Best Microfiber Sheets in 2022 (Updated Review & Buyer’s Guide)

best microfiber sheets reviews

No matter where you look today, microfiber is all the rage.  Seemingly everywhere you turn, you see this wonderful, curious material being put to good use.  From towels to clothing to sheets and more, it’s all over the place and for good reason. 

Today, we are going to be looking at microfiber sheets and sheets alone, all in a bid to help you achieve the best night’s rest that you can possibly get.  Our buying guide will delve into all you need to know about microfiber sheets, helping you to narrow down your search a bit rather than continue to be confused on what it is you are looking for. 

Following our guide, we will also be taking a look at some of the best and most popular choices in our reviews, doing so to help you find the best set of sheets for you with as little fuss as possible.  So, let’s get started! 

Top Microfiber Sheets Comparison Chart

ImageNamePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 Sheet Set Sheet Set$$$Check Price Here
2. CGK Unlimited Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set$$Check Price Here
3. AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set$$$$Check Price Here
4. Utopia Bedding Brushed Microfiber Four Piece Set$$Check Price Here
5. Danjor Linens Six Piece Microfiber Bed Sheet Set$Check Price Here
6. Southshore Fine Linens Six Piece Deep Pocket Sheet Set$$Check Price Here
7. Sweet Home Collection 2500 Supreme Extra Soft Sheets Set$$$Check Price Here
8. LuxClub Microfiber Bamboo Sheet Set$$Check Price Here

Microfiber Sheets Buying Guide

Defining Microfiber

One of the most confusing things that we have to look at in regards to microfiber is defining what is actually is.  To a lot of people, and rightfully so, it’s just a material.  It’s like cotton, flannel, or linen.  It’s just another potential choice for you to make as it is a fabric.  That’s what we would all assume anyway. 

However, that is not the case, at all, in fact.  Microfiber is not a fabric; it is actually more of a classification.  When you see the word ‘microfiber’ used it is being used to describe the threads that make up the fabric instead.  This is because microfiber can be any range of materials. 

From polyester to nylon, it can be virtually any man made synthetic fabric or material.  The reason the name is what it is is very simple in reality: it’s super thin and soft, giving it both parts of its name. 

A Quick History of Microfiber

Microfiber has been around a whole lot longer than many folks would imagine.  However, it was not exactly popular, like it is now, the entire time.  that’s because in the 1950s when it was first introduced, there was no practical market for it.  No one knew what to do with it after it was created in labs, so it ended up sitting around for 20 or so years, as many bits of technology did back in those ‘olden’ days.  This allowed people the time to come up with uses for it, and they eventually did.  Today, it’s used in sheets (duh, that’s why we are here), towels, mops, handbags, and even more. 

The Benefits of Microfiber

Before we can talk about specifics or get to reviewing the products we first need to take a look at why microfiber is beneficial for you.  If it’s not going to have a positive effect on your life, then you’re naturally going to want to steer clear of it.  That’s just good, old fashioned common sense to take.  So, let’s get started. 


This is the unmistakable part of the equation.  The chief appeal of microfiber to most people is going to be the way that it feels.  There are a whole lot of sheets out there and a ton of them are soft, but microfiber does go above and beyond what most of them are able to bring to you. 

Microfiber is super soft due to the thinness of the sheets that we talked about earlier.  Cotton and silk are also quite soft, but the right type of microfiber sheets can and will give them a run for their money when it comes to this particular measurement, if you will. 

Maintenance is Easy

Taking care of your stuff is a major part of life, and it is going to help determine how much durability you are able to get out of a given product.  With microfiber sheets, this is not a huge deal, as maintenance is super easy as far as they are concerned. 

Microfiber sheets are very easy to clean and are also quite strong, meaning you can just chunk them into both the washer and dryer without a whole lot of issues at all.  Many materials need to be dried on a line and can’t even go in the washer, so this is a major plus for people that don’t have the time or want to put in that kind of additional effort.  Due to their severely thin nature, they also don’t take too long at all to dry, meaning you save both time and money. 

On top of all of that, they will not wrinkle up like so many sheets have the unfortunate tendency to do.  The tight weave and use of synthetic materials nearly ensures that this won’t happen, meaning you can get them out of the dryer (at super world record speed) and then put them on your bed without any worries about them getting all crumpled up and looking terrible.  No more ironing for you.  Doesn’t sound way too awful now, does it!? 

