AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set Review

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set Review


Kudos to Amazon for managing to create a low-cost yet high-quality sheet set. This is exactly what I have been looking for for my home. While I am always nervous when purchasing something that seems too low cost, and therefore possibly low quality, these had good reviews so I decided to take the plunge. Not only that, it’s Amazon, how can you go wrong? My old sets were beginning to look a little threadbare, and would likely scare off any overnight guests I might have, and I am on a budget so didn’t have hundreds to shell out for some high thread count Egyptian cotton or whatever. I had done that before, and they were the ones looking threadbare and needing replacing after barely a years use. That being said, here are my thoughts on these sheets:

Comfort- Five Stars!

I give them a five out of five for comfort! They are so soft! The feel of them caressing my body at night is wonderful. Seriously, I like rubbing my face on them. The pillow cases are wonderful as well. But I digress. They also are rather surprisingly cool. Since I live in a semi-tropical climate where temperatures are already climbing into the high 90’s with over one hundred degrees heat factor during the day and it is just now the first day of summer, coolness is key. I absolutely struggle to sleep when I am overly hot, so these sheets have worked out well for me. Despite my houses shoddy air conditioner, I am still comfortable with these sheets. Also, they actually fit the bed, so I am not waking up all night trying to fix the fitted sheet because it popped off. That drives me crazy!

Easy Maintenance- Four Stars

I give these a four out of five for easy maintenance. You cannot get much easier than wash and dry! They also are relatively wrinkle-free as long as you don’t leave them in the dryer all bunched up forever. This gives them a nice crisp look when on the bed without a lot of effort on my part. The only reason I dinged them is that they need to be dried on low, and I hate changing my dryer settings. They do dry very quickly though. I even have line dried them and it took practically no time at all! Also, you cannot use bleach on them. I like to occasionally use color safe bleach on items like sheets that get covered in sweat, dead skin cells, and who knows what else. Having any breach, including color safe bleach, be unsafe for these sheets brings them to a four for easy maintenance in my opinion.

Quality- Four Stars

They get a four out of five for quality as well. While these are inexpensive sheets, they are still decent quality. The stitching is solid from what I can tell. Also, they have been washed and dried a few times with no signs of pilling on the fabric, which is more than I can say for previous sets of sheets I have purchased of different brands. I have bought Egyptian cotton sheets, which supposedly are top of the line, and they have piled up and gotten threadbare so quickly they were a joke! These sheets, on the other hand, seem to be standing up to wear and tear with no issues. Nonetheless, they are still cheap sheets and not top of the line, hence the four stars instead of five. As great as I think they are, they are still not silk, ten bazillion thread count fancy pants, no one but the rich can afford them sheets.

Durability- Five Stars!

These are a solid five of five. As I said under quality, these sheets are not piling up when washed and seem to be holding up to regular use. They are even handling the fact that I am a sweater when I sleep. They seem a little thin to begin with, but that does not seem to be affecting them at all as far as durability is concerned. It also may be why they are so cool to sleep in. The guest room sheets even survived my niece vomiting all over them one night when she stayed over. The stains washed right out, and back onto the guest bed, they went with no one the wiser! Sheets that can survive that kind of grossness deserve five stars for durability; they reacted better than I did to the situation!!

Warranty- Five Stars!

This gets a five out of five. Although I don’t see an explicit warranty on the site page, we all know that Amazon stands by its products. I have been a prime member for years, and experience tells me a phone call or e-mail is always met with excellent customer service and action taken to keep me a happy customer! For this reason, I would never hesitate to at least try an Amazon product; they stand behind their stuff. Also, I have never had to return an Amazon product itself, despite issues with other sellers on Amazon.


For the most part, I love these sheets! My greatest complaint is the colors. The only choices are light muted blue, medium muted blue dark muted blue….well, you get the picture. Perhaps the lack of color differentiation is what helps keep these sheets so low priced, but it sure would be nice to see a bright purple or vibrant teal colored sheet offered. Or any color variation for that matter. But hey, if that is the worst I have to say about these sheets, that says something, doesn’t it? Other than the boring colors, these sheets are excellent additions; they even outshine some of my sheets that are supposed to be more expensive and fancy. I will be purchasing more in the future as my sheet needs arise. Heck, I am considering buying a set to make my beach set just for when I go to the river or the beach t have to put down, That is how durable and affordable these are.

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