The Best & Most Comfortable Body Pillow of 2022 (Updated March ’22)


According to our analysis and experiences with various body pillows of different shapes and features, we found Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow as an all in one option to suit most peoples’ needs. This pillow will provide you with optimal comfort along with reducing pressure and relieving body pain.

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Sleep is a crucial part of life. However, we don’t always find ourselves fully satisfied when waking up in the morning. At times, stress and anxiety lead us to disturbed sleep, or just you wake up due to stiffness or body pain. Here comes the good news for you that will help you get a better sleep than ever before. Body sized pillows make an ideal option for people who look for additional comfort and a healthy rest.

These are typically elongated and come as full body shape to provide you with ultimate support and comfort. They help people to stay aligned instead of uncomfortable sleeping positions. A body pillow reduces pressure on your hips and joints to give you a relaxing sleep experience. We analyzed the in-depth performance of many body pillows over the period of 32 hours and picked the best five models available on the market. Also, we compiled a buying guide to assist you with significant aspects further while purchasing the body pillow of your wish. Take a look to know more about them.


Best Overall Body Pillow

Best Body Pillow for Back Pain

Best Pregnancy Body Pillow
Leachco Snoogle
Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers

Best U-shaped Body Pillow


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If you want to purchase a high quality yet an affordable body pillow, the Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Body Pillow makes for an ideal choice. This hypoallergenic body pillow from Pinzon is perhaps the best decision you can make.

The body pillow is made with 100% polyester fill and comes with a removable cotton cover. Both the pillow and sheet are made of hypoallergenic materials, so you don’t need to worry about the quality especially if you are prone to allergies. This polyester fill is treated to convert into a Down alternative which is a traditional filling to give a cozy and luxurious feel. Therefore, this pillow offers enhanced breathability and efficiently release the body heat and moisture vapor from the surface to make sure you get a comfortable night sleep.

The Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Body Pillow is recommended for machine wash is a plus point for you as it saves time in cleaning. Besides, the pillowcase is manufactured from 230 thread count cotton which lets sufficient air-flow mainly if you have breathing issues.


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The PharMeDoc Body Pillow is an excellent option which is designed with J form letter to comfort the particular areas such as skull, back, and legs to balance the pressure joints.

The pillow is made with quality memory foam and breathable cotton cover. Both these materials are phthalate, latex and lead-free to make sure superior comfort and safety. The removable cover is compatible with machine wash and durable enough to withstand several piles of washing and rough and tough use.

This pillow is an ideal option to eliminate back pain and other body pain conditions such as restless nights, aching shoulders, insomnia, etc. This is a unisex model which you will find extremely helpful to have a soothing and restful night.


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The Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow is the best-selling body pillow which is designed to help the pregnant women to relax with comfort throughout the night. The pillow is created with a C-shaped letter in which women can easily stay inside the pillow.

The body pillow features a contoured design to support your head, hips, back, neck and tummy and relieves body pain. Additionally, the horseshoe pillow top will get a position with an appropriate height, so you don’t have to change sleeping postures over time and struggle to have a comfortable sleep. On top of that, the long snuggle end bottom will follow your body shape and adjust the body temperature to balance pressure joints and keep the pregnant women sleep cool.

This unique design will support you back and prevent any lower back pain to keep your tummy comfortable and to avoid heartburn. The Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow is made from phthalate free materials and weighs 5.5 pounds. You will get a removable cover along with the product to clean your pillow easily.


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The Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow is a high-end pillow from a recognized brand. The pillow is made from a perfect blend of hypo-allergenic materials and shredded memory foam. It offers soft, cozy, and fluffy feel like a feather whereas the memory foam maintains the firmness.

The superior pillow quality makes use of flow-cool micro vented bamboo pillowcase which enhances the cooling effect and let the air circulate through the pillow and keep you fresh throughout the night. The combination of soft and high-quality material fillings along with an expensive cover makes it an appropriate option for side sleepers as well as pregnant women.

If you are still worrying while purchasing the Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow, it offers you 90 days of trial with refund policy and exclusive 20 years warranty which is merely exceptional. You will hardly find this longest refund and warranty period on any other body pillow.


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The Leachco ‘N Belly Body Pillow is among the top leading U-shaped pillows on the market. The contoured body pillow works efficiently especially for pregnant women who need added support for their tummy and reduce the aching back.