Resistant to Stains

Another major plus sign next to microfiber sheets is going to be that they just do not stain like most other sheet styles.  While they are not 100% guaranteed to not stain, it has to be said that they do a much better job than most other materials out there. 

That is because of the fact that man made synthetic materials are generally made to resist staining.  It’s just how they have been engineered, and you can be very thankful for that fact! 

Will Not Fade

One of the most annoying things that presents itself with clothing or sheets is the tendency for them to fade over time.  There is very often nothing you can do to stop it once it begins, other than to try to dye (over dye) it again.  Even this has mixed effects, so you don’t always get the kind of look you want by doing it. 

In regards to microfiber sheets, you hardly ever see any fading taking place, regardless of how long you have had them.  This is because materials like nylon and polyester are ‘colorfast.’  ‘Fastness’ is what is measurement in the dye world that takes into account how well a color stays on the object that is dyed. 

Fastness can be affected by either light or by water.  Some products are strong in one area and weak in another.  With microfiber sheets, you don’t see much weakness at all.  It’s able to resist water pushing some of the dye off, and light will not harm it, either.  You do still have to take good care of your sheets, sure, but the chances of them fading are quite small in relation to other types of sheets and products. 

The Potential Drawbacks of Microfiber Sheets

If were are going to talk about the benefits of microfiber sheets, then it’s only fair to talk about the downsides as well.  In order for you to make the best possible choice in regards to your bedding, you need to know the full story.  Some people will still absolutely love microfiber sheets, even despite their detriments, so you’ll just have to weigh them for yourself to make your final decision.  So, let’s take a look into what you might not like about them. 

Being Too Thin

One of the reasons why microfiber can be so incredibly and ridiculously soft is always why they can be a negative for you.  The thinness of them makes them soft and also makes them easy to deal with, but they can also be a pain for you as well in certain scenarios.  Some people just do not sleep well on very thin sheets, so that will just naturally make them feel ‘wrong’ for you.  If that’s you, it’s understandable, as we are all not the same.  You may just not be used to it, meaning you simply can’t take it and won’t be able to handle it.  Not all microfiber sheets are as thin as others, though, so don’t fall for the trap of believing that they are all the same. 

Trap Heat

Believe it or not, microfiber sheets are a major culprit at trapping heat and causing you to feel overheated.  This may be a surprise to learn if you have never had any, as you would assume that they would do the opposite given their thin nature.  While this does seem like common sense, the tightly woven fibers actually act in contrary fashion.  They serve to ensure that breathability is limited.  Therefore, if you are someone that is heavier on the scale, are just hot while sleeping, or routinely find yourself sweating in bed, then this may not be the best possible choice for you to make. 

Creates Static

If you’ve ever gotten up before and rolled over, or walked down the hall and touched someone only for them to get shocked, you’ll know this is not much fun.  Static is a very real possibility with microfiber sheets, so unless you want to be Peter Griffin and create a ruckus all over the house, you may want to be aware of it.  But shocks are not the only thing that come with static. 

The worst part has to do with the fact that microfiber sheets are going to trap virtually everything under the sun that you can imagine.  From lint to pet hair, it’s going to find its way onto the sheets.  When static is there, it’s going to lock that stuff into place, making it a real pain to get them fully clean! 

Tearing and Pilling

Some people will be worried about whether microfiber ‘pills’ or not.  This is something that most materials can go through, but it’s not as big of a worry as actual tearing is.  Tearing can occur, especially in lower quality sets of microfiber sheets, with no warning at all. 

It just happens, and the best way for this to be avoided is to simply make sure that you purchase a good set of sheets.  Pilling can happen, again, but it’s just not a huge chance of that occurring, in truth. 


Breathability is one of the more complicated topics in regards to microfiber sheets.  Microfiber sheets have a reputation for not being very breathable, and that is fair, but that is not always the case.  There are instances where there is ample breathability in them, but you do have to do your homework and find quality pieces of material. 

Not all of them are going to be up to the task, as many do trap air in and cause you to run a little bit hot.  But the higher quality sheets made from microfiber are less likely to do this.  This is good news if you can find them because you can pretty much find yourself in a good spot in both the warm and cool months of the year.  Some folks will like to change their materials up depending on the weather, but with the right set of sheets, you will not find yourself being forced to do this. 


Whether it’s a pack of bubble gum, a bottle of water, or a house, we all like to look at and compare prices when we are considering buying a product.  This is definitely the case when it comes to microfiber sheets.  The good news about microfiber is that is is supremely affordable to purchase. 

