The Best & Most Comfortable Air Mattress of 2022 (Updated March ’22)

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The market is pretty crowded by the air mattresses and finding the best one is not an easy job. We evaluated the in-depth performance of several air mattresses and shortlisted to best five models available on the market. If you are searching for a particular all in one option, we recommend you SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress for its highly reliable quality, advanced technology, and comfortable nature.

If you are purchasing your first ever air mattress, you will find plenty of brands, features, and preferences to choose from that can be a quite complicated decision to make. Otherwise, if you want to replace an existing mattress, there are enough items from various manufacturers that you may find it hard to shortlist your preferences. To help you with your decision-making process, we have compiled this useful buying guide and best air mattresses reviews. These will help you understand all the essential options and terms in this vast field.

You must be looking for an affordable option for your home. The traditional mattresses are comparatively expensive whereas the air mattress will cost you a couple of hundred bucks or even less. You might be looking for an air mattress to take along on camping, serving your guests, or you want it to store away in your car while going to a long road trip. Whatever your requirement is, you need to be sure that you are purchasing the right bed for your needs. This buying guide will rescue your needs in all possible ways. You will find authentic information to assist you in making a smart decision. We hope that this article includes all the essential info you will need to purchase the right model at a reasonable price.


Best Queen Air Mattress
Best Air Mattress for Camping
Best Air Mattress for Camping
Camp Out
Best Twin Air Mattress
Best Air Mattress for Guest


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The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is available in Queen Size measuring 58″ x 78″ x 19″. It features a raised height design along with two separate internal chambers for adjustable control.

These features make it an excellent option for indoor use as a temporary bed. Using the 1-click internal pump, you can instantly inflate and deflate the mattress. It takes about 4 minutes to reach a full size. With sufficient number of circular coils, it offers a comfortable and smooth sleep surface to have a relaxing sleep. The mattress is constructed from high-quality materials that are water resilient to guarantee a long-lasting use.

Overall, this mattress comes with a top quality build and at a reasonable price that you can afford. It will surely give you more than what you pay for it.


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The Intex Downy Air Mattress comes with two cushions and quick hand pump. It weighs only 1.76 lbs, still capable of supporting weight capacity up to 600 pounds.

The mattress is available in low Queen Size measuring 8.75 inches from the floor and offer a perfect fit to your best set of bed sheets. The multitasking model can be used for both indoor and outdoor. You can conveniently fit it in most tents and compactly fold it. The model comes with two inflatable headrests and a manual hand pump.

Besides, it features a comfy surface which is easy to clean and maintain. It can be best used for camping and other adventurous expeditions. You will surely love boasting about this air mattress.

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When it comes to choosing the best air mattress for camping, we just cannot miss SoundAsleep Camp out Series Air Mattress.

The mattress is available in relatively low height and constructed from thick, durable materials which make it a great portable option. You will find this model in both Twin and Queen size and comes with an external pump. The pump features a heavy duty battery which allows it to inflate in less than 3 minutes.

The use of advanced technology and creativity in this design makes it the best sleep outdoors air mattress on the market. Finally, it is supported by one year warranty so you cannot simply go wrong.


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The Serta Raised with neverFLAT air mattress comes with the 18 inches raised version from the leading mattress manufacturing company.

The incredibly popular model includes plenty of features to give you a cozy sleep experience. The air bed is available in either twin or queen size measuring 74x 39 inches and 80 x 60 inches respectively. Further, you will find two built-in pumps featuring neverFLAT technology.

One pump functions to inflate or deflate the mattress whereas the other maintains the pressure while you are sleeping for ultimate comfort and safety. If you intend to purchase an air mattress with the brand name you can trust, the Serta Raised is probably the finest air mattress in this category.


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The Insta-Bed Raised air mattress is offered in both Queen and Twin size which makes it a great option to accommodate guests.

The mattress is equipped with powerful yet super quiet internal AC pump. The pump inflates and deflates instantly thus saving your precious time and let you adjust the firmness level including light, medium, and firm.

As soon as you put on the sheet, you will be able to understand the difference between this and superior quality innerspring. For an inexpensive yet highly durable air mattress, this mattress is a thumb up for us.




The foremost thing you should consider is what type of air mattress you intend to purchase. You will find a variety of models on the market, and each one comes with individual pros and cons. You need to decide which type of purchase fulfill your requirements and the approximate budget you have to purchase a particular model.

