The bed sheets you choose can have a big effect on the quality of sleep you get each night. Even if you have a great mattress, having poor quality and uncomfortable sheets will make it hard for you to get any restful sleep. For this reason, it is important to take care when choosing a perfect set of bed sheets.

There are many different variables when it comes to choosing a great set of bed sheets. Color, pattern, thread count, and material are all factors that help determine which set of sheets will provide the results you’re looking for.

This guide will help you understand the many different fabrics, weaves, and thread count options that are available in bed sheets, and what each offers.

Linda Coursey, Author, BedSheetAdvisor
Linda Coursey

Top 10 Best Bed Sheets 2017

Choosing the right bed sheets can be a difficult task. There are countless brands and styles of sheets these days yet not all are created with the quality you would hope to find. Some sheets are simply too thin while others don’t live up to the promises of the manufacturer. We chose to compare 10 varieties and thoroughly reviewed 5 of them so you can get a better idea of what to look for when shopping. Each of these sheet sets is made of the finest materials and all would look great on your bed. So let’s take a deeper look…

Bed SheetThread CountImage
Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King1200
Shavel Home Products610
Royal Hotel650
American Pillowcase540
Nouvelle Legende610
Pinzon by Amazon610

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic King

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“The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic sheet set is one of the best sets of sheets I have ever owned! For years I struggled with nighttime allergies but after only one night under these sheets I was allergy free. I absolutely give this amazing product two “big thumbs up!”

This four-piece sheet set lives up to its name by being one of the softest around. Made from high-quality viscose and bamboo, this set will keep you super cool in the summer. In fact, this sheet set will keep you 3 degrees cooler than traditional cotton sheets which helps you sleep much better. The bamboo is woven into the sheets and naturally helps repel odors and allergens that often cause loss of sleep. This set comes with one king fitted sheet, one king flat sheet, and two king pillowcases. Another feature that so many people love about this set is that fact that it’s eco-friendly which helps protect the planet. This luxurious sheet set is backed by Cariloha and comes with a lifetime warranty. So if you are not 100% satisfied with this product you can simply send it back for a refund.

Sheex Original Performance Sheet

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“I was given a Sheex Original Performance Sheet set for my birthday last summer and I simply love it! I used it in my summer home and man did it keep me cool while visiting. I would recommend this set to those who toss and turn at night due to night time sweating.”

Are you looking for a durable yet comfortable sheet set for your king bed? If so, the Sheex Original Performance sheet set is the perfect product for your bedroom. This amazing set comes with a king fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two king pillowcases. The fitted sheet offers you a precision fit that helps it stay tightly secured to your mattress giving you more control. Made from a blend of 87% polyester and 13% spandex this sheet set was designed with temperature in mind. Because of its unique blend, this set allows your body to stay cooler at night during those warm summer months. In fact, the set is 50% more breathable than traditional cotton sheets giving you lots of added comfort. Smooth against the skin, these sheets will surround you with the comfort you expect.

Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Queen

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“These sheets are totally amazing! Last year I was in the market for new beds sheets and a friend of mine recommended the Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic sheet set. I was skeptical at first but boy was I happy with the level of comfort it offered me.”

Do you love soft sheets? Who doesn’t, right? The Cariloha Crazy Soft Classic Queen Sheet Set offers a level of softness unmatched by many other sheets on the market. Made from bamboo, this set is environmentally friendly and super comfortable at the same time. One of the best parts of owning this sheet set is the fact that you will stay much cooler at night. The bamboo material will allow your skin to breathe while still protecting you from the nighttime air. This same material also naturally repels allergens so you will sleep much better. The set comes with a queen fitted sheet, a queen flat sheet, and two queen pillowcases. But if you are not happy with the comfort and quality this sheet set provides you can return it and get a full refund. Cariloha stands behind all of their products and gives you a 100% guarantee.

