How to Choose Bedsheets for a Vacation Rental

How to Choose Bedsheets for a Vacation Rental

Are you planning a vacation? Do you dread sleeping on the hotel bedding? You’re not alone. Increasingly, people are learning how to choose the best bedsheets for a vacation rental and now you can too. Below is a simple guide you can follow to protect your health and the health of those you love when you’re away from home.

Thread Count Defined

Simply put, the thread count in any linen is the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically into a square inch of fabric. Though this isn’t the most accurate way to judge quality, it is the only way manufacturers can give an estimate of quality. In the early 2000’s when luxury sheets hit the market many companies claimed there were 1,000 threads per square inch in their sheet sets. This wild claim still remains unproven though it remains a never-ending argument.


The Thread Count Lie

You may have heard the lie regarding thread count. Some people simply believe that thread count doesn’t matter. They argue that it really doesn’t matter when it comes to quality, others argue it does. Whether it’s promotional or not, sheets with a higher thread count do seem to feel softer. Perhaps it’s because of the additional components that make up the fabric. Consider the fabric type, all dyes used, and the weave style. All are factors when considering the best bedsheets for a vacation rental.


What Thread Counts Are There?

There are many different thread count categories. Most are listed below although there are some that fall in between such as 350 or 450 thread count. 

  • 150
  • 180
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 500
  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1500 

It is a general assumption that the higher the thread count number, the more comfortable and more durable the sheets. It goes hand in hand with the theory that the more money you pay, the better quality item you will receive. Though this is no longer necessarily true, it does hold some level of truth.

How to Choose Bedsheets for a Vacation Rental

Don’t Invest Too Much

While you do want to purchase sheets that are of good-quality, you don’t want to invest too much because they are only for use while you’re on vacation. When you get back home, you can toss the sheets anywhere; on a spare bed, in a tote to place in storage, or to keep as a backup set while washing your main set. What you choose is a largely personal choice based on taste and budget. As vacations aren’t cheap, the best set of sheets for comfort would be somewhere in the range of 300-400 count. Still, if you want to go cheaper and still sleep well, jump down to 200-count but no lower if you can afford it. The texture on sheets with thread counts less than 200 will feel stiff and scratchy to your skin. If you have a busy itinerary for the next day you certainly can’t afford a poor night’s sleep!


Dyes and Other Considerations

Thread count is not the only thing to consider when you are selecting bedsheets for a vacation rental. You may also want to consider the use of extensive dyes. Some fabrics have tons of them, and it can make for some stiff sleeping since the fabric takes multiple washes before it begins to soften up. 

Also, think of the type of weave the sheets use. Often times this isn’t advertised on the packaging, but it is important. The way the thread is woven makes a world of difference when it comes to finding and sleeping on comfortable sheets. Weaves such as those of damask require special looms to make and are therefore far more expensive. 

Another thing to consider is the type of fabric. You can find a variety from luxurious sateen to comfy cotton and more at your local retail store or from many retailers online. Be aware of anything that says it’s percale. Generally, percale is only with cheap sheets. You might want to avoid purchasing anything under 200 thread count as the sheets might be stiff and almost crispy feeling when you climb into bed. 

If you are planning on vacationing somewhere chilly, it’s best to select a sheet set that is flannel. Most would argue flannel is thick and hot and encourages rough sleep. However, when it’s chilly, that’s exactly the type of fabric you want to keep you warm at night. 

Though thread count is important when choosing bedsheets for a vacation rental, it’s not the only factor. Determine your budget and select what best fits your style, your income, and your taste. You’ll be sleeping better in your vacation rental than your own bed at home!