10 Quick and Easy Steps to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

10 Quick and Easy Steps to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

That pile of laundry isn’t going to fold itself. No one likes to do laundry and folding can be a pain and take a lot of time. That is especially true when it comes to folding your bed linens. Huge comforters can be troublesome but the worst bed linen to try and fold is a fitted bed sheet. Folding a fitted bed sheet can really test your patience. There aren’t really any “corners” to match together, and just when you think you have it folded away nice and neat, the inner fold comes loose, and you have to start from square one. You will be glad to know that there actually is a hassle-free way to fold and store your fitted bed sheets. Once you learn how to fold a fitted bed sheet, you can label yourself a laundry queen! Those memories of wrestling with your elastic banded, fitted sheets will soon become distant, and your linen closet will look immaculate!

How to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet 

  1. Start by holding your clean bed sheet lengthwise in your hands. Slip your hand into the inner-seam at the two corners of the bed sheet. You should have one arm in the top corner and one arm in one of the bottom corners. Be sure that the entire fitted sheet is inside out all the way around. The tag should be facing away from your body, and even the areas you are not holding should be inside out as well.
  2. Now you need to just simply, fold one end over the other. To do this, bring your fingers together and cover one with the other. Your fitted bed sheet should now be facing right side out, and you should be holding both ends in one hand.
  3. Place your fingers on the hem of the sheet that is touching your arm. Gently slide your fingers down the inseam until you reach the next corner. This will help straighten the seams and keep your sheet wrinkle free. Once there, place your fingers inside the corner and hold it right side facing out, away from your body.
  4. Now you need to pick the corner up and place it under the first two that you started with. The right side of the fabric should now be touching the inside of the fitted sheet you are holding.
  5. At this point, all of the corners should be folded together, except the final corner, which you will tuck next.
  6. 10 Quick and Easy Steps to Fold a Fitted Bed Sheet

  7. Take the last corner and place it under the other three that you are holding. Firmly grasp the corners and shake out the sheet. Doing this will loosen any wrinkles and straighten out your folds.
  8. Holding your arm out to the side, take the short side with your other hand and give another firm shake.
  9. Now you can lay your fitted sheet down on your bed or kitchen table to smooth it out. This will be your last chance to smooth out any wrinkles, so don’t skip this step. You don’t want wrinkled sheets after all the folding.
  10. You’re almost done! Just fold the sheet, keeping the corners together, so that the fitted areas line up with the border of the fitted sheet. You can fold your fitted sheet however you like. Most often sheets are folded into thirds or quarters. Folding will vary depending on your preference, the size of the sheets and the fabric.
  11. Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, straighten it one last time. You can smooth and tuck as needed to make your sheet look crisp and flat. 


How to Store a Fitted Bed Sheet 

 That’s it! You are all done, and now you know how to fold a fitted bed sheet, like a pro! You will be able to easily, get your linen closet nice and tidy. You can store your fitted sheet, along with the flat sheet in one of the pillowcases to keep your set together. You could also neatly stack your fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases and bundle them together with ribbon or twine. Guests will love having clean linens delivered to their rooms, and your linen closet will look immaculate while maximizing space and keeping all your linen sets together and coordinated.