The Best & Most Comfortable Futon of 2022 (Updated March ’22)

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After testing several futon mattresses from the top leading manufactures, we picked the best five models available on the market. However, if you want a quick purchase, we recommend you DHP Coil Premium which is the best-selling product for superior functionality and quality.

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Many of us deal with a limited living space at some point in our lives. For instance, if you have only one bedroom and you need two, then probably you will want to look for a way and create a temporary second bedroom. The other option is to shift to a bigger house. At this point, futon saves your day. It functions as a seat during the day and as a bed at night. The futons play a significant role especially when you want your sitting room to be used as a bedroom for guests. They come with creative designs that look like a traditional sofa.

Futons are made of mainly three components that work together to deliver you comfort and rest throughout the day and let you have a great sleep at night. These elements include a frame, mattress, and the cover. However, it’s not necessary that an expensive structure will give you more comfort than a cheaper option as most futon comfort is provided by the mattress which is the most significant component. After analyzing the performance of several futons from different manufacturers, below we have included the best futon reviews to illustrate their vital features. Further, we will discuss a buying guide to let you know how to choose the best futon for your needs.


Best Futon Mattresses
Best Futon Mattresses
Serta Cypress
Best Futon for Sleeping
Best Futon for Sleeping

Best Cheap Futon


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The DHP Coil Premium is a heavy duty product that you can use on an everyday basis. It will efficiently serve you both as a couch and bed. The futon mattress is eight inches thick and features enclosed coils that you can hardly feel.

These coils enhance sturdiness of the product along with excellent support to make sure you only feel the comfort and coziness instead of firmness of the structure. The pocket coils are comparatively quite than other innerspring mattress models. You will find a proper layering between the coils and microfiber cover. The superior quality foam and polyester layers efficiently fill this gap to provide you comfort to your entire body.

The futon measures 75 x 54 x 8 inches and weighs around 57 lbs. The model is available in multiple appealing colors including black, bronzed, charcoal and chocolate brown. Finally, it comes with 1-year of exclusive warranty. Overall, the DHP Coil Premium is an unmatchable product that has no odor and available at a reasonable price.

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The Serta Cypress Futon Mattress offers an excellent level of support and comfort to provide you with a cozy feel. The medium firmness level makes an ideal choice both as a couch or bed.

The model features triple layers of heavy weight cotton fiber blend whereas the inner structure consists of 4-inch of 288 Bonnell spring construction. The mattress is made with highest quality, durability and comfortable surface. With a slightly flexible nature, it is popular among people who are fond of little bouncy feel. Moreover, it comes with an exclusive grade of cotton along with polyester fibers which makes an innovative and durable blend to serve you for long-lasting.

All these features make this product resilient, lightweight and relaxing. However, it is little stiff which makes it a somewhat tough to fold and flex as per everyone’s desire, but it stills makes a single fold easily. The Serta Cypress Futon is available in both Full and Queen Sizes. You will find this product in three fabulous colors including regular, khaki and black.


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The Mozaic Memory Foam comes as a full-size model to offer you a soft and cuddles feel. The mattress is filled with a perfect blend of memory foam and polyurethane foam which gives the product a long-lasting life.

The highly reliable poly-cotton fabric cover offers a stylish look and ease of maintenance. With dual sides, it prolongs the lifespan even if the one side gets torn. This model has made to our top picks for a comfortable service it provides to the users as a couch as well as sleeping bed.  The extreme comfort and durability will worth your money.

You will feel a little odor when it’s new. This smell is prevalent in most memory foam mattresses and will eliminate in a week. Lastly, the product is made in the USA with an advanced American technology so you can expect a superior quality.

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The Milton Greens Stars Futon is an affordable and thick padding futon that is made with superior fabric from Champion. You will surely love to sleep and sit on this comfortable yet stylish sofa.

The futon measures 83” x 51 ½” x 18 ½,” and you can instantly change it from a relaxing sofa to even a more comfortable bed in few seconds. Featuring a space-saving design, it fits well in almost any space. The model comes with incomparable sturdiness and durability that will last long. On top of that, it is easy to assemble and will take just a few minutes. In addition to providing extra seating and sleeping space, it gives you a storage space as well. The useful hidden storage compartment is present beneath the seat.

You can use this space to store your blankets, cushions or any other thing you want. The Milton Greens Stars Futon is available in brown and beige colors that suit most home decors. It makes for a perfect choice for studio apartments, bachelors rooms, and guest rooms and so on.


