American Pillowcase – Luxury King Size Bed Striped Sheet Set Review (Updated March ’22)

American Pillowcase review


The American Pillowcase Luxury King Size Bed Striped Sheet Set is a high quality and luxurious set of sheets made of 100% Egyptian cotton, featuring a 540 thread count and can easily be found on Amazon. This sheet set provides a luxurious, comfortable sleeping experience that most other sheets cannot match or come close to offering. Made of high quality Egyptian cotton, these sheets are comfortable, yet clean and stylish, being offered in numerous colors to match any bedroom decor. With a high thread count, the quality and durability of these sheets is hard to compete with, making them a deal alone, regardless of price. This review will cover a few different aspects pertaining to this set, rating each aspect on a scale of 1 to 5, in hopes of providing each reader with more information to assist in making the best buying decision possible.


Comfort is an extremely important, if not the most important, aspect of buying a new set of sheets. These sheets seem to have surpassed your average sheets in the level of comfort they provide to one’s bed. Made of quality Egyptian cotton, these sheets are made thick, soft, and comfortable. Many users have found these sheets to be the most comfortable sheets that they have ever slept on, which is quite the title. Not only are they soft and superior in comfort, but they’re also made thick, meaning that they’re made to last for years without any issues.

Ease Of Maintenance

How easy it is to maintain something is rather important when deciding whether or not to buy. These sheets seem to be extremely easy to maintain. Instructions state to wash in cold water with other like colors, then to tumble dry on low. This is a very standard method when it comes to caring for sheets, and could also easily be done with normal laundering. Not only are the sheets very easy to maintain, but they also hold up very well under constant use, making this set even easier to maintain than others.


Quality is extremely important when deciding whether or not to buy, especially when the product is sheets, something that most use every day for their entire life. These sheets seem to be above average in quality, being made from wrinkle resistant, high quality, soft and cozy Egyptian cotton. Many users have said nothing but good things about this set of sheets, though there have been a few who have had bad experiences. These experiences usually focus on threads near the end of the sheets coming loose, or threads on the hem coming loose. Many of these cases were easily fixed however, and should not be taken as typical.


Whether or not a product is durable is another crucial aspect of deciding whether or not to buy. This sheet set seems to be rather durable, even after numerous times of being washed. While a few buyers have had some issues, most buyers seem rather pleased with the purchase, some even coming back to buy more sets later on. These sheets are also much thicker than some other sheets, making them much more durable than most.


Warranty is another aspect that many people feel should be considered before purchasing. While little warranty information could be found on this set of sheets, there is however a 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing any buyer who is not satisfied to contact the company/seller for refund or replacement. While no warranty information is readily available, buyers could still take ease in knowing that the satisfaction guarantee is in place to make any wrongs, right.


This set of sheets seem to be of rather high quality, being made from Egyptian cotton and being offered in a variety of colors and sizes. The sheets are made slightly thicker, as to make them more durable and reliable than other sheets are. Users seem to be very pleased with nearly every aspect of these sheets being enjoyable, durable, and of high quality. It’s easy to say that these sheets should definitely be considered when looking for a new set of sheets to purchase. Overall, this set seems worth the money one would spend, being soft, comfortable, yet durable and well made.

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