Best Tencel Sheets of 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

best tencel bed sheet reviews

If you have seemingly tried everything you can think of to get a good night of rest, then perhaps you should give something else a go.  Tencel sheets could be just the thing you’re looking for if this is your ultimate endeavor, such is their usefulness. 

If you have tried cotton, microfiber, linen, etc, running the gambit, then tencel could be the answer you have been craving to help you get that sleep you so desperately need and crave.  Today, we are going to be taking a deep dive into all that you need to know about tencel sheets. 

Our buying guide will have information that lets you know the why and how of them, and we will also be supplying you with reviews of the some of the best and most popular offerings out there.  This will help you narrow down your search, which is never a bad thing!  So, let’s get right down to it then! 

Top Tencel Bed Sheet Comparison Chart

Name% Tencel PriceWhere to Buy?
1. ABRIPEDIC Tencel Sheets100%$$Check Price Here
2. GHOSTBED Queen Premium Luxury Soft Sheet Set40%$$$Check Price Here
3. Stone & Beam 100% Tencel Sheet Set100%$$$Check Price Here
4. Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen Sheets100%$$Check Price Here
5. Linenwalas Luxury Tencel Lyocell Sheets100%$Check Price Here

Tencel Bed Sheet Buying Guide

Why Should I Buy Tencel?

If you are coming upon this guide, it’s because you either are looking for something to help you make a change to your present situation or because you are already aware of tencel and want to know more.  Either way, it would serve us well to inform you on why tencel is such a good material for sheets.  Without any further adieu, let’s begin talking about why it stands out. 


One of the main things that you will come to love and appreciate about tencel is that it is made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.  That is due to the fact that it is derived from fabric that is made from eucalyptus trees.  Because this is a naturally occurring product, it is able to be sustained over time, thus making it friendly to the environment, which is definitely a buzzword and a must-have for so many people out there today. 

To have to that, we also need to point out that once you are finished with your sheets, they can be thrown away and will rot naturally.  There won’t be anything left eventually, so you can also rest easy in the knowledge that you are contributing to a more positive environment.   

Combines Nature with Human Potential

One of the more beautiful parts of tencel, to us, is the fact that it is made out of natural materials yet also goes through the same kind of processes as synthetic (man made) materials do.  What this does is add a considerable amount of strength to it, and it does so without harming nature or anything of the like.  By taking the fabric from the eucalyptus as we discussed and then putting it through a process where it separates the fabric from some liquid, it can be strengthened.  In the end it may not be 100% ‘natural,’ but it’s still derived from natural ingredient, so to speak, and is not done so with any awful chemicals, making it about as natural as one can get without going overboard. 

Resists Wrinkles

On to things that are specifically about the actual sheets themselves now… Tencel is great for a number of reasons, but one of the first things we should make mention of is that they resist wrinkles extremely well.  Of course, you do need to make sure you are not being super lazy and leaving them in the dryer for hours on end. 

You’ll surely see a few here and there if you do that.  But if you air dry them, then you will likely not see any at all as they will be hanging on a line and won’t have the ability to wrinkle up, annoyingly, on you. 

Very Soft

Another of the major factors that are sure to make you happy about tencel sheets is that they are very, very soft to the touch.  No one wants to lay down on something that is uncomfortable or ‘hard’ and grating, but they also don’t often get a chance to have something touch them that is truly comforting and soft on their skin. 

With tencel, you definitely are able to get this.  Silk is known as the standard bearer for a lot of people, but tencel is actually able to live up to those sort of expectations, giving you a realistic chance at that level of comfort. 

Breathes Very Well

The last positive that we will touch on, at least for now, has to do with the temperature at which you are sleeping.  So many people find that sleep is tough simply because they are too hot when they are trying to sleep.  You can try all sorts of combinations, from new pillows to new bed sheets or even new mattresses, but sometimes nothing seems to stick and work for you. 

Tencel is a material that will definitely work with and for you, provided you pick the right kind of combination to go with it, of course.  This is a bit of an outlier, too, as most forms of synthetic sheets, remember these technically are synthetic, are going to be very bad at regulating temperature.  This means that you will be able to feel air flowing with these sheets, which is the opposite of retaining heat. 

Even when you look for a warm blanket, sheets, or cover, you don’t want to see that heat is retained, so it’s good news to see that this type of sheet is able to allow air to move around.  You’ll stay dry and sleep better as a result, and you’ll be happy as can be because of it, too! 

