The Best Pillows 2022: Options for Neck Pain, Side Sleepers, Memory Foam, & Cooling Pillows (Updated March ’22)

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After testing several pillows from top leading companies, we found Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Pillow as a high-end option if you want superior comfort and luxurious sleeping experience.

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A poor mattress can give you restless night and a tiring start of a new day, but how seriously you consider the quality and comfort of pillows? Whether you are a side sleeper or front sleeper, the use of right cushion will make a difference to give you a healthy sleep. A good pillow holds your head in perfect alignment and likewise if you are standing upright with an appropriate posture. The amount of support required varies for every individual. A pillow which is too soft will let your head fall back thus putting pressure on your neck whereas a pad that is too hard will leave you inflexible.

According to the research, we spend one-third part of our lives in bed and the way we sleep affect the other two parts of life. Therefore, a right pillow is a significant purchase. If you are not using an appropriate pillow for your needs, you will eventually suffer from nerve pain, herniated discs, neck pain, muscle stiffness and much more. We evaluated the quality, stiffness, size, comfort and other significant features of various pillows available on the market and picked the best five options to review them that suit most people. Additionally, we included a detailed and professional buying guide to further assist you in exploring different options and making a right purchase.


Best Pillow for Neck Pain
Best Pillow for Side Sleepers
Best Pillow for Side Sleepers
Five Star
Best Memory Foam Pillow
Classic Brands
Best Cooling Pillow


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The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow provides you with an exceptional comfort and support for your neck while you sleep. The inner water chamber can be regulated to offer you the required support and thickness you need.

The pillow has made to our top picks for reducing neck pain at maximum. It makes for a soothing waterbed option for your head. The exterior of the pillow is constructed from highly durable and easy to clean polyester which is hypoallergenic and soft.

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is easy and quick to clean. All you need to do is remove the cover and machine wash it. Afterwards, wipe the interior of water chamber using a damp cloth. It will take a few minutes, and you can have a fresh and clean pillow that’s all you need for a relaxing sleep.


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The Snuggle-Pedic pillow is made from superior quality memory foam for comfortable shaping, superior comfort, and cool air flow technology. The memory foam provides you with incredible support without stiffing.

The pillow is designed for side sleepers for its thick and plush profile. This extra thick pillow fills the space between the mattresses to support your neck. The small pieces of shredded memory foam inside the pillow makes it easy to position in appropriate alignment to offer your body ultimate comfort and support.

The pillow is available in queen size version and backed by 20 years warranty. Finally, it is made with V.O.C. Bio green® material which is Certi-Pur-U.S. certified. Purchasing the Snuggle-Pedic pillow will assure you about the fanatic quality you will receive.

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Five Star brings you amazing Down Alternative Pillow which comes with a soft and fluffy fiber to give you a luxurious sleeping experience.

In addition to incredible support for side sleepers, this pillow features a soft microfiber to support your head and neck and keep your spine aligned. If you frequently move around a lot while sleeping, this pillow provides excellent comfort even if you are sleeping on your stomach or back. To guarantee you that pillow never flatten out entirely, it comes with a casing made from 1.5-inch gusset around the four sides.

This allows you move around comfortably throughout the night without worrying about the shape of the pillow. Further, it features 300 thread count to give you optimal quality and coziness. The Down Alternative Pillow is machine washable and guarantees you maintenance of its shape.


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A wet pillow can keep you disturbed throughout the night. If you are looking for an ultimate comfort, the Classic Brands Reversible Memory Foam pillow is a commendable choice.

The 5-inch pillow provides you with great features to give you a soothing sleep. Featuring cool gel technology, the pillow perfectly facilitates air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable while sleeping. The fabric efficiently absorb the sweat to make sure you are resting on a cool and dry pillow.

Besides, the material came with a dual side and manufactured using hypoallergenic foam to guarantee you a great sleep. However, this pillow gives a strong odor, so you need to air it for a few days before use.


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The PharMeDoc Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow comes with an ergonomic design with a dual layer and cooling memory foam.

It is made from an outstanding quality breathable material that is firm yet comfortable. The design offers maximum support to your neck with minimizing pressure on your spine. These are some of the factors you can get rid off that make you feel like carrying a burden throughout the night.

The hypoallergenic material makes it a convenient option for everyone. It provides you ease of maintenance with the removable cover that is machine washable. Finally, keep in mind to pump the pillow before use and remove any odor.