There are a wide range of prices associated with various sheet types.  You can find some that are very expensive, some that are cheap, and others that are somewhere in between.  With microfiber sheets, you can genuinely find some of the top sheets for fractions of the cost of cotton, wool, flannel, or linen in some instances. 

You can buy multiple sets, in fact, for the price of one set of good cotton sheets.  That has to be a consideration for you, even if you have never really wanted to try out a set of microfiber sheets. 


One of the major pluses that will be associated, or should be associated, with microfiber sheets is their superb durability.  Having the ability to last quite a while is really something you don’t see everyday.  So it’s nice to see a product that is able to be both affordable and durable at the same given time. 

A lot of the reason for the durability is that the fabric is so tightly woven together.  This gives you so many benefits, so it’s not really a huge surprise at all to see that this helps the durability.  Of course, how you take care of them will also have an influence, as will the thickness and quality of the product in question. 

Thread Count

One of the major topics all over the web when it relates to sheets is going to revolve around thread count.  This is very common to see when compared with cotton, but it can also be seen and referred to with other products.  With that said, it’s not super important at all for microfiber sheets.  It’s such a non factor, in fact, that we recommend that you do not pay attention to it. 

With microfiber, it is merely a manufactured number.  It does not represent anything of real substance when you see that a set of sheets has 1500 or 2000 threads.  It’s just not going to cause a lot of difference to be made, so you should not overdo it and look too much into this as a gospel of sorts. 

Don’t Forget Pockets!

One of the things you should never forget about with any product you can buy, if it is applicable, that is, is its sizing.  If you are buying clothing of any sort, you’re going to want to be very sure that is has the proper size to fit you.  Much like that, bed sheets also must have the right size, or they will not serve you nearly as well as you would have otherwise imagined. 

Pockets are the thing that determine how well your sheets will fit your mattress.  Now, some folks have a huge mattress.  They will have a thick topper, or maybe the mattress itself is just massive.  If that’s the case, you’re going to need a set of sheets with truly deep pockets.  Don’t forget that you can measure to make very sure that you have the right amount of space.  Pockets, while vital, though, are not the only thing you should be on the lookout for you. 

You’ve also got to look for an elastic enclosing.  Elastics are great for stretching but only doing so to a certain extent.  They can make or break whether a pair of jeans fit or, well, sheets, too.  Elastics are crucial as that is what is going to give that last bit of a stretch that could make or break whether the sheets are going to fit or not. 

Colors and Patterns

While it’s not a massive part of the buying process, or shouldn’t be at least, it’s still worth thinking about the color and patterns you want to go with.  One thing with microfiber that you see is a tendency to only offer a few colors without patterns or a lot of contrasting colors.  This is not to some’s liking, though others enjoy it as it helps keep thing simpler and also drives down the ultimate cost of the overall package.  If you want to have more colors, or patterns, to pick from there are choices, but you typically have to either look a bit harder or pay slightly more to acquire them. 

Taking Care of Microfiber Sheets

  1. We do know that on the whole that microfiber sheets are easier to take care of most sheets out there, but if we want them to be as durable as we can get them to be, then we still need to put in some work to achieve that.  They will not be anywhere near as efficient if you don’t do so, so here are a few tips to make sure that you get the best possible use you can get out of your sheets to prevent any issues that might come about. 
  2. If you are struggling with lint or pet hair getting all over your sheets as a result of static, then you should turn to using white vinegar when you wash them.  You don’t need to use much, but if you just add a little bit to the mix, you’ll have a lot of those issues reduced greatly in order to allow you a much more cleanly experience.  If you are dealing with the static that causes people (or yourself) to get shocked, you might try some ‘static guard.’  That stuff works wonders and will stop the material from clinging to you and producing those sensationally annoying shocks.
  3. While microfiber does not stain as much or as quickly as other kinds of sheets, you still are at risk for discoloration if you do not act swiftly.  The best way for you to deal with spills of any kind is to mop it up quickly.  By allowing the spill to linger, you are opening up the possibility of a stain taking root. This is good common sense, or it should be, but so many people put it off and end up with a less than desirable look through what can essentially only be labeled as plain old laziness.
  4. It must be said, again, that microfiber sheets are quite durable.  However, you will not be able to get the maximum out of them unless you are able to take care of them properly.  One way to do that is to dry them properly.  While they can be dried in the drier, you should try not to do so under high heat. High heat can distort just about material, and this is also the case with microfiber sheets.  By using a medium or low heat, you’ll get them dry in record time and will not destroy their integrity in the process of doing so.  To avoid wrinkles, you should get them out of the dryer as quickly as humanly possible and then put them on.  Many sets will still not show many, if any at all, wrinkles, but there is a possibility they will show themselves if you drag your feet way too much about it. 
  5. If you want to make sure that you do not experience any fading, then there are two big things to do.  These two preventative measures can keep your microfiber sheets ticking and looking just as they did the day you first unwrapped them.  First, you should make sure to wipe up any stains as soon as possible, as we talked about before.  Secondly, you should dry them on less than high heat in the dryer.  Both of these things will help to reduce the likelihood of your sheets changing colors or fading away, so to speak. 

