9 Reasons to Pick Bamboo Bed Sheets

9 Reasons to Pick Bamboo Bed Sheets

The use of bamboo as a textile goes back thousands of years and was commonly incorporated into the culture of ancient Japan and China. They used thin lashings of bamboo which they wove together to make shoes, hats, baskets and other necessities. Nowadays you can find bamboo fibers in many other textiles such as clothing and bedding. One of the most popular bamboo fabrics made today is used to make bed sheets. Bamboo sheets are soft, durable, and super comfortable. Bamboo sheets definitely have several advantages, as opposed to traditional cotton sheets. Here are 9 reasons to pick bamboo bed sheets:

1. Made of Breathable Material

Even with a fan or the air conditioner cranked up, those sweltering summer nights can pose a problem to your usual peaceful slumber. Don’t lie awake all night tossing, turning and feeling sticky. No one likes that sticky hot feeling, and some sheets can cling to your body, causing poor air circulation and overheating. You can easily fix this problem without adjusting your thermostat. More than likely you are using the wrong bed sheets. Try switching your old bedding out for some breathable bamboo bed sheets. Bamboo fiber is naturally breathable. This allows your skin to breathe and will prevent those hot, unpleasant nights.


2. Regulates Temperatures

Bamboo sheets are great for those hot summer nights. However, they are also great for year-round use. You won’t have to switch your bedding out, every time the season changes. You’ll never feel too hot or too cold with bamboo sheets. Keep your body warm and snug during those winter months. These sheets will regulate your body temperature for constant warmth Bamboo sheets will absorb the humidity during the summer, keeping you cool and dry.


3. Hypoallergenic Properties

Those of you who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin should consider switching to bamboo sheets. They are less likely to collect dust, dirt, mold, and mildew. This will be beneficial to allergy sufferers and those of you with sensitive skin.


4. Naturally Antimicrobial

Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and is able to resist bacteria and germs; which stop the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria. This makes it a perfect choice for sheets, pillowcases, and even athletic wear. Bamboo also naturally eliminates odors. You’ll be able to sleep in a clean, fresh bed every time, with bamboo bed sheets.

9 Reasons to Pick Bamboo Bed Sheets

5. Prevents Bed Bugs

More and more you hear of terrible bed bug outbreaks and infestations. Bed bugs love warm, enclosed environments. A mattress or thick bedding is the perfect place for bed bugs to live. You may not like these unwanted pests, and you’ll need to do something about it. Using bamboo bed sheets will cool down your bed and keep bed bugs and other unwanted pests at bay.


6. Incredibly Soft

Bamboo stems are naturally dense and hard. However, once it has been extracted into a fiber, it feels lightweight and silky smooth. The stem of a bamboo plant is dense and hard. Many people prefer the feel of these lightweight sheets as opposed to traditional cotton sheets. Some bamboo sheets can feel softer than even the highest thread count of Egyptian cotton and other fabrics.


7. Made to Last

Bamboo fibers may be soft but don’t let that fool you. Bamboo is naturally strong and flexible. This feature is still prominent, long after the manufacturing process. Bamboo sheets were made to last and will last longer than other sheets made from different materials. Your bamboo sheets can be washed three times as much, without looking or feeling worn and tattered.


8. Budget Friendly

Even if you are on a budget, you will be able to afford bamboo bed sheets. Stop spending your money on luxury cotton sheets that need to be frequently replaced. You will be able to save money by investing in bamboo bed sheets. You will be able to get lots of use out of your bamboo sheets before they need to be replaced and you won’t have to wash them as often.


9. Variety of Styles

You can’t go wrong with choosing the perfect bamboo sheets. You won’t have to sacrifice comfort for design. There are a wide variety of pattern and colors to choose from. There are a wide variety of pattern and colors to choose from to fit any color scheme. Find a cute character pattern for the kids or go with solid colors for a tidy look.