Potential Drawbacks of Tencel Sheets

If we are going to talk about the pros, then we also have to touch on the cons of tencel sheets as well.  So, that’s what this section is all about.  Here are some of the negatives- or ‘why not’s- that you should be aware of in regards to tencel sheets. 


One of the unfortunate side effects of going with tencel sheets is that they cost more than the average set of sheets do.  This is due to the fact that it’s quite the process to go through in order to arrive at tencel.  You have to extract the fabric from the wood, so it’s an arduous and time consuming journey to get there.  Silk goes through a process that is similarly taxing, but that material is going to cost more.  However, on the whole tencel is more relatively speaking, and it’s due to the processes it is forced to go through in order to be made. 

Possible Staining

One of the major benefits that you get with tencel can also be one of its drawbacks.  We discussed how it does a good job at absorbing moisture and breathing.  While this is very much the case, it can also be a downfall of tencel because it can soak up oils from your skin.  This might not seem like a big deal, but your natural body oils can definitely leave stains on the sheets.  It may not happen for sure, but there is a distinct possibility that you should know about. 

Slippery Nature

The last thing we’ll touch on here is going to relate to the feel of tencel.  We know that it is soft and smooth- silk like- to the touch, but that is also something that some people just do not like or appreciate very much.  This is because it can be slippery to a lot of people. 

When you touch it, the tendency is for your hands to scoot, almost magically.  This can be a problem for some people, as it can make them feel like they are sliding and on uneven ground.  It can even make pillowcases slide off at times as well, such is the powerful pull it has.  This is one reason why some people would prefer to stick with cotton or another of the more ‘normal’ types of sheets for their bedding. 

Types of Tencel

Believe it or not, and you really should, there is not one universal type of tencel out there.  Rather, there are multiple types of it available for you to purchase.  Here is a breakdown of those types. 

Tencel Modal

Tencel modal is a form of fabric that is known for both its soft feeling and its flexibility.  This makes it great for people that move around a lot, and there are many that do, as it is able to mold to you a bit more and give you the sort of give that is necessary, all the while giving you the comfort you deserve. 

Tencel Lyocell

Tencel lyocell is another type we’ll talk about here.  Unlike with modal, this type concentrates on the breathability issue to a high degree.  While all tencel is more breathable than regular sheets are, this type is even more so.  If you are really needing to kick that nasty habit of sleeping much too hot, then this may just be the answer that you have been waiting for an extremely long time now. 


Tencel can also be blended with other materials as well, so we should discuss that here a bit.  Most commonly, you will see it combined with materials like cotton, linen, or polyester.  This serves the purpose of being able to take the best of both materials and bring them together into one package.  It also can improve one material.  For example, you could see linen become breathable by being included along with tencel.  By taking tencel and joining it with polyester, you’d get increased durability, while adding tencel to cotton is sure to help drive the cost down a bit as cotton is usually quite affordable to purchase. 


One of the things we haven’t touched on much so far has been about the durability of tencel sheets.  This is one area that you’ll be pleased with.  Tencel is one of the better materials out there in terms of being able to last over time. 

Not only is eucalyptus strong itself, but it’s also going to be going through that synthetic process as well.  Synthetic products have always been strong, and they just keep on getting stronger over time to produce you with more and more durability.  It’s really as simple as that.  The more synthetic materials you have, the more durability you typically get.  You can take this to extremes, however. 

Cheap synthetics, of course, will not work out for you over the long term like good synthetics will, so do make note of that and use your common sense and better judgment.  If you see tencel mixed with another type of material, you should also keep that material’s properties in mind.  If it’s a material that is known for holding up a long time, then you can expect the sheets to last even longer than others made from only tencel would! 

Good for the Skin

Another thing we didn’t get to in the positives above about tencel is that it is great for people that have some skin issues.  If you have an easy time getting irritated from things in your sheets, then this is a step in the right direction for sure.  Tencel sheets won’t absorb the particles that carry many allergens, helping you to sleep better than you would with most sheets.  Furthermore, they don’t use any harsh chemicals in the making of them, allowing you to not develop those icky rashes or marks and spots of bother. 

Caring for Tencel

Tencel has an above average lifespan in terms of durability, but it’s not going to last nearly as long as you would like for it to do if you are not taking proper care of it.  Here are some things that you can do in order to maximize the longevity of tencel. 