Top Eight Microfiber Sheets Reviewed

Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 Sheet Set

Mellanni Brushed Microfiber 1800 Sheet Set Review

Up first is an offering that is going to be a great fit for a wide swath of folks.  This set of sheets comes in many sizes, ranging from twin all the way up to split king to give you comfort regardless of the size of your bed. 

With a lifetime guarantee on them, it’s going to be hard to find many that will put their money where their mouth is like they do.  They’ve also got 16 inch pockets, which isn’t the deepest but sure can do a number compared to most other sets of sheets. 

And with 39 colors to pick from, too, it’s going to be nigh on impossible to not be able to find one that matches the décor in the room surrounding your bed.  These are super affordable and have shown to be extremely soft without sacrificing a lot of durability.  Because of all of those things, it naturally goes to the top of the proverbial pile!


  • Tons of colors and sizes
  • Lifetime warranty for confidence
  • Soft and durable

CGK Unlimited Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set

CGK Unlimited Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set Review

Up next is another set that is also quite affordable, though they are not as inexpensive as those above.  These sheets are brushed microfiber, which does mean that there are some pros and cons to come with it. 

They are softer, more durable than so many others, and they also are even better than other microfiber sheets at refusing to wrinkle.  But they don’t come in as many colors due to the process that they go through, so if you are color matching and looking for very specific colors, that might be an issue for you to overcome. 

They still have 11 colors, though, and they will fit five different sizes of beds.  With 16 inch pockets, you can count on them to fit most beds that are within reason, giving you a ton to be happy about, even if you have a California King that is pretty stubborn about that sort of thing.


  • Fits and stays on mattresses
  • Won’t even wrinkle out of the package
  • Softer and more durable than many


  • Not a lot of colors to pick from

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set

Amazon makes a lot of products that are simply their to meet your needs, and this is one of those that does that without a ton of frills.  It just gets the job done, and that’s largely got to do with the way that they feel on you. 

These polyester sheets are made to feel like super soft silk, utilizing some of the thinnest fibers that can be found.  As a result of this, you’re going to feel great while laying on it and you’ll also have your sheets looking better than they ever have as they just don’t wrinkle up and cause big issues like so many others have likely done for you in the past.

They are, of course, affordable as they are competing with a ton of others in this market and are Amazon, and they have elastic all the way around them to help lock them into place.  Do be aware that they are hard to get to stay put on super thin mattresses as the elastic is thin, so that might cause an issue or two for you.


  • Super thin, soft fibers
  • Elastic all the way around for fit
  • Affordable and won’t wrinkle


  • Might not hug thin mattresses as well

Utopia Bedding Brushed Microfiber Four Piece Set

If pilling is an issue that you have had a lot and you are concerned about it, then this is the way you tackle it: with an offering that just resists it entirely.  This brushed microfiber set from Utopia is also great because it has been found to be super good for cooling when compared to other relative players in the game. 

This thinness, which is to a higher degree than even many of the other microfiber sheets is going to help you stay cool and comfy.  Plus, they are very, very affordable, which is a factor that many of us have to, unfortunately, look at a little bit harder on that we would like. 

The pockets are one area where you may run into trouble, as they have just 14 inches to them.  This might not be a bad thing to you, but it could deter you from getting a good fit and cost you a good night’s rest if you don’t take quick and smart action.  Another negative is that they do appear to have some quality control issues, so you never know 100% if you’re getting the best or less than when you place your order. 


  • Super soft
  • Thinness makes them breathable
  • Very affordable


  • Thin pockets
  • Has some quality control issues and inconsistencies

Danjor Linens Six Piece Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

If value is what you crave the most, then it’s going to be difficult to outdo this offering.  With a low price and SIX pieces in the set, it’s nigh on impossible to find anything that is cheaper per piece, if you will. 