Malouf 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton

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“After winning this sheet set last winter in a charity raffle I was quite surprised at its quality. My husband who is very picky about what type of sheets he sleeps under was very happy with the Malouf set. He even suggested we buy a set for our daughter.”

The Malouf 600 Thread Count Genuine Egyptian Cotton Single Ply Bed Sheet Set is one of the best. With its high thread count, you simply can’t ask for more comfortable beddings. This king set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two large pillowcases – all designed with durability in mind. The fitted sheet features a 22-inch-deep elastic pocket that will help it stay in place all night long. Beautiful satin hems add a bit of elegance to this sheet set and will look great on your king sized bed! Made from 100% genuine Egyptian cotton this set will wrap you in comfort and style. With a thread count of 600, you will never have to worry about this sheet set breaking down. Malouf has gone out of their way to design a beautiful and elegant king sheet set.

Durable Cotton Flannel Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are made from many different types of fabrics. All these fabrics will feel different so it comes down to personal preference which fabric a person prefers. How a certain fabric feels is one of the most important factors people use in choosing a set of sheets. There are some fabrics that are more popular than others. We’ve listed the most commonly purchased fabrics below.

  • Cotton
  • Flannel
  • Satin
  • Silk

Most of the sheets manufactured are made from these four fabrics. The top choice, cotton, has many different variations that all feel unique. Cotton is the most popular choice for bed sheets among consumers. We’ll go over the different types of cotton and provide their properties so you can determine which type of cotton appeals to you the most.

  • Combed cotton – Combed cotton has gone through a cleaning process that strips it of all impurities. During this process, all of the short fibers are also removed. Combed cotton is extremely soft and smooth and feels great to the touch.
  • Supima Cotton – This is another type of cotton that has a very soft feel to it. It is a durable fabric, making it a good choice for kids and college-aged students. This high quality, long fiber cotton is produced in the United States.
  • Muslin Cotton – This is the least soft of the cottons and is the material that is most often used for kids sheets. Especially the styles that have characters and prints on them. These sheets feel stiff and rough even after washing and drying, although it does slightly relax them to wash them before use. They will never have the soft feel of supima or combed but they are very durable and typically long lasting.
  • Egyptian Cotton – You’ve probably heard of this type of cotton in high-end hotels and other elite places. This type of cotton is the best of the best. It feels luxurious, super soft and is very high quality. This is the perfect choice for Bed and Breakfasts, guest rooms, and Master Bedrooms but is not the type you would want to purchase for young kids.

Silk/Satin – Most people either like or dislike silk and satin sheets. They are very luxurious feeling but one of the biggest complaints is the slippery quality they have which makes it easy to dislodge the corners if they are not fitted to the mattress properly. There are many benefits to using silk and satin sheets that consumers may not even know about. They’re hypoallergenic!

  • HypoallergenicIf you, or someone in your household, suffers from allergies, silk or stain sheets may be the perfect choice as they are hypoallergenic, making for much better sleep for allergy sufferers.
  • DurableMost silk sheets are made from mulberry silk which is very durable. You will have to watch for snags which can easily occur but over all a nice, good-quality set of silk or satin sheets will last a long time.
  • Reduces Heat – Another benefit to using silk and satin sheets is that they are wonderful for reducing heat in the summertime. Anyone who gets hot on or under sheets knows how uncomfortable it can be. Silk and satin sheets reduce sweating and make sleeping in the summertime much more comfortable. 

Flannel – If you are looking for the perfect set of sheets for keeping cozy and warm, you won’t find anything better than flannel. They are not a good choice for summertime as they can increase sweating. They are usually made from a combination of wool and synthetic material so beware if you have wool allergies because flannel can escalate them. Baby sheets are often made of flannel due to the softness they have but remember that they can increase heat in the summertime as well.

Best Micro Flannel Bed Sheets

The Importance of Thread Count

Anyone who has ever bought sheets has heard of the term thread count. In general, the higher the thread count the more comfortable and luxurious the sheets will feel. Thread count is determined by the number of threads that run vertically and horizontally for each square inch of the fabric.