  • One of the best bits of news with tencel is that you can both wash and dry them without many problems.  This is not a common trait among all types of sheets, so the fact that you can do both is a major plus sign and should be commended.
  • When you do wash tencel sheets, make sure that you do so in cold water only.  Warm or hot water, especially hot water, will damaged if you don’t do so.  If cotton is included in a blend with tencel, then you can use warm water, however.
  • When you dry the sheets, do so either by using a line to dry them (which honestly is recommended for just about everything but is impractical to some folks) or use the dryer on low heat.  Again, high heat can damage and warp them, so try and avoid that by placing them on low heat.  Tencel is pretty thin, so it will dry quicker.  You shouldn’t need anywhere near a full drier cycle for them, then, and you also won’t have to leave them hanging on the line all that long, either, if you choose to go down that route.
  • Wrinkles, as mentioned earlier, are not all that common, but the best way to make sure they do not take root is to act quickly.  If you are done drying them, then go ahead and put them on, or at least lay them out straight so that they don’t take on a ton of unnecessary wrinkles.
  • Don’t use fabric softeners or bleach to wash your sheets.  Both will seem to be cleaning them or making them softer, but the opposite will actually happen.  Fabric softeners actually harden some materials when they are used, so that should be avoided, obviously, as that’s not really what you want at all!
  • If you are unsure for any reason, just consult the tags and manufacturer’s instructions for washing. Those could be very valuable to you, as they might have information that we didn’t include.  This could be because they are a blend or another reason, so it’s wise to not look past any information they might have given you.

Other Sheet Considerations

There are some other things you also should be taking a look at when you examine a set of tencel sheets as well.  Like all other sheets, you need to keep an eye on things, so let’s cover those quickly before getting into the meat of our reviews. 

Returns and Warranties

It’s never a bad thing to have some insurance, and some sheets are going to afford you that by giving you a warranty.  Warranties can cover a short time or a long time, but be aware that some of them are “limited.”  This could mean just about anything, so if you do have any questions, you certainly should ask before it is too late.  Returns are also instrumental.  If you get a set of sheets you don’t like and have no recourse for fixing it, it’s not good, obviously.  So having the ability to make a return is essential and doing so for free is preferred. 


One of the more difficult parts of finding sheets is being able to find them in the correct size.  A lot of sheets can be found in both king and queen, but for other sizes, it can be tougher to do so.  Tencel is one of those.  While it’s not impossible to find them in full or twin size, it is a bit harder.  Also, sizing also needs to focus on the thickness of the mattress as well.  If you have a thick mattress, then you will need to be careful and make sure you have a set of sheets that will extend all the way over them.  You can do this by measuring your bed.  The ‘pockets’ can run from anywhere between seven inches all the way up to 24.  Just because you have the right size doesn’t mean the pockets will fit, mind you, so there are two components to this equation. 

Colors and Patterns

Of course, you also have to mention and think about the colors and patterns that are on the table as well.  With tencel, you don’t usually see a whole ton of vibrant colors, so that may be a bit of a disappointment for you to behold.  There are typically a lot of neutral colors and sometimes some darker ones for you to pick from.  The good thing with neutral ones is that they are easy to pair with the décor of just about any room.  Patterns, unfortunately, are usually nonexistent, so if that’s your chief concern you may be best served to try and find a set of sheets that are made out of another material. 

Top Tencel Bed Sheet Reviews

ABRIPEDIC Tencel Sheets

Kicking off our list here is one of the better all around choices you’ll find, thus the reason it is top of the pile on our list.  This set of tencel sheets from ABRIPEDIC is great for a bevy of reasons, but we like the fact that they put their money where their mouth is by giving you a 30-day risk-free trial period to try them out. 

This is common with mattresses and some pillows, but it is rare to see with sheets, making these stand out.  On top of that, though, these get softer each and every time you wash them, and they are going to make sure to hold up under constant washing. 

They come with four parts- two pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a top sheet- and can be found in the seven colors from sizes queen up to split king.  Perhaps the one thing we’ll say negatively about them is that they don’t come in any smaller sizes, but even that is harsh given that so many do not in the tencel sector, so to speak! 


  • 30 day trial run period
  • Super durable
  • Softens up over time

GHOSTBED Queen Premium Luxury Soft Sheet Set

With a name like GHOSTBED attached to you, you had really better have something special to sell, and with this set of soft sheets, you don’t have to worry about that at all.  Though they are engineered to include 40% tencel and 60% supima cotton, you still get a heck of a deal from them. 