This set does lack a bit in terms of the colors, as there are only six to pick from, but with all of that included it will be easy for most to overlook that fact.  There are five sizes to pick from with this set, a set which has shown to be superb at withstanding itself against wrinkling thus far. 

They have decent pockets to them at 16 inches, so you should be able to get all but the bulkiest of mattresses fitted with them.  If you just love your pillows and you don’t want to spend a fortune to try to outfit your bed, then this is going to be the way that you want to turn toward. 


  • Awesome value
  • Super soft
  • Resistant to wrinkling


  • Not many colors to pick from

Southshore Fine Linens Six Piece Deep Pocket Sheet Set

Up next is a similar sort of set, though it’s just a tad bit pricier than the previous one is.  The big difference, however, is that this set of sheets is made for massively oversized beds, as the pockets can fit between 18 and 21 inches, meaning your gargantuan bed might actually be able to be paired with sheets that fit now. 

Another key difference to the offering above is that they bring you a choice of 18 colors, which is tremendous given the value and the deep pocketing nature of them.  They even come with a one year warranty to boot, which means you can be doubly sure that they are going to work for you over the long haul.  They are also, of course, super soft and thin, so for all the money you save with them it’s well worth a go to try these out. 


  • 18 colors to pick from
  • Fits very deep mattresses
  • Super soft

Sweet Home Collection 2500 Supreme Extra Soft Sheets Set

If you are on an extremely tight budget, then this might be the way for you to go into.  These are quite a bit cheaper than the others on the list, somehow, and they are going to also offer you a chance to mix up your style a bit.  Most of the offerings we have seen, and you’ll see if you look at all, are just one-toned colors. 

This one, however, has choices that include patterns and prints that range in looks, giving you plenty to choose from.  The pillow cases even have embroidery on them to make them feel more upscale than they are, reminding you of a hotel while you are in the comfort of your own home.  They are quite thin, so they will be very soft and more breathable than most.  But you should be aware that they are not likely to be as durable due to this fact.


  • Very thin and soft
  • Patterns available to pick from
  • Extreme value


  • Not quite as durable as others

LuxClub Microfiber Bamboo Sheet Set

Rounding out our list today is a bamboo set of microfiber sheets, and that means you get a variety of new benefits on top of the usual with microfiber.  Bamboo is great, first of all, because it is wicks away moisture much better than regular microfiber can do. 

This helps you stay cool, so it’s ideal for a warm, sweaty sleeper.  On top of that, it’s also got antimicrobial properties, meaning you’re covered if you have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated and do not want to get bothered.  If you happen to be tired of the same one-color sheets, then this is another combatant that stops that practice, as they have a plethora of colors- 40- to pick from. 

Plus, unlike a lot of bamboo products these sheets are not hard to deal with and can be washed and dried with no problems to speak of.  The big problem with bamboo, though, is that it does cause more wrinkles than normal microfiber, so that may hold you back from making a purchase on these.

This is truly a great luxury sheet set for those who appreciate having fine, “hotel quality” linens in their home.


  • Keeps you much cooler
  • 40 colors to pick from
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • Wrinkles easier than other microfiber offerings

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Finding any product in 2020 should be easy, right?  You just go online and search for it, easy enough.  However it is very rarely that easy.  With the internet, you’re going to get a ton of information and products that only seems to enrage and confuse you.  Rather than deal with all of that, it’s best to get your information in one place. 

While you can certainly take our reviews and use them as a jumping off point, it’s a whole lot easier to use them to do your shopping.  With the information you need to know ahead of it, we’ve given you a one-stop shop for all you need to know on microfiber sheets.  It’s hard to lose out when that’s been the case, so get to finding those sheets that will produce a much better sleep! 

FAQ’s About Microfiber Sheets

Can Microfiber Improve My Sleep?

It is possible that you can, but it’s not a guaranteed fix.  You could have health problems going on or something else that is causing your issues.  If you need something that is softer and more comfortable sheets, then microfiber can certainly help with that. 

It’s just a question of your specific body and how it will react.  It is very doable, but again you just have to try it out and see. 

Is Microfiber Easy To Deal With?

Yes it is.  Microfiber is super simple and efficient to take care of and maintain.  If you are a busy person, or you just don’t want to be tasked with a ton of work, then microfiber is just the way to go.  They react well in the washer and dryer and don’t fade much. 

You don’t even have to particularly worry about wrinkles, making them ideal for someone that is just not built to deal with all of those potential issues. 

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