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The EMOOR Classe Futon is available in multiple sizes including Twin, Full and Full Short. The mattress provides optimal comfort to sit and sleep.

It is capable of fitting even for small frames. The model is versatile enough to be used as a mattress pad or a floor mattress. The resilient and durability of the product makes it an ideal option for all sort of usage. The mattress is filled with 100% polyester fiber with 200 thread count. It provides you with an outer cover made from 100% cotton fabric which keeps you fresh and comfortable.

If you are fond of plush feel when sleeping, the EMOOR Classe Futon might be the product you are looking for. You can comfortably use it on a daily basis as a bed or couch, and it will serve you for many years without affecting the quality of the mattress. As for the price point is concerned, it is among the most reasonable futon mattresses available on the market.




Futons are capable of breaking down into three separate parts including the frame, mattress, and cover. Frames are available from a superior oak material to heavy-duty metal so that you can choose the one appropriate to your needs. Additionally, the slipcovers of futons make it convenient to change. By simply unzipping the cover, you can have an entirely new look.


When it comes to futons, you don’t need to think about lumpy mattresses. They are pretty similar to a standard mattress and available in cotton, memory foam and inner springs. A futon mattress must fit perfectly in the futon. Make sure you will need comfort for not only sleeping but also sitting. If you plan to place your futon in living room, then probably most people will prefer to rest when they visit. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a comfortable mattress for both sitting and sleeping. The materials used inside the mattress will primarily indicate the kind of comfort you can expect from the mattress.


Futons make for an excellent option when it comes to high quality at a lower price. You can purchase a high-end futon mattress for less cost compared to a high-end sofa.


Talking about the versatility of futon, you will get two products in one item. Alternatively, a sleeper sofa is comparatively heavy and hard to change the look. Whereas, the futons are lightweight and let you quickly move around in your home. You can purchase futons that are easy to assemble, so they work as a more temporary piece of furniture especially when your guests visit. While buying a futon mattress, make sure the mattress will serve you as both seat cushion and a bed. Therefore, it should be versatile enough to serve both features comfortably. It’s better to choose futon mattresses that are easy to move around and relaxing enough to serve your needs and for those who will sleep or sit on the futon.


You must keep in mind the purpose of purchasing a particular futon model. For instance, you may want it for your guests to sleep or use it on an occasional basis. You may want to have a less expensive mattress such as a cotton filled one for casual use. However, if you plan to purchase it for a quality sleep, then a coil loaded futon mattress is a reliable option.


A mattress cover is a significant consideration, and you should keep in mind whether you need protection for your mattress or not. If you need a mattress cover, you should choose one as per your fabric and color preference. The fabric options mainly include microfiber, microsuede, and cotton. You will find some mattresses featuring water resistant covers; however, many do not. A mattress cover will effect on the overall price of the futon mattress so be sure before you purchase.


A futon mattress is a comfortable and roomy choice; however, you will need to purchase a queen size frame as well which may be large for a small room. It is recommended to measure your room before taking a final decision, so your room should thank you instead for creating another trouble for you.


The durability of a futon chiefly depends on the inside materials of the mattress. It is advised to choose a futon mattress that is made of high-quality materials to last long and serve you in a better way. Additionally, you should check the warranty to be on safe side. Most leading futon manufacturers offer an excellent guarantee to keep their customers satisfied. Besides, it’s essential to maintain and take care of your product for long-lasting use.


The sleek and thin futon mattresses look way too better than thin traditional mattresses. On the other hand, wood pieces require thick beds to suit the frame. It’s essential to consider mattress size that is in according to your needs.


Sleeping position matters a lot when you are sleeping. For example, if you are a side sleeper than purchasing a futon mattress which is soft so your shoulders can sink into the mattress and minimize pressure on your spine and neck. If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, you will require a firm mattress to support your back along with an elastic foam layer to keep your spine comfortable. On the other hand, if you sleep on your stomach, you will need a firm futon mattress that will prevent strains in your neck.


Purchasing the correct futon may not necessarily require the modish futon frame but relatively the finest futon mattress. Relaxation is a crucial factor if you don’t want to feel firm but comfortable enough to sleep and sit in a relaxing way. Our top picks will surely offer you comfort, longevity and available at an affordable price. These classic designs work with almost any décor and serve as a significant furniture in your home. However, if you want to explore other models, you can have a look at our detailed buying guide for a better understanding on how to choose the best futons while keeping in mind the significant features.

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