Can Soft Pillows Cause Neck Pain?

Can Soft Pillows Cause Neck Pain

Sleep is an important aspect of your overall well-being. If you find that you continually wake up with a stiff and sore neck, then you should first try to remedy the problem by changing your pillow. In fact, one of the leading causes of compromised sleep and increased neck pain is using a bad pillow. While these complications are often shrugged off as normal occurrences, and are often attributed to working excessively in front of a computer or in some other position that strains your neck and back, this is not the only culprit. Simply put, if your spine and neck are not well supported when you are sleeping, neck pain and aches will be a common occurrence during the day.

Choosing the appropriate pillow

Due to the larger distance between your shoulder and your head, a person who is a side sleeper needs to fill in a bigger gap between the mattress and their head as compared to a back or stomach sleeper. A soft pillow is more likely to overly compress and become too small to support you properly due to the weight of your head. This can easily throw your neck out of alignment. A good pillow is sensitive to the user’s weight and size thereby providing better support and head-to-neck comfort versus a soft pillow. In fact, soft pillows are generally not designed for side sleepers and will not mitigate the effects of pressure on the head and neck.

Also, if you are a heavy sleeper, be sure you avoid soft pillows because you might not even realize you are sleeping in an uncomfortable position until you wake up. Choose a pillow that is firm and comfortable enough to support your head and neck properly.

Can Soft Pillows Cause Neck Pain

Soft pillows change in shape

Soft pillows easily change in shape as you move around and sleep. This can very quickly compromise your sleep. It’s important to note that soft pillows are often made from a delicate material that is prone to breaking down, especially when used for long durations of time. As a result, this makes the pillows highly ineffective for a good night’s rest. It’s important to choose a pillow that is firm enough to support your head without causing any discomfort, even after many years of daily use.

Because soft pillows don’t offer sufficient support for the head, especially when you are a side sleeper, it is basically the same as sleeping with no pillow at all or even a flattened pillow. As a side sleeper, ensure that your pillow is firm and full enough to support you at the appropriate height and that it does not squish down. One of the best examples of a pillow that can do this job is a side-sleeper neck pillow, which is readily found online. This pillow is made using a unique foam material and fiber that guarantees optimal comfort regardless of the position you sleep in.

Soft pillows and comfort

If you have used soft pillows in the past, you are probably like most people and feel that they are not comfortable at all. When using them, your neck is placed in a strained position which tends to compromise your overall quality of sleep. In this case, it’s important that you avoid using these types of pillows, especially if you spend long hours on the computer and need to get a good night’s rest.  It is better to choose a pillow that is firm enough yet provides sufficient support for the neck area. It’s important to note that the neck is connected to the spine, and any compromise to your rest might also compromise the health of your spine and back.


After considering all the important factors, there is no place for poor decision making when it comes to rest. It’s important to choose appropriate and healthy solutions which include a good pillow that provides optimal support for the neck and head. While soft pillows might seem like a reasonable investment, they are not durable enough and will only compromise your precious sleep. Choose a firm pillow that is comfortable yet firm enough to support your neck and head. In doing so, you’re more likely to wake up happy and ready to start your day.