1500 Supreme Collection Review

1500 Supreme Collection Review


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Super high quality sheet sets at an amazingly low price. Premium quality sheet/bedding sets with hypoallergenic material, wrinkle free microfiber. Offered in over 40 colors and prints, 4-piece set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases, except for twin size includes 1 pillowcase.

Microfiber vs. Cotton Sheets

Many people are die hard cotton users because that has been the normal material for sheets. If you are a greeny or concerned about buying all natural, you possibly could change your mind about microfiber once you know that it can actually be made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles. It is typically a by-product of petroleum production, or made from recycled items such as wood and plastic. Depending on what type of microfiber you choose, it can be a Eco conscious choice just like natural fibers.

Cotton material is naturally sourced and renewable. Many people are also cotton sheet fans because of the durability and longevity. But in order to buy good cotton sheets, especially if you are Eco minded and want organic, they are pricey. High threat count Egyptian cotton is at least twice as expensive as microfiber. Organic cotton is even more pricey. So the Eco conscious person will typically pay a much higher price for high thread count cotton sheet sets than they would for a comparable microfiber sheet set.

Once you learn about microfiber you may change your mind about trying it. Many products are now made with microfiber because of the qualities and features that beat out cotton. Microfiber wicks moisture, so it keeps you cooler. This is why it is widely used in athletic apparel and towels as well as bedding. Microfiber helps keep you cooler in the warm weather and warmer in the cool weather because of the wicking properties of the weave. Cotton cannot measure up to these wicking properties. Also because it is thinner and more durable, as well as cooler and wicking, it dries much faster when washed. Thus it cuts down the energy usage to lander microfiber, another Eco-friendly aspect.

The feel of microfiber is something that most people love. A lower cost microfiber sheet can feel like a very high end expensive cotton sheet. They have a soft brushed finish that is very comfortable and almost silky without being slippery as satin would be. Opting for higher thread count is a must in both types of bedding, cotton or microfiber. The thin weave of microfiber allows a much higher thread count and durability without the bulkiness of cotton. If the sheets are a high thread count and brushed or double brushed they will have the feel and durability of very high quality cotton at a fraction of the cost. And they are less maintenance as they do not wrinkle like cotton and they take less time and energy to launder.


100% microfiber double brushed finish makes these feel like high end expensive sheets. Easy maintenance, soft and silky feeling make these extremely well liked by customers. They also make you sleep cooler, great for hot summer nights or for those who sleep hot even in the cooler weather. The feel of these sheets is comparable to high end Egyptian Cotton with the high thread count. They do not have a cold touch like many sheets, so even in the cooler weather the comfort level is much nicer when you crawl into bed under a comforter and the sheets are not ice cold.

Easy Maintenance

These sheet sets are so easy to care for, just follow the simple instructions to machine wash and dry, they come out soft and wrinkle free every time. No need to iron or hang dry, perfect low maintenance bedding! You just wash in cold water with similar colors and dry on a low heat setting, they come out soft and silky every wash. No wrinkles to iron and ready to put back on the bed. They are more resistant to pilling than cotton sheets, especially if they are a higher quality brand. Both types of fibers have to be treated to reduce pilling, but microfiber has a natural quality for less pilling.


Great price for excellent quality. 1500 thread count makes these sheet sets high quality at a low price. They are wrinkle free, according to care directions. With deep pockets and elastic all around they are easy to place on even the deepest mattress and stays put. Microfiber is an Eco-friendly option because it is made with by products or recycled materials. The brushed microfiber feels amazingly like top of the line cotton, but even better. It is a thinner material but a tighter weave making it very strong.


The 1500 thread count offers excellent durability and longtime use. They are durable enough to withstand regular washing, according to instructions. Designed for daily use or just to have a spare set of bedding when needed. The way that microfiber is made and because of the tighter weave and high thread count it is extremely durable, even when it may seem like it is very thin. We are mostly used to cotton that is a thicker weave, that takes up more space when storing.


We have always been committed to our customers and we will continue to be in the future. We stand beside the quality of our products and will do everything in our power to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


Overall, microfiber sheets sets and bedding are a great high quality option over cotton sheets. They are much less expensive to purchase the high quality brushed material that feels very soft and comfortable. They require less maintenance and laundering time and resources. They are very durable but thinner than comparable cotton sheet sets, making it easier to store in less space. They help you stay cooler in the summer and do not feel cold in the winter like cotton sheets can. This item is a very good quality, high thread count, brushed microfiber sheet set that will ensure your satisfaction with every purchase for many years.

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