The Best & Most Comfortable Crib Sheets of 2022 (Updated March ’22)

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Crib Sheets Reviews

We spent 14 days testing and researching several brands and types of crib sheets and put together a list of the top three crib sheets on the market from our tests. The sheets that made our top three lists are high quality sheets that are made from a variety of different materials such as polyester, cotton, and jersey knit. If you’re looking to decorate your baby’s room with bedding that will keep them comfortable we recommend American Baby Company Soft Chenille Crib Sheets. These sheets are the most velvety crib sheets you will ever find for your baby.

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Finding comfortable crib sheets for your baby’s bed is very important.  Putting uncomfortable sheets on the crib can result in discomfort for the baby that will result in causing them to wake up throughout the night, restless.  The material that your baby’s crib sheets are made of can feel soft, like velvet or can be rough and scratchy if they are low quality.

There are many different types of crib sheets available to choose from.  If you are a new parent, the choices can be overwhelming. We tested several brands of crib sheets for comfort, softness, fit, design choices, material quality, and durability.

Once our testing was finished we wrote more detailed reviews on our top three and provided a buying guide as well to help during the purchase process.  These reviews and guide will help new and experienced parents choose the best sheets they can get for their baby.  After reading these reviews and the buying guide below you will be well-informed about the differences in crib sheets and know how to sort through all the different kinds.

Top 3 Crib Sheets

American Baby100% Polyester
Burt’s Bees100% Organic Cotton
NoJo55% Cotton / 45% Polyester

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1. American Baby – Best Overall

American Baby Company provides parents with a crib sheet that is soft, velvety, and very luxurious. Your baby will probably never lay on a crib sheet as soft as these are.

The deep corner pockets and elastic trim fit any standard sized crib mattress with ease without worry of the sheet slipping off or being pulled off by the baby’s movement.

These soft sheets are made from 100% polyester that provides a velvety feel that is unmatched. These durable sheets work for cribs or toddler beds, providing a velvety soft place to lie down and nap or get a good night’s sleep.  Even after washing, the crib sheets stay soft and do not lose their unique velvet feel.

The sheets can be machine washed and dried on low for easy care.  There are several solid colors and prints available to choose from so you can match your baby’s nursery.

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2. Burt’s Bees Baby – Most Comfortable

Burt’s Bees is known for many quality products and their crib sheets are no exception.  This 100% jersey knit crib sheet is organic, providing your baby with a breathable, soft sheet that will allow them to sleep well all night long.

The ring spun cotton that is used to make these crib sheets has an extra combing process that makes them super soft.

These organic sheets are hypoallergenic, making them the perfect sheet for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. They have been made from cotton that has not been grown with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

The fitted crib sheet fits standard crib mattresses and toddler beds. The elastic keeps the sheet secure so the baby stays safe even if they are moving around in their sleep.

These sheets can be washed in the washer and dried and the fabric will get softer with every wash and dry cycle.  Parents can choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

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3. NoJo Little Bedding – Best Budget

NoJo provides parents with beautiful crib sheets that are made from a combination of 45% polyester and 55% cotton.

They are made to fit standard crib mattresses and toddler beds while remaining safe for the baby as well as comfortable. Comfortable sheets can help your baby sleep better and longer.

NoJo Little sheets are made in a variety of colors and patterns.  They are easy to keep clean and can be washed in the washer on the gentle cycle in cold water. It is not recommended to use chlorine or other bleach products on these sheets as it might damage the fabric.

These charming sheets are made from 45% polyester and 55% cotton and have wonderful ocean themed designs in soft greens, blues, marigold, and other peaceful colors. There is other bedding pieces that can be purchased that go along with these sheets.

Crib Sheet Buying Guide

There are several things that you want to look for when you are researching various crib sheets and looking for the ones you want to purchase for your child. We have listed the different factors that make quality crib sheets so your search is much easier.

  • Don’t buy crib bedding sets – Most crib bedding sets come with a comforter, crib sheet, bumper pads and other crib decorations. Many people think that these crib bedding sets are a good deal and while they may be inexpensive, the materials used to make the crib sheets and other things are typically low in quality, especially if the set is low priced.To get the most durable and quality crib sheets you can, you need to purchase them separately.
  • Crib sheet thread count – Thread counts are not just for adult sheets, crib sheets have them too. Thread count refers to how many threads are used in a single one inch square of fabric.  The higher the count the better quality, more durable, and more comfortable the crib sheets are.  As a rule of thumb, don’t purchase crib sheets that are less than 200 thread count.  The best are going to be over 450 thread count.
  • Weave Type – A crib sheet’s weave is how the individual threads in a sheet are sewn together to form the sheet. There are many different themes, colors, and prints available to choose from with many different types of weave.  The most common styles of weave is the standard weave which has a durable weave that is comfortable and long lasting.
  • Fitted or non-fitted? – from a safety and convenience stand point, fitted crib sheets are easier to put on, safer for the baby, and resist being pulled off the corners. Using non-fitted crib sheets can be a real hassle is you don’t get the sheets tucked in enough. Non-fitted crib sheets are nit as common as fitted ones but you can still purchase online.
  • Thickness of the crib mattress – Crib mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes from small portable crib mattresses to high end luxury crib mattresses. Crib sheets must fit securely to avoid becoming a safety hazard to the baby. A portable crib should not use a regular crib sheet.  Make sure the crib sheets you purchase provide plenty of room to cover the mattress without leaving a lot of loose fabric or without being too small and popping off the ends of the mattress.
  • The right sheets for the temperature – If it is summertime, you will not want to put flannel crib sheets on your baby’s bed. Using crib sheets that are good for the temperature so the baby doesn’t become too cold or overheated. Cotton is perfect for summertime and warmer weather and flannel sheets are great for wintertime.


Purchasing the right crib sheets for your baby’s bed is very important. It can help your baby sleep better, keep them safe, and they make the nursery look great too.  Crib sheets are made from many different types of fabric including jersey knit, cotton, flannel, polyester, and blends.

There are several things you want to take into consideration when you are shopping for crib sheets. The size of the mattress, the climate, the skin sensitivity or allergies the baby might have, and lastly the colors and designs that go with the nursery theme.

Color scheme and design is the last thing that you should look at when purchasing crib sheets. It is far more important to make sure that the crib sheets fit properly, stay secure, and keep the baby’s temperature regulated than it is to match the colors.

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