There are a lot of people who prefer raised mattresses as they are convenient to get in and out compared to the one who sits low to the ground. These raised mattresses seem quite similar to the regular mattresses when they are inflated. Another popular option is the convertible air bed which can serve as a fanatic piece of furniture. It can be a wise choice if you want to sit comfortably on something while you are not laying down to sleep. Moving on, we have self-inflated mattresses that feature a built-in pump which is a prominent benefit for convenience. Lastly, air mattress with frame and rails are more a permanent solution to your sleeping needs.

Thickness: Raised

Air mattresses are available in various heights and depth. Among them, the most common type is raised mattresses. Usually, they come with a similar height of a regular bed. The raised mattresses are designed to let the users get rid of the floor and have a more traditional experience. Also, it makes easy to get in and out. The only little drawback is that it takes up relatively more space when put together for storage.

Thickness: Low Profile

You will find most low profile air mattresses without any additional base which makes them comparatively cheaper and compact. These mattresses are asupreme choice for camping trips as you can quickly deflate them and pack away in your vehicle or backpack. These can be an excellent sleeping option, especially for camping as they are thin and lightweight which makes them a compact choice compared to a traditional low profile air bed. They are similar to a folding floor mattress when it comes to functionality, size, and price but more compact when it’s about storage.

Pump: External

There are two types of pumps included in the air mattress, i.e., external and internal pump. The external pump is either manually powered by foot or battery powered. The air mattresses featuring external pumps are comparatively cheaper than the internal pumps. However, in case you lose a pump, you will need to purchase another one. The external types are not extremely common in the market, so a built-in pump is a highly reliable option.

Pump: Built-In, Or Internal

Using built-in air pump air mattress is an excellent choice that will keep you away from the trouble of losing adapters or the entire device. You can quickly adjust the comfort level to light, medium or firm with merely a turn of a knob. They use electricity or battery power to inflate the mattress faster than a manual foot pump. For their tremendous popularity and quality, they are more commonly available in showrooms and online sites.


You need to keep in mind the purpose of use before purchasing an air mattress. If you need a mattress for guests or as a temporary bed, then consider double height air mattress. They have similar height to that of a standard bed which makes it easier to get in and out compared to a single height mattress on the floor. On the other hand, if you are planning to blow up mattress predominantly for camping, you will find single height mattress comfortable and easy to use. When purchasing a camping mattress, keep in mind to know the duration it will take to inflate and deflate and how conveniently you can carry them.


If your mattress is recommended for inside use, then a pump that connects in directly into a wall channel will be an efficient and convenient option. On the contrary, if you intend to purchase a mattress for camping area where there is no electricity, you will probably need another source of inflating it. You can use a pump that can be manually powered; battery operated one, or one that plugs into a car’s attachment outlet. You will find a lot of mattresses that does not come with a pump at all so you will need to buy a separate pump. Be sure that the one you are buying will work when you need to use it. It should be compatible with the air valve on the mattress.


Air mattresses are available in various sizes. Therefore, it’s important to check the mattress measurements to make sure it has sufficient capacity to let you fit comfortably or whether it is comfortable for two if you have a partner. It is particularly significant if you are taller than average. Also, check the weight capacity of an air bed so it should be capable enough to support your body weight efficiently.


It’s important to consider the amount of storage space available when your air mattress is in deflated form. Don’t think that the mattress will perfectly fit back into its original box once you unpack and use it without a vacuum pump. Taking out every bit of air for packing is hard.


The price point is a crucial consideration along with other factors when purchasing an air mattress. You will need to pay a couple of hundred dollars to buy one of the quality items out there. Though you can go for inexpensive models to keep your cost down, it will eventually affect the comfort and features that you enjoy. By the end of the day, you will want a mattress that serves your desired purpose. You might want something that looks decent on the floor of your tent while you are camping for few days. You can save some money on purchasing a reasonably priced model from a reputable brand. Conversely, you may want to have an inflatable air bed to be placed in a guest room that can provide a better sleep to your guests. It’s important to think about your requirements and set a budget accordingly.


Air mattresses are not the most significant investment you will make in your life, but it will be the best one. A great night sleep is among the most significant things in life and picking the right model to get the rest you need during your day. You will need to do some research to choose the appropriate product for yourself or your guests. With many options available on the market, it can be a little challenging to pick a specific model. Take out some time to review the information above to make the right choice clear to you.

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