5 Ways to Keep Your Sheets on the Bed

5 Ways to Keep Your Sheets on the Bed

Do your sheets ever pop off the corners of your mattress? Do you find yourself waking up on a bare mattress or with the fitted sheet wrapped around your body? If you keep waking up irritated with sheets that won’t stay in place, it might be time to learn a few tips on how to keep sheets on the bed. This is not a time-consuming process, and it certainly is not expensive. Below are some tips on how to keep your sheets from bothering you. 

1. Sew the Elastic 

Sometimes those little corner clips just won’t do the trick. Usually, if this is the case, it’s due to elastic that has been stretched out in the fitted sheet itself. If the elastic is completely worn, the sheet won’t conform to the bed like it is supposed to do. This makes it a lot easier for the sheet to just pop up and onto the surface of the mattress. Unless you have mad skills with a sewing machine and some replacement elastic on hand, you may have to face the fact that you’ll be digging some money out of your pocket for a new sheet set. 

Keep in mind that not all sheets that contain old elastic are old. Sometimes cheaper made sheet sets are just that – cheap. Though it’s not always true, thread count does play a role in quality. If you plan on replacing your sheets stick with a 300-400 count set. This middle of the road thread count is often met with praise in terms of cost as well as the high quality make. 


2. Safety Pins 

Another way to keep your sheets from moving around on you is to use safety pins. An old school solution to a modern-day problem. To use safety pins, open one up and secure the corner of the fitted sheet to the underside of the bed. Fasten the safety pin and repeat for the other three corners. Essentially this is a cheaper solution to clip suspenders but serves the same purpose. However, take note that you can’t use safety pins on certain fabric types. The use of the pins will cause holes that can’t be repaired.

5 Ways to Keep Your Sheets on the Bed

3. Corner Clips

Most retail stores carry little plastic clips known as clip suspenders that attach from each corner of the fitted sheet, across the bottom of the corner of the mattress and then clip to that same corner of the sheet. They basically strap the corner of the sheet under the corner of the mattress. They usually come four to a box. In most cases, this is the ideal solution for an unruly fitted sheet that won’t stay in place. Think of suspenders used to hold pants up. The corner clip suspenders act as traditional clothing suspenders but for the fitted sheet. 

In extreme cases, this may not solve the issue. If the sleeper is a heavy tosser and turner, the constant moving will tug on the fitted sheet and force it to come loose. In this case, check to see if the fitted sheet is the correct size. Next check to see if the elastic is worn out and has been stretched out too far. 


4. Tape 

It might be a bit unconventional, but the cheapest and fastest solution to keep your sheets in place is just to use durable clear tape (not the thin kind used for wrapping presents, think more like packing tape). Begin with the tape on the top and pull it straight down. Then lift the corner of the mattress and wind the tape around the bottom and back to the top. Repeat on the other three sides if necessary. Using tape only affects the sheets. You can make your bed normally with all of your favorite pillows, blankets, and/or plushies. 


5. Elastic Strips

If you don’t mind doing a little bit of sewing, you can attach wide (about 2-3″) elastic strips from one side of your sheets to the other in a sort of giant “X.” You’ll never see it because it is on the underside of the bed and it will not take long to make either unless you’re sewing by hand, but even then it should not take but a few moments of your time.



For sheets that want to be on the move constantly, you’re going to want little clip suspenders to keep the fitted sheet from escaping. Don’t let yourself wake up on the bare mattress again. Spend a few dollars and keep that sheet from moving around. Otherwise, it just might be time to invest in some new sheets.