They are cheaper than a lot of all tencel sheets as a result of this blend, but they are able to be more soft than cotton is usual, as well as being stronger under pressure, thus having the ability to last longer than you might anticipate.  That softness and strength is hard to find, especially with random cotton offerings, so the tencel’s role is not a small part to be overlooked. 

These sheets are also able to breathe (and warm) capably and are also going to resist pilling from happening, something that a lot of cotton sheets just can’t seem to resist.  Another big plus is that they have sizes from twin all the way up to split king as well! 


  • Blended for strength and softness
  • Resists pills and wrinkles
  • Many sizes to pick from

Stone & Beam 100% Tencel Sheet Set

We now move our way back into the territory of 100% tencel with this fine set from Stone & Beam.  This set comes from Amazon’s in-house brand, but don’t let that dissuade you.  These are very high quality, utilizing the tencel to ensure you of a good, cool night of rest for a change. 

That’s great for anyone that is naturally a warm sleeper or for those warm nights that just won’t budge in the summer.  The ‘extras’ pack a big punch with this set, as they are able to do a ton of work.  They fit mattresses up to 17 inches thick, which is a pretty good job considering it should fit most normal to slightly thicker than average beds. 

They don’t come in an abundance of colors, but they do start at the full size, so that does give you an option you might not have expected.  You’ll also have excellent customer service to fall back on, so that’s the positive that keeps on giving.


  • Great customer service
  • Will fit most mattresses
  • More than adequate at cooling

Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen Sheets

Brooklyn are known for offering a ton of sheets of all sorts of materials that hold up well and do their job, and these tencel sheets are no different.  Made out of 100% tencel but having the sateen weave to them to make them stronger and give them that shine that stands out as unique when you view silk or satin. 

Because of that, they have forged a bit of a path for themselves on that avenue.  With offerings that run from twin all the way up to split king, they will fit virtually any size bed that is of a normal size.  They even offer you 30 days to try them out and return them, so while it may not be labeled as a ‘trial,’ it basically very much is one. 

Made from both lyocell and modal, you can expect these to breathe as well as you need, to be very soft, and to be supremely durable, too.


  • Nice silky shine to them
  • Soft and durable
  • Virtual trial period included

Linenwalas Luxury Tencel Lyocell Sheets

While tencel is not the most expensive type of sheets out there, they also aren’t the cheapest, either.  This set is the type you’ll want to turn to if you don’t have adequate budget to afford a true luxury set of bed sheets.

These lyocell sheets are made with the goal of keeping you cool at all costs in mind.  These will breathe very well, just as you have desired for as long as you could remember. 

Ranging in sizes from twin all the way up to split king and coming in six colors, there is a bit of something for everyone.  They even have a ‘white pinstripe’ one that will offer a bit of pattern, which is a rarity as we touched on earlier. 

They have that sateen sheen to them that must associate with a lack of breathability, but they don’t let that take root at all.  They even include deep pockets, too, so that is going to help you fit most every bed, even if they are over the top with their level of thickness.


  • A bit of pattern offered
  • Good value selection
  • Lots of sizes and deep pockets


If you have been ‘running hot’ while trying to sleep for a while, and you just can’t seem to get relief, then you should look no further than tencel.  Effective at warding off the awful heat, these sheets are also very soft, too.  Those two things alone should be more than enough to get you to give them a try.  They are each such a big deal that it’s hard to just look past both of them.  That’s what our guide has been all about today: informing you about everything you need to know about them so that you can be much more successful in your search for the best sheets possible.  Now that we’ve done that, it’s your turn to get to work finding the best set for you!  So, get to it, why don’t you?


Does Thread Count Play a Role Here?

Honestly, thread count is not a big factor at all, or should not be one, when it comes to tencel sheets.  Thread count can be vital for cotton sheets and similar types of materials, but there are much more important things with tencel.  In fact, a count is likely to be contrived with tencel, so it should be avoided in general principle. 

Are Tencel Sheets Easy to Take Care of?

Yes, they are, at least in our estimations.  Sheets can be tough to take care of, depending on the materials used to compose them, but that is not the case at all with tencel sheets.  Tencel can be washed and dried machines to lighten your load and they also don’t wrinkle up or stain particularly badly.  Fading is also nonexistent, so that’s another bonus you’ll be thankful of.  You will definitely be cutting down the amount of time you spend washing your sheets if and when you turn to this type. 

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