly create meticulous designs. This resource will help you better understand the basics of machine quilting.

The Ultimate Quilting Resource– This one stop shop covers a little bit of everything when it coes to quilting.

Quilting For Beginners

If you have never tried quilting before, no need to worry, there are plenty of resources out there designed specifically for beginners who are looking to learn the ropes.

The Beginner’s Guide to Quilting– If you have never quilted before, this simple beginner’s guide can help you get started.

4 Tips for Beginner Quilters– This resource provides new quilter’s with some expert advice that can help get them overcome common obstacles new quilters face.

Quilting For Beginners– It can take a few tries at quilting before you become proficient in this craft, this guide can help you learn some of the basics that will encourage you to build up your skills.

Beginning Quilting 101– This resource can help beginners get started with machine quilting for the first time.

How to Sew a Quilt– If you are a beginner looking for a step-by-step guide on how to sew your first quilt.

Quilting to Beginners– LoveToKnow discusses the basics of quilting for beginners who are just get started with this craft.

Quilting Patterns

Quilting patterns are a necessity for those who want to create beautiful, balanced and professional looking quilt designs with their own hands. The following resources will provide you with access to patterns and information on quilting patterns to help you get started.

All People Quilt’s Quilt Patterns– If you want to find patterns for different designs, types and styles of quilts, this resource has a little bit of everything.

Free Quilting Projects– This resource is constantly adding new quilting project ideas and patterns for those who need it.

Easy Quilting Patterns for Beginners- A great pattern resource for those who are just getting started with quilting.

Free Quilt Patterns– Here you can find free quilting patterns and tutorials for all types of projects.

E-Patterns– Looking for online quilting patterns? This resource is filled with patterns for any style of quilter.

Free Quilting Patterns– Here you can find free patterns for everything from blankets to bags and virtually any quilting project in between.

40 Easy Quilting Patterns for the Newbie Quilter– If you are still getting the hang of quilting, check out these easy quilting patterns.

Quilting Tools and Materials

There are a lot of tools, fabrics and materials that go into making a beautiful quilt. The following resources will give you more insight into what you need to put together a quilt.

Picking the Best Batting for Your Quilts– The batting is an important part of any quilt and this article dives into choosing different batting options for your quilting needs.

Choosing the Best Tools for Beginning Quilters- The right tools can make all of the difference when working on any quilting project. This resource will help you choose the right ones.

Basic Quilting Tools– This source provides an overview of all of the essentials every quilter needs when getting started.

Quilter’s Review of the Best Sewing Machines– A sewing machine for quilting can be a big investment, make sure you are choosing the right machine to meet your needs.

Quilt Fabrics 101– This guide will help you choose the right quilt fabrics for any project.

Quilting Tools– From fabric markers to pins and needles, this resource looks at all of the major tools that quilters need and provides insight on how to choose the right ones.

History of Quilting

Quilting is a craft that goes back hundreds of years. The more that you know about the origins of quilting, the more you can understand how unique of a craft quilting really is.

Quilt History– Take a look back at how quilting started and how it has evolved over the years.

America’s Quilting History– Quilting has been a part of American history for decades, this resource looks at the unique role that quilting played in America’s early days.

History of Quilts– If you want to look back at how early quilting techniques started and the past history of stitching, then this resource is for you.

Quilt History– This article looks at a brief history of quilting and where the term came from.

Four Decades of Quilting– This quick history provides quilters with insight on how this craft has changed over the years.

18th and 19th Century Quilts– If you are interested in re-creating historical-looking quilts, this guide on 19th and 20th century quilts can help you recreate the look.

Different Quilting Styles

While some quilts may look the same to the untrained eye, there are actually a number of different types of quilting styles out there. These resources will help educate you on the different styles of quilting out there and how to achieve different looks.

Quilter’s Review: Most Popular Styles of Quilting– If you are looking for information on the most popular styles and techniques of quilting, this source provides a basic overview of the different options out there.

Quilt Gallery on Quilting Types and Styles– This source provides examples of common quilting styles like pieced and patchwork quilts.

What is Patchwork Quilting?– Patchwork quilting is an extremely common and popular type of quilting, this resource covers the basics of this quilting style.

Piecing 101– Learn all about piece quilting and how to accomplish this style of quilting right at home.

Machine Quilting Options– If you are looking to create different styles of quilting with a machine, this guide will help you. Different techniques have emerged in the quilting world ever since machines have become more prevalent.

Five Different Approaches to Quilting– Take a look at five of the most common styles of binding and finishing off your quilt. Different binding styles can change the look of a quilt entirely.

Quilting Project Ideas

If you are looking for project ideas to inspire your next quilting creation, these resources are filled with great quilting project ideas.

Free Quilting Projects– These simple projects utilize quilting basics to help crafters make new and fun items ranging from pot holders to backpacks.

BHG’s Sewing and Quilting Craft Projects– If you are looking for a unique way to show off your quilting skills, this guide will help you with unique project ideas.

Quilted Gifts– Want to make something special for someone special? This guide has a number of great gift ideas that you can quilt and sew yourself.

Easy Quilting Projects– If you are looking for easy quilting projects that are both fun and stylish, this guide from Craftsy will guide you on everything from table runners to business card holders.

Free Quilting Projects– This source has lots of free project ideas that are perfect for quilters of all types and abilities.

Pictures of Quilts To Inspire Your Next Project– Looking for a little project inspiration? These project images will help inspire you to create something new with your next quilting venture.

The Quilt Blog- Quick and Easy Gift Ideas– Put your quilting skills to good use with these fun gift ideas. Make them for yourself or for someone special.

Quilting Blogs

When it comes to learning about a craft such as quilting, many times the best way to learn is to follow someone who is already an expert on the topic. Blogs can be very valuable to quilters as they are typically filled with patterns, tutorials, videos and tips and tricks that can make quilting much easier. Here are some great blogs to get you started.

Fresh Lemon Quilts– If you are looking for some different ideas and free patterns, this blog is for you. The author, Faith even has quilt-a-longs that bring a sense of community to her blog.

Red Pepper Quilts– This popular quilting blog provides a massive resource of information and unique designs—the blog owner, Rita even sells her designs on her own Etsy shop.

Diary of a Quilter– If you are looking for tutorials, free quilt patterns and information meant for all types of quilters, this fun blog is for you. Author, Amy covers topics for beginners through experienced crafters.

A Quilting Life– If you are obsessed with all things quilting, you can check out this comprehensive blog or check out the author’s store where you can buy the books, patterns and fabric she uses.

Cluck Cluck Sew– Author Allison has managed this blog since she first launched it in 2007. Here, readers can find stories about her quilts but plenty of detailed tutorials.

Craft Gossip Quilting– If you are looking for tips, tricks, project ideas and patterns—this is the quilting blog for you. This colorful blog is filled with expert insights and fun posts that are sure to inspire you.

She Can Quilt– This blog take a more modern approach to quilting projects and can help you learn new techniques, buy patterns, and it even features posts from guest bloggers as well for some fresh insight.

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