The contoured pillow follows the natural body shape and features two long legs for optimal comfort. This design moves from head to toe to minimize pressure on joints, so you sleep comfortably without any body pain. The model helps in relieving carpal tunnel, sciatica and nasal congestion. The Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pillow is constructed from high-quality warm polyester fibers which come with a removable cover to save your precious time when cleaning the pillow.

Further, it fits different size of women with varying postures of sleeping, so you don’t need to worry whether the pillow is too large or small for your needs. It’s a bigger pillow than C-shaped models, and hence it takes more space on your bed.




A body pillow with more significant volume is an excellent option for you. It is appropriate enough if it goes down your entire body. The big size means your pillow will have more material and that leads to better control. Also, it means you will probably need to spend some extra bucks to get it.


While purchasing a body pillow, make sure what inside matters a lot. For instance, the pads with fibers can support your back and sensitive areas. Whereas on the other hand, you can look for fluffy pillows that are softer. Pillows made of foam provide you with better comfort compared to different types. Memory foam pillows overwhelm your body and offer you optimal support. These pillows will cost you a few bucks. You will find most affordable option in the form of cotton body pillows. However, if you are looking for lightweight cushions, Buckwheat pillows are a considerable option. These pillows are soft and offer excellent value for money. The only downside is they get hot quite quickly. Sleeping for longer durations on these pillows might not give you a pleasing experience.


Most of us use traditional pillows in our homes. These are a cost practical as well as firm which results in hips pain as too much firmness does not go well. The muscles get painful, and we feel discomfort. If you are someone who has broad shoulders and squeezes the pillow onto your arm, you might get disturbed. On the other hand, body pillows are elongated and let people put it between the knees to gain perfect spinal alignment. This position reduces pressure on your hip joints. If there are no knee strains, you will feel relaxed and fine.


You will find numerous brands that deliver quality pillows that you can trust. A well-recognized brand will provide you with a high-quality product at relatively expensive cost. On the contrary, if you want to save some money, you will still get a body pillow but it may compromise on the quality and will not be able to last long.


By the end of the day, a body pillow must give you an appropriate support. It should be soft and snuggly enough to keep you comfortable. To check the comfort, you can try a cushion in the store. On the other hand, if you can’t test it practically, you can read buyer’s reviews and comments to know the insights of people and see how others feel about the particular pillow you want to opt for.


Price is a significant factor for everyone. A decent body pillow cost around $40-$60. However, the high-end models require even more than $70. Despite price tag you select, you should consider a product that comes with high-quality materials, hypo-allergenic, dust resistant, never flatten entirely and on top of that supported by a refund policy. An inexpensive option might not be enough dust and mite resistant and go flat in a year or two.


You will want to keep your body pillow clean and refreshing all the time, but choosing a cushion which is compatible with machine wash is a nice option. Further, a removable cover will save your precious time to clean when the pillow gets dirty.


If you are likely to allergies and breathing issues than a body pillow with quality materials is a suitable option. You should preferably consider pillows that come with high-quality materials which are certified by international standards. If the pillow materials are not approved, you should make sure whether the pillow is hypoallergenic. If it is hypoallergenic, it will be mentioned in the specifications on the packaging box.


The primary purpose of the letter-shaped pillows is to provide you with optimal support to your entire body. These pillows are mostly used by pregnant women as they reduce pressure on joints when the tummy develops. Even after your baby is born, these letter shaped pillows can be best used to embrace both the mother and newborn. Here we have mentioned some of the popular shapes available:

C-Shaped Pillow

The C-shaped pillows look like the letter C. These pillows are mostly constructed with polyester or memory foam which is around 5-7 feet in length. They provide ultimate support to the head, back and between the legs so you can sleep without any body pain.

U-Shaped Pillow

The U-shaped body pillows make sure to support your entire body which is quite crucial for pregnant women when the lay down in the center of the pillow. In comparison to C-shape pillows, these pillows deliver exceptional comfort and take up more space on the bed.

J-Shaped Pillow

The J-shaped pillows often use the riding position. The pregnant women can easily keep the pillow between her legs. The comfortable and supporting effect of this pillow is similar to its competitors. But these pillows are preferred by most people as they take up least space on the bed.


A body pillow is a more useful product that you expect from it. It makes sure to provide you with years’ worth of healthy sleep. One cannot deny the fact that the best body pillows are hard to find. To look for the best option, you need to consider material, comfort, size, shape and other crucial factors. If you are willing to invest some bucks, then buy a product that lasts. There is no use of purchasing a body pillow that will give you to wears and tears. If you are finding it challenging to decide which products suit your requirements, take a look on our shortlist that comes with fantastic products.

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