Thread count is an essential consideration while purchasing best pillows. The higher the thread count is, the more durable and relaxing it will feel. According to our research, a standard size pillow of 20 inches by 26 inches comes with 300 thread count which is cost-effective and a comfortable option to sleep on. However, if you want something more luxurious, you can consider pillows featuring 500-800 thread counts. No doubt, a pad with 1,000 thread count will be superb in quality and functioning, but you will need to pay a higher price for it.


A fluffy pillow offers excellent cushioning and long-lasting quality. It will keep the fresh air travel through it. On the other hand, a flat or deflated pillow will be unable to continue air for a more extended period which does not make an ideal option for a relaxing support. To check the fluffiness of a pillow, you will need to fold it in half and see whether it unfolds on its own. If not, you should consider looking for other options.


The significant difference between the types of pillows is their filling. You will commonly find the following six fills in most cushions.


Memory foam is originated by NASA for astronauts when they reenter to the Earth’s environment. Today, these foams have become quite a popular option. They are highly supportive and maintains the shape as per your head and neck requirement. These pillows are hypoallergenic in nature and help people who are suffering from neck, shoulder and body pain or stiffness. However, they are relatively warm and bulky.


The shredded memory foam comes in small chunks to provide you with superior support, firmness, and comfort. Unlike traditional memory foam, these pillows do not get heated. The shredded memory foam easily molds and shapes to your body. Also, if you are looking for more customization, you can quickly push and pull them to have a specific shape that suits your sleeping way.


The down filling makes for a luxurious option that many people love to have. These pillows are soft and light in weight thus offering a perfect shape as per your needs. The downside is, they are not very supportive and comes as comparatively more expensive.


Polyester is the most common fill in budget-friendly pillows. They are soft, lightweight and machine washable. However, they do not offer superior support or firmness. The polyester pillows make a good choice between softness and durability.


Buckwheat hull pillows are quite a popular choice around the world, and they have undoubtedly their huge fan club. These pads feel similar to a beanbag. The hulls move smoothly inside the pillow thus letting you adjust the shape and firmness as per your requirement. These pillows are an ideal option for people who sleep hot. However, they tend to be a little heavy and hulls make a swirling sound while moving around.


You will discover both lovers and haters of latex pillows. People who use latex pillows love them for the adequate firm support along with a little bounce that makes their sleep comfortable. On the other side, people who don’t like these pillows often complain about the extra firmness. They are relatively burdensome and costly. Yet, these are highly durable, antimicrobial and not too warm.


As we have mentioned different pillow fills, they come in various forms as well. To have a basic understanding, we have listed the most popular pillow shapes you will find on the market.


The standard pillows come with a basic and rectangular shape that most people usually prefer. They are available in three sizes including standard, queen, and king.


These pillows feature raised curved edges to firmly support your neck and a little depth for your head. They are commonly made of memory foam and are firm enough.


Cervical pillows are similar to a cat bed. They are hollow in the center to support your head and surrounded by high neck rolls all around. These are mostly filled with polyester. They make for an excellent choice for people who are suffering from neck or spine pain.


These are cylinder-shaped pillows to support your arms and legs for a comfortable sleep efficiently. Many people use them as traditional bed pillows. They slightly support your neck without putting pressure on the shoulders or back.


Lastly, how you position yourself for sleeping is a major determining factor for the pillow you need to purchase. For instance, sleeping on your back require a fluffier pillow which makes sure to support your head and chin that helps you with breathing and snorting. Most people change sleeping position periodically throughout the night; however, you will prefer one sleep position over the rest. When it comes to selecting the right pillow, your preferred sleeping position plays a significant role.


You will commonly find this sleeping position to support your spine and neck. The suitable pillow for a side sleeper should be lofty enough to cover the gap between neck and mattress along with offering medium firm or firm support. Any fill is appropriate when it provides the right shape for your body.


This irrefutably comfortable sleep position will be hard for your spine and force your neck to turn tight to the side. If this is your preferred sleeping position, then consider a pillow which is soft as well as a little firm to ease your back. Usually, buckwheat hulls or down pillows make for an excellent choice for people who tend to sleep more on their stomach.


If you prefer sleeping on your back, your pillow should be firm enough to hold your head in orientation with your spine without pushing your head forward and letting it drop back. A medium firm density pillow makes for a suitable option. Shredded memory foam, polyester, and buckwheat hull pillows are recommended for back sleepers.


One of the best purchase you can make for a comfortable night sleep is choosing the right pillow that suits you. It will take a few minutes to go through this article that will surely help you in finding the perfect pillow that you really need to get hours of refreshing sleep. We hope that our best pillow buying guide along with the top pick reviews will help you in finding the pillow made for your needs.

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