Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets Review

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The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King Sheets - 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set - 100% Viscose From Bamboo are a high quality set of sheets that are easily available on Amazon. These sheets are made of high quality Viscose from bamboo material, making them super soft and comfortable. The sheets stay cool throughout the night, so even those who sleep hot can get an unbeatable night of sleep. This set comes in many different colors such as the blue set we are reviewing here. The sheets are said to feel like silk, without all of the trouble that silk brings with it. This review will cover a variety of different aspects pertaining to these sheets, rated on a scale of 1 to 5 to help each reader make an informed buying decision.


The comfort level of these sheets is through the roof, feeling like those high quality silk sheets without all of the hassle that silk comes with. The sheets are made of high quality viscose from bamboo threads, making them naturally soft and cozy. Not only are these sheets superior in comfort, but they also stay cooler, allowing even the hottest of sleepers to stay cool and comfortable all throughout the night. This set is not only comfortable and cool, but they’re clean, being resistant to bacteria and allergens. While this set of sheets may be more costly than average sheet sets, their comfort and quality far surpasses anything that a traditional set of sheets could even dream of offering. With this set of sheets, one could expect a comfortable full night of sleep, every night.

Ease Of Maintenance

How easy it is to care for something is an aspect that should definitely be considered, especially when you plan on using this object for a long period of time. These sheets are not only comfortable, but they’re also pretty easy to maintain as well. With a pretty average laundering routine, these sheets don’t take too much extra care to maintain, making owning these sheets just as easy as any other set. However, a few customers suggested that this set only be washed with other bamboo material products, or alone, to avoid pilling. Though washing these sheets separately is hardly a real issue to count against the product or maintenance routine itself.


Quality is probably one of the most important things to consider before buying anything, especially sheets, which will be used nightly. These sheets easily score a perfect 5, just as they have in the rest of the aspects. These sheets are made to last, of extremely high quality materials, and many customers have used just one set for years with no issues at all. These sheets are comfortable, and are made very well. You can easily feel the quality difference between these sheets and other sets of sheets. Because of this, this set easily gets a perfect score.


Durability is another very important aspect to consider when buying something such as a new set of sheets. This set holds up extremely well, with years upon years of use and no breakdown or damage of any kind. Many users report comfortable and perfect use for very long periods of time. Because of this, this set easily earns itself a perfect 5 in the terms of durability. This set is made of bamboo materials, which are known to withstand the most extreme use for years. As long as proper care is taken, this set should easily last for years.


Warranty matters to some people, as items tend to break down. When paying a higher price for something, buyers want to be assured that purchase is covered. The good news is that while warranty information is a tad bit subjective, there is a lifetime warranty that covers this set. If anything were to go wrong, the company will gladly replace or refund the set of sheets.


Buying a new set of sheets could be nerve wracking, especially when you’re buying online. However, this set seems to score a perfect 5 across the board, which is rather rare for a sheet set. These sheets are comfortable, durable and stylish as well. Many happy customers have given this set of sheets a 5 star rating, with years of use and comfort that is unmatched by other sheet sets. Overall, these sheets are amazing, and should absolutely be considered for your next pair of sheets.

Cariloha Crazy Soft Review
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