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Linda Coursey is an avid blogger with a passion for home beauty and comfort. Growing up the youngest of four girls in a middle-class family, Linda was used to hand-me-downs that were scratchy and worn. Her bedroom was the headquarters for all things her sisters had grown out of, including mismatched furniture filled with clothing that was old and worn and bedding that was warm and clean but not necessarily comfortable or unstained. Watching her parents flip houses for a living, she realized she wanted to be a small-business owner herself. Young Linda wanted to do what she saw as the “fun” part of flipping houses- designing and staging the space.

She had discovered a passion in the design and décor industry. She knew she wanted to focus on designing living spaces and bedrooms for families like her own, to be sure that even the youngest child would have the best quality bedroom for the most reasonable “won’t break the bank” price. Upon starting her business with her sister Laurie, she quickly found that they had very few resources for comparing different bedding materials. The sisters decided if they were going to start their own bedroom design and décor company, they had to do some experimentation. They purchased as many different bed sheets as their modest budget would allow, and held a rating system between their own children. The little ones, always ready to help their mother with work, were more than excited to try out these different bed sheets and to report their findings in the morning.

Combining quantifiable measurements such as cost, thread count, weight, and overall fit of each bed sheet to the qualitative measurements and reviews from her children, (not to forget taking note of how well they slept or if they ended up climbing into her bed in the night) Linda Coursey was able to begin reviewing bed sheets.

Finding she had a real knack for writing accurate and effective reviews, the bed sheet reviewer has become a full-time blogger in order to spend more time with her growing family. With her twin daughters going into first grade this year and a son on the way, Linda assures everyone who visits her site that her ultimate goal is to match comfort with beauty for the entire family. She hopes her reviews are helpful, and is more than willing to consult with anyone who may need an extra hand in the decoration of their home.

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