The more threads running vertically and horizontally per square inch, the softer the sheets will feel. The only drawback to high thread count sheets is that they tend to be much more fragile and rip easier than lower thread counts. They will also continue to soften up the more they are washed.

For this reason, if you are purchasing sheets for your kids, you may want to look for sheets that are in the 300-900 thread count range which are much more durable and longer lasting. You don’t want to ONLY consider thread count but it will likely play a large part in the feel of the sheets you choose.

How Ply Affects the Feel of Sheets

The term “ply” may not be a familiar term to the average consumer but it determines the thickness and heaviness of your sheets. The number of fibers that are twisted together before they are woven into a sheet is the sheet’s ply. The higher ply your sheets have the heavier your sheets will be. A heavier sheet means a more durable sheet as well.

The “Weave” of Sheets

The weave of a sheet creates the textured look and feel of the sheets. Weave is created by the threads interlacing with each other. The most common weave consists of one stitch over and one stitch under. There are a few different types of weaves used in sheets.

Pinpoint – With this particular kind of weave, there will be two stitches over and one under. This may not sound like much but this pinpoint weave makes the sheet nicer than a standard weave although it still isn’t as soft as sateen weave.

Sateen – Sateen is not another name for satin, it is a type of weave. With a sateen weave there are four stitches over and one under which gives the sheets a glossy luster that is similar to satin sheets. Sateen weave sheets are very smooth and silky to the touch making them popular with those who are looking for a silkier sheet.

Percale – Percale is a common type of weave for sheets and one that you probably a term you have seen on some of the sheets you’ve bought over the years. Percale weave bed sheets are closely woven and much tighter than the standard weave. It does not have a gloss to it but is very smooth and crisp, making it a consumer favorite.

Bed Sheet Characteristics

Best Microfiber Sheets For Your Bed How sheets feel when you lay on them plays a big part in whether you continue to use them or whether you replace them with another kind. There are different characteristics that certain weaves will provide. We’ve listed the differences below so you can decide what weave to look for that will also give you the feel you want.

Percale Weave – Sheets are lightweight, crisp and soft

Jersey Weave – These sheets feel like a soft, comfortable T-shirt

Modal Fabric – Smooth sheets with a soft feel that is really comfortable

Cotton/Poly – These crisp-feeling sheets are a little stiffer than other types

Sateen Weave – Very luxurious, high-end, silky-feeling sheets

High Thread Count Cotton – Cool to the touch and very soft

Sizing Sheets Properly for a Perfect Fit

Mattresses come in all sizes and thicknesses. It is important to know what size your mattress is so you can get the right sheets. You will want to measure from the head of the mattress to the foot and then from one side to the other to get the overall length and height of your mattress.

It is also a good idea to measure the width of your mattress since the number-one complaint about sheets is that they don’t fit down over the ends of the mattress properly and pull off during sleep.

It is not enjoyable waking up in the middle of the night with the fitted sheet pulled off and bunched up under you. Below we’ve listed the standard sizes of sheets sets for typical mattresses. You can use these as a guideline but for the best fit, measure your mattress and compare it to the sheets you are interested in…

King Size – A king size bed is the widest bed you can get. Another name for the King sized bed, although not as well known, is the Eastern King. It is a great size for those who co-sleep with the kids or for a couple that just likes to have a lot of room.

  • Pillow cases – 20” x 36-40” perfect for long, king-size pillows
  • Flat sheet – 108” x 102-106”
  • Fitted Sheet – 78” x 80”

California King – This tends to be more popular on the west coast, but there are people all over the US who prefer the extra length that a California King provides.

  • Pillow Cases – 20” x 36”-40”
  • Flat sheet – 102” x 110”
  • Fitted Sheet – 72” x 84”

Queen Size – A Queen Size bed is a good size for two people and is a common size used in hotel rooms and guest rooms.

