Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets Review

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets Review


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The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Queen Sheets, 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set made from 100% Viscose from bamboo are top quality sheets made to provide a soft and comfortable sleeping experience that not even 5 star hotels could beat. These sheets are made of a product that is derived and made from bamboo, giving the sheets a sturdy yet comfortable and soft property. While the sheets do cost more than your average run of the mill, big box store sheets, the quality and comfort is worth every dollar. This sheet set is offered in four different colors to guarantee that nearly any bedroom decor will blend with the sheet color. This review will cover various different aspects of this sheet set, and will rate each aspect on a scale of 1 to 5 to hopefully allow each reader to make an informed buying decision.


Comfort is a huge factor to consider when buying something that will be used daily, such as sheets. Everyone wants a comfortable sleeping experience, and your sheets could make a big difference when it comes to that. These sheets are made of soft, quality bamboo materials that are not only softer than cotton, but also stay cooler than traditional cotton sheets. Because of the fine materials used, these sheets have a perfect comfort score. Many users have found these sheets to be far superior in comfort compared to other sheets, and not only are they very comfortable, but they’re also perfectly sized and are very unlikely to clump up or slip off one’s bed. These sheets are perhaps one of the most comfortable available on the market.

Maintenance Ease

Ease of maintenance could be a huge deciding factor when it comes to things such as sheets. Because of this, people want to know how easy caring for a set of sheets would be. These sheets score perfectly when it comes to how easy maintenance is. Users are advised to wash the sheets on a delicate setting and dry on a low delicate setting as well. However, because these sheets are more resistant to stains, allergens and dust than others, washing is infrequent. Many users have had their set for years without any issues regarding maintenance or damages. Considering this, these sheets are also much more sturdy, and therefore easier to care for than other sheet sets available on the market.


Quality matters greatly when it comes to an essential item such as sheets. These sheets also score perfectly on the quality scale, not only because of their superior comfort, but because they are well made, easy to maintain and last for years. One sheet set easily lasts many users years upon years, with no issues to complain of. The quality of these sheets are vastly superior to cotton sheets, which often break down or become uncomfortable after just a few months of use. This may be due to the fact that these sheets are made of high quality bamboo material, which is known for it’s softness and durability.


The durability of this sheet set is once again, pretty well close to perfect. These sheets have been known to last for years under constant, typical use. Because they are made of high quality, durable, bamboo material, one could expect these sheets to last for much longer than traditional cotton or polyester sheets would. Many users have been using these sheets for years with no issues or trouble, and definitely without any discomfort arising. Because of this, this sheet set easily earns itself a rating of 5, being comfortable and surprisingly durable.


Not only is the warranty of this sheet set incredibly easy to locate, but it’s also great news for those who consider warranty before making a purchase. This sheet set comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that if at any time something happens to this set of sheets during regular use, the company will gladly replace or refund your sheets at their cost. Considering this, these sheets have gained another 5 rating.


These sheets are made of high quality bamboo materials, which are known for being softer, cleaner, and cooler than traditional sheets made of cotton or other materials. While these sheets do cost more than average sheets, they give a superior and comfortable sleeping experience that cannot be matched by other sheet sets available. Not only are the sheets comfortable and of great quality, but they also comes with a lifetime guarantee, allowing buyers to buy with ease knowing that their purchase is covered with replacements or refund should need be. Overall, this sheet set is easily worth the money, with high comfort, ease of maintenance, and general high quality of this set, these sheets are easily some of the best available out on the market.

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