The Best & Most Comfortable Cotton Sheets of 2019 (Updated November ’19)

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Cotton Sheets Reviews

We spent 7 nights researching and testing several different types of cotton sheets, testing them for comfort, durability, weave, comfort, brand reputation, and cost. The three cotton sheet sets listed below scored the highest marks in all the categories we tested. We recommend Pinzon Signature Cotton Velvet Flannel Sheets if you are looking for a sheet set that is high quality, comfortable, and long lasting.

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There are many different types of cotton sheets available.  The kind you choose will largely depend on what you are looking for in the way of comfort, feel, and other features.  Once you know the different kinds of cotton sheets that are available along with the different kinds of weaves and thread counts, it will be much easier to sort through them all and choose the right set for your needs.

To make the process easier, we have provided you with three reviews of the top sheet sets so you can see these quality products up close. We also provided a buying guide to give you the specifics of what to look for when you are conducting your own research. When you have the right knowledge and information, sorting through all your choices becomes simple and even enjoyable.

Top 3 Cotton Sheets

Pinzon Signature

California Design Den

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1. Pinzon – Most Comfortable

Pinzon Signature uses 100% combed cotton for their sheets for the ultimate in strength and softness.  The process of combing cotton is a time-consuming one, involving lining up the fibers so they are straight and parallel.

This ensures yarn that is much more compact and stronger as well. Combing also gets rid of any short fibers that can make the fabric feel rougher. The ultra-smooth feel this process creates is very popular with consumers looking for a luxurious-feeling sheet.

These velvet flannel sheets feature 190-gram weight so they are super soft, long lasting, and will provide a great night’s sleep even in cold weather.

They are napped on both side of the sheet for consistent softness on both sides and is often used in cold climates to ensure warmth all night long. Using these high quality sheets will help reduce power bills since you won’t wake up cold in the middle of the night.

Pinzon Signature Velvet cotton sheets are available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit every taste.

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2. California Design

These 100% cotton, 400 thread count sheets from California Design Den are the perfect sheets for every bed in your home.  This company believes in high quality, beautiful sheets in appearance and manufacturing.

The premium structure of the yarn is twisted in a special way during the manufacturing process to eliminate pilling, a common problem that many sheets have.

Each set of sheets has been made with a sateen weave, ensuring a soft, luxurious feel that will help you get a great night’s sleep. The fabric is shrink resistant, fade resistant, and has been individually tailored for the best look possible. The sheets are hand stitched by skilled artisans and then inspected for quality.

The long lasting elastic keeps the fitted sheet securely on the mattress and has the perfect deep pockets required to prevent slipping and bunching up. They work well on standard and thick mattresses which makes them a good choice for those who have pillow top mattresses.  They are available in a variety of colors including white, pale green, pale yellow, light gray and more.

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3. Mellanni – Best Budget

Mellani is a well-known name in home bedding, producing sheets made of 100% cotton that are soft, long lasting, and ultra-velvety.

These sheets are made from cotton flannel and will last years with the proper care.  They are double-napped on both sides and have 170 gram weight.

These have been called the most luxurious sheets you can find and work well on any bed in your home. They also make a great gift. The elastic all around the fitted sheet ensures the perfect fit on mattresses up to 16” thick.

Mellani 100% cotton sheets are easy to take care of and feature stain resistance, wrinkle resistance and do not pill or shed.  They have been pre-washed so they will not shrink once you purchase them and get them on the bed.

You can toss them into the washer with cold water and tumble dry on low. Every wash will result in the sheets becoming softer. Each set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. The twin set will come with one pillow case.

Mellani sheets come with a lifetime guarantee and have the best customer service in the industry.  This guarantee states that if you decide that you are not happy with the sheets for any reason, they will give you your money back and you don’t even have to send the sheets back to them.

Cotton Sheets Buying Guide

Before you start researching and sorting through the different types of sheets available you will need some information to ensure you have the knowledge you need.  Before you ever start shopping consider the following pointers.

  • What is the fiber content? – 100% cotton is affordable, soft, and a very popular choice with consumers. If you want a high luxury feel, Egyptian or Pima cotton that features extra-long staple cotton, will give you the ultimate in softness and durability.High quality, luxurious sheets will usually cost more but most consumers feel they are well worth the extra money for the benefits they get.
  • Don’t rely solely on thread count – Most sheet manufacturer’s focus on thread count, but that is not the only thing to look at when looking for the perfect cotton sheets. Three to five hundred thread count is a good range to stay in when looking for quality sheets but there are some that good even as low as 200 thread count.
  • Know the different weaves- The two main options in 100% cotton sheets are sateen and percale. The difference between the two is easy.  Percale is a basic weave that is manufactured in a grid pattern.  The sheets that are percale are crisp and light weight, which are great for hot climates. Satin is a silky smooth, satin weave that feels so smooth and comfortable.  There are four main constructions of the fabric that bed sheets use. We have listed them below.
  1. Twill Weave – Has diagonal lines on one side of the fabric. Twill weave is wrinkle resistant and holds its shape well. 
  2. Plain Weave – This simple weave technique is used in most of the bedding that is made. The resulting fabric is strong and long lasting.
  3. Patterned Weave – Jacquard is one example of a patterned weave sheet. These sheets are woven on special looms.
  4. Sateen Weave- This weave produces a thick, close-textured feel with a smooth, silky feel to it. The exposed yarns on the surface give it a luxurious sheen that many confuse with satin.
  • Make sure it fits your mattress – Fit is very important in sheets. If you purchase a set that doesn’t fit, you will be constantly putting the sheets back on the mattress only to be pulled off again easily the next time you move.  Measure your mattress before you start shopping if you are not sure of the size you need and shop using those measurements.Most sheets will fit mattresses up to 16” thick but some fit even thicker styles.
  • Guarantees and Returns – If you are purchasing sheets online it is impossible to know exactly how they feel and whether you will like them or not. Look for satisfaction guarantees that allow you the opportunity to return the product if you are not happy.


Cotton sheets are the most commonly purchased sheet in the US. With all of the choices in weave, color or pattern, feel, and blend if any, it can be overwhelming to figure out which style, type, and look will fit your needs and preferences the best.  The information in this guide was written to help you understand the different features high quality cotton sheets have and what sets the high quality sheets apart from the others. Using this information you’ll have the perfect set of cotton sheets on your bed in no time.

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