  • Pillow cases – 20” x 36”
  • Flat Sheet – 90” x 102”-106”
  • Fitted Sheet – 60” x 80”

Full Size – Two small people can fit in a full size bed but it is more comfortable for one older teen, college student or adult.Sheets For Your Bed Of Highest Quality

  • Pillow case – 20” x 26”
  • Flat Sheet – 81” x 96” x 100”
  • Fitted Sheet – 54” x 75”

Twin Size – A twin size bed works for a young person and is the size found in most dorm rooms. They are also popularly used for children’s rooms.

  • Pillow case- 20” x 26”
  • Flat Sheet – 66” x 96”
  • Fitted Sheet – 39” x 75”

XL Twin Size – Extra long twin size beds are good for college students and young adults who are taller. It is the same width as a regular twin but longer.

  • Pillow case – 20” x 26”
  • Flat Sheet – 66” x 96”
  • Fitted sheet – 39” x 80”

Bed Sheet Cleaning Tips

Once you found the perfect bed sheets that feel exactly how you want them to, it is important to clean them properly so they continue to feel great. These are some of the ways you can keep your sheets clean and fresh.

  • Water Temperature – Most sheet cleaning instructions say to use cold water when washing them. The danger in using hot water, even though it may feel like you’re getting them cleaner, is that it will wear out the fabric much faster. It will also fade your colors and patterns. Be sure to use a detergent made for cold water to ensure the proper amount of cleaning.
  • Put the Detergent and Water in First – When you are washing your sheets, start the water, add your detergent, and then add your sheets. This prevents detergent from staining the sheets or not getting washed out completely.
  • No Bleach – Extras like bleach can weaken the fabric and cause it to tear or rip – yellowing is common too. If you want to get odors out use white distilled vinegar which will get rid of the odors and NOT leave the vinegar smell behind.
  • Change your sheets once a week. – While you can wash and reuse the same sheets each week, giving them time in between uses can extend the life of the sheets significantly. The best thing to do is get two sets and switch between them. Each set will only be used two weeks out of the month and that will definitely extend their life. Changing sheets weekly is healthier for you too, especially if you have allergies. Getting a clean set of sheets every week will reduce the amount of allergens in the air for you to breathe and have to deal with.
  • Prevent wrinkled sheets – If you like your sheets to be smooth and wrinkle free, you can iron them. (Some people do!) If that isn’t something you want to do, you can make sure you pull the sheets out of the dryer as soon as they are done and fold them neatly or put them back on the bed. If the sheets are in the dryer too long after it’s stopped, they can become wrinkled. If this happens, re-dry for about 20 minutes with a damp washcloth or hand towel tossed in with them.

Endless Color and Pattern Choices

One of the greatest things and greatest challenges about bed sheets is the incredible array of color choices and patterns you have to choose from. It can be a huge decision to make, especially if you are buying two or three sets at a time. There are solid colors, stripes, florals, character sheets, and now some companies have 3D sheets that have images so incredibly vivid they look like they’re coming right off the bed.

With all these choices how do you decide on just one color or pattern? If you are choosing just one set of sheets your work is really cut out for you as you will have so many choices to pick from. Then, if you are choosing 2 or 3 sets, it can really be a challenge.

The great thing about sheets is that they are a great, inexpensive way to totally change the look of your room. Even if you start with only one design. You can get different designs later to change looks. Choose what appeals to you, what matches the décor of the rest of the room, and what provides a soothing atmosphere. 


When you take the time to choose a great quality set of sheets, you are alsoo making an investment in the quality of sleep you get. Getting a good night’s sleep is not just about getting the right mattress although that is certainly the foundation.

The combination of a great mattress and a great, high-quality set of sheets with the right thread count and weave will give you the comfortable sleep you’re looking for. This will make a drastic difference in how well you sleep that you may never look at bed sheets the same again.

You will certainly be glad you learned the information provided in this guide. A good night’s sleep is an important way to start your day. Be sure to purchase sheets that will help you achieve that good night’s